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ZuPOO is a beverage that promises to improve your sex life and testicles. The drink contains the ingredients L-carnitine, zinc citrate, and caffeine anhydrous. ZuPoo claims these ingredients will amplify natural testosterone production in men for better muscle tone and endurance levels during exercise or playtime.

ZuPOO is a supplement that has been created to help people with their weight loss journey. This product promises to help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism, reducing cravings and suppressing appetite. Read more in detail here: zupoo before and after.

Umzu’s ZuPOO product promises to cleanse the colon and strengthen the digestive system. We’ve previously examined Umzu as a brand, but we wanted to look into the formulation of this product since it wasn’t included in our previous review and is becoming more popular.

In this post, we’ll look at the chemicals in ZuPOO and see whether they’re likely to be beneficial, based on medical studies. We’ll also go through some of Umzu’s health claims and explain why we think they’re false.

Health Claims that are Strange and Unscientific

ZuPOO misleading health claims

The whole concept of this product is bizarre. There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence that the colon has to be “cleansed” of “waste.” Our digestive system and defecation take care of this.

According to a medical analysis published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, colon cleaning has no proven medical benefit and is associated with risks of damage.

A more recent clinical trial discovered that colon washing (which is indicated before a colonoscopy) has unfavorable impacts on the microbiota, lowering the amounts of beneficial bacteria in the short run.

“Scientists Confirm: The Average Person is Carrying Around 5-20 Pounds of Poop in Their Body At Any Time,” Umzu said in a bizarre and perhaps hazardous blog post promoting this product.

Several assertions in this article are clearly erroneous. “If you aren’t creating well-formed stools after each meal, you are most likely suffering from a toxic accumulation within your digestive system,” according to one claim.

This is erroneous, unsupported, and potentially harmful medical advice. It was written by Umzu co-founder Christopher Walker, who has no medical qualifications and professes to be “disgusted with the medical system” in a blog post on his own website.

Normal bowel frequency is between three times weekly to three times daily, according to a complete medical examination. That’s a huge range, and it’s a far cry from Umzu’s blog post’s unsourced assertion.

Another erroneous assumption in the article is that “all that feces, just lying there, decaying away within their intestines and colon,” which demonstrates a lack of fundamental knowledge of human biology. Stool does not “sit” or “rot” in the intestines; instead, at moves through the digestive system before being ejected.

“As this poisonous waste accumulates, your body becomes a walking conduit of fecal toxicity,” Umzu says. They seem to be saying that normal bowel movement is dangerous to one’s health. That is incorrect and illogical. Fecal poisoning is a very uncommon side effect of serious colon illness or infection. It’s not something you acquire simply because you didn’t take pills supplied by a heretic on the internet who doesn’t understand fundamental human anatomy.

These unsubstantiated health claims made by Umzu should be enough of a red signal to steer clear of the brand, but for those who are inquisitive, we’ll go on to the component review.

Review of Ingredients

ZuPOO ingredients list

ZuPOO is made out of an unique (prop) combination containing 1,270 milligrams of active ingredients (mg).

If you’ve read any of our prior evaluations, such as the one on Balance of Nature, you’ll know that we think prop mixes are misleading since they simply state the overall blend’s dose rather than individual ingredient’s. This permits producers to avoid analyzing if each component is dosed properly and to insert little quantities of exotic substances towards the bottom of the mix to make it seem more remarkable.

Cascara Sagrada Bark Extract, a laxative, is the highest-dose component in ZuPOO.

Cascara is likely safe in the short term, but it has been linked to multiple case reports of acute liver impairment when used long-term, according to medical studies. We do not feel the danger is worth it in this circumstance since there is no medical advantage to using laxatives on a daily basis for healthy persons.

Cascara is listed as supporting “healthy bowel motions” on ZuPOO’s Supplement Facts label, which is false. Taking laxatives does not provide any further advantage to regular, healthy persons. These substances just speed up your defecation, not make you “healthier.”

Senna leaf powder, the second component, is likewise a laxative. When consumers experience the effects of these two potent laxatives at the same time, they are likely deceived into feeling their digestive tract is being “cleansed.”

We couldn’t locate any medical study for any of the components in this product that supports Umzu’s claim of “Gut Support.”

One of the chemicals, in fact, has gastrointestinal discomfort as a side effect. Milk thistle, which is generally used to protect the liver, has been linked to gastrointestinal trouble. These adverse effects are uncommon, but they demonstrate how badly constructed a product is when a component is added with no clear benefit for the given health claim and has a side effect profile that contradicts the stated health claim.

On ZuPOO’s product website, Umzu mentions none of their health claims, therefore we have no reason to assume any of them are true.

This is one of the worst-formulated items we’ve ever seen, and we strongly advise you to stay away from this brand.

ZuPOO is a supplement that has been around for quite some time. It is a powder that you add to your food and drink, in order to make it more nutritious. The product comes with many reviews on Amazon, which are mostly positive. Reference: zupoo reviews amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is zuPOO legit?

A: There is no such thing as a legit zuPOO.

Does zuPOO help lose weight?

A: Urban POO is not a weight loss product and will not help you lose weight.

What is zuPOO made of?

A: ZuPOO is made of a blend of all-natural, plant-based ingredients. All our products are vegan certified and cruelty free.

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