Premier Protein Shake Review

Have you ever been a victim of the hype? The latest fitness trend that promises to change your life. It’s too good to be true, and then it is. One company in particular takes protein shakes to the next level with their luxury offerings for athletes and health enthusiasts alike. A taste test on one of these high-end products reveals some hidden gems about this up market product.

Most protein shakes are high in calories, sugar, and carbs. Premier Protein has a light formula with no added sugars or artificial flavors to help you get the most out of your shake. Our product is ideal for athletes looking to increase their calorie intake without sacrificing taste.,

The “premier protein shake side effects” is a product that has been made for people who want to lose weight and gain muscle. The company claims that the protein shakes are healthy.

We wanted to analyze the formulation and provide consumers with a research-based analysis of whether this product is healthy and whether it may confer optimal performance benefits when compared to other sports nutrition products. Premier Protein Shake is one of the most popular sports nutrition products on Amazon, so we wanted to analyze the formulation and provide consumers with a research-based analysis of whether this product is healthy and whether it may confer optimal performance benefits when compared to other sports nutrition products.

Source of Protein

Milk protein concentrate, which is normally divided 80/20 between casein and whey protein, is the primary source of protein in Premier Protein Shake. When opposed to whey, casein digests significantly more slowly. This implies that it is better for muscle recovery after exercise, albeit there isn’t much evidence to back this up.

Surprisingly, the product’s marketing correctly depicts the kind of protein and its advantages. The product’s Amazon description indicates that it may be used “for after exercise recuperation,” with no mention of pre-workout or performance advantages. You’d want something like citrulline malate for pre-workout performance advantages, particularly in terms of NO synthesis.

As we saw in our GF9 review, many supplement and nutraceutical firms completely misrepresent their products’ advantages based on existing data, so this is a positive indicator that Premier Protein Shakes takes health claims seriously.

Dosage of Protein

Intensive exercise causes the body to break down muscle tissue, so it’s critical to ingest enough protein afterward to maximize recovery and hypertrophy. Several research on protein consumption after exercise have shown that protein intake of 20 grams or more is best for muscle healing and rebuilding.

Premier Protein Shake offers 30 grams of protein, which is a good amount for a post-workout drink.

Flavors, both natural and artificial, are also active ingredients.

In the United States, the word “natural” is unregulated, which means that a firm may call anything “natural” without proving the ingredient’s safety or effectiveness.

Artificial tastes are food additives that are synthesized. Because producers are not required to declare the precise flavorings used, customers are unable to judge the product’s safety.

Only three years ago, the FDA removed seven artificial flavorings from the list of permitted food additives after they were linked to cancer (cancer-causing effect).

Due to the uncertainty and health risk associated with these phrases, we urge that health-conscious customers avoid goods that include natural and artificial flavorings.

Artificial Sweeteners are among the other active ingredients.

Sucralose, an artificial sweetener used in Premier Protein Shake, has been linked to inflammation in certain medical studies. Sucralose ingestion boosted pro-inflammatory gene expression in the livers of mice, according to a 2017 research.

Sucralose was shown to be safe in humans in a 2017 meta-study.

This food also contains acesulfame potassium, an artificial sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than table sugar. In animal experiments, it was shown to have deleterious impacts on the microbiota as well as cognitive performance.

If you’re worried about your health, we feel it’s better to avoid artificial sweeteners since they’re still experimental substances with little long-term study.

Blend of Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals

Premier Protein Shake is a vitamin and mineral supplement. This is a common practice used by food businesses to “beef up” the nutrition label on their products. In the alternative milk sector, this is extremely widespread. Because the almond milk company added a number of synthetic vitamins to make the Supplement Facts label appear great, consumers will believe their almond milk is substantially more healthy than whole milk.

If you’re not deficient, there’s no need to take synthetic vitamins, and supplementing should only be used to cure a deficit or maintain ideal levels based on tests.

Premier Protein was clearly searching for the cheapest rather than the most effective ingredients for this mix, as seen by some of the vitamin selections. Vitamin K1 is utilized instead of Vitamin K2, which is around 10 times better absorbed (preferably MK-7). Vitamin K1 is also easily obtained from food, however vitamin K2 is not.

Premier Protein Shake uses folic acid instead of the superior methylation form of folate for Vitamin B9, which is considerably more absorbed and perhaps safer. Folic acid, as we highlighted in our review of the phenomenally popular Goli ACV Gummies, is synthetic and has a weak link to cancer since, unlike dietary folate, it may be difficult for the body to eliminate.


Premier Protein Shake is a post-workout sports nutrition drink with the right protein kind and amount. We applaud the company for making truthful and research-based statements on their Amazon page. Artificial sweeteners and a synthetic vitamin mix, on the other hand, are both superfluous and perhaps harmful in the drink.

Consumers looking for a post-workout recovery drink can simply combine milk protein concentrate with water for a total protein consumption of 30 grams. Beyond the protein kind and dose, there’s nothing exceptional about the specific recipe in Premier Protein Shake that offers extra performance advantages. Without all of the superfluous ingredients, you can have the same muscle healing benefit for a lot less money.

Many individuals are lactose intolerant, so if milk protein concentrate doesn’t work for you, consider switching to whey isolate, which is likewise highly safe and well-studied for sports performance and is lactose-free.

The “premier protein lawsuit” is a review of the Premier Protein Shake. The shake has been proven to help you lose weight and build muscle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Premier protein shake good for you?

A: Premier protein shake is a high quality and nutritious alternative to other popular shakes. It has low sugar, fat, carbs, and calories that make it ideal for anyone trying to lose weight or who wants an effective way of getting vitamins into their diet.

Are premier protein shakes good for weight loss?

A: Yes, many people use protein shakes as part of their diet and exercise routine. They are a perfect way to increase your intake of healthy proteins while also including other important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Is it OK to drink 2 Premier protein shakes a day?

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