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Fungus Clear is a dietary supplement made by the company called Source Naturals that is designed to help people with Candida, which they claim will improve energy and mood. This product has gained some popularity in recent years, but how effective it really is remains unknown because there are no clinical trials or scientific studies available for review. Fungus Clear Review looks at this supplement from both sides of the fence so you can decide if it could be worth your money or not.

The “fungus clear reviews uk” is a product that promises to be able to help you get rid of fungal infections. It has received mixed reviews from users.

Fungus Clear is a Vitality Health nutritional supplement that promises to naturally eradicate toe fungus by boosting the immune system. It’s mostly made up of probiotics.

In this post, we’ll look at the formulation of Fungus Clear and see whether it’s likely to function based on medical studies. The Probiotic Fungus Blend and the Proprietary Blend are separated on the Supplement Facts label of this product, which we’ll look at individually.

Review of the Probiotic Fungus Blend

Fungus Clear Probiotic Fungus Blend ingredients list

In terms of dose, the probiotic combination in Fungus Clear is the most potent, with 6 billion colony-forming units (CFUs).

While medical research shows that probiotic supplements may be useful for treating internal fungal disorders (in the gut), we haven’t found any studies that have tested oral probiotics for treating cutaneous fungus.

There’s also a lot of evidence that topical probiotics may help with skin disorders, but it seems nonsensical to take an oral pill with apparently random bacterial strains to treat a topical skin disease.

We’ll presume this mix is completely worthless since Vitality Health doesn’t post or link to any study on their website or Amazon listing demonstrating that the probiotics they employed in this solution are useful for treating topical fungus. There is absolutely no evidence that it works that we can find.

The fact that this product simply identifies the probiotic species and not the strain is a red flag. This, in our perspective, is a symptom of formulation inexperience or ineptitude.

Probiotics are divided into species (such as Lactobacillus acidophilus) and strains (such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus) (like lactobacillus acidophilus NCK56). A strain is a subset of a species, and various strains within the same species might have varied health consequences.

Another probiotic product we just tested, BioFit, has the same labeling error.

We suggest avoiding a firm that refuses to notify its clients (or doesn’t know) precisely what strain of probiotics is in their product.

Review of a Private Blend

Fungus Clear Proprietary Blend ingredients list

A proprietary (prop) combination totaling 452.5 milligrams is the second component blend in Fungus Clear (mg).

On principle, we oppose firms who use prop mixes. Because producers may only publish the overall dose of the mix, it’s a means to disguise the actual constituent quantities.

Turmeric root extract and BioPerine, a proprietary black pepper extract, are used in this combination.

Based on medical studies, black pepper extract considerably increases the absorption of turmeric, however we don’t think this mix will be useful for topical fungus.

While turmeric is an effective internal antifungal, we couldn’t find any evidence that it can be used to treat athlete’s foot or other toe and nail infection when taken orally.

Overall, we don’t think this custom combination is beneficial for treating fungal infections on the skin.

Alternatives That Are Better

Topical fungus should be treated by a doctor or dermatologist, however consumers looking for herbal therapies for topical fungus could look into chitosan.

Chitosan is a naturally generated substance formed from the shells of crustacean crustaceans, and it was named the best natural alternative for dermatophytosis (the underlying cause of athlete’s foot) in a medical assessment of natural vs. conventional therapy.

We don’t advocate using chitosan orally or topically without seeing a doctor, since despite the fact that it was proven to be completely non-toxic in the linked study, research on this substance is still in its early stages, and it’s better to work with a qualified physician to determine dose.


We don’t recommend Fungus Clear because we don’t feel there’s any proof that it’ll work for treating fungus on the skin. While the supplement is unlikely to be hazardous since it just contains probiotics, turmeric, and non-toxic fillers, we believe it is a waste of money.

If you’re looking for a natural therapy for athlete’s foot or other fungal diseases on your feet, speak to your doctor about chitosan, which has greater scientific support than Fungus Clear for fungus relief.

For topical fungal infections, we normally suggest traditional therapy since prescription antifungal creams are quite safe and effective.

If you have health insurance, seeing a doctor for athlete’s foot treatment is likely to be less expensive and more successful than taking this probiotic supplement.

Fungus Clear is a supplement that claims to be able to clear fungus from the body. It comes in capsules, and can be purchased on Amazon. Reference: fungus clear amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fungus clear work?

A: Yes. You can find a list of the best acne treatments on this site.

Does Vitality health fungus clear work?

A: It does not.

What are the side effects of fungus clear?

A: Side effects may include dehydration, dizziness, rapid weight loss and an irregular heartbeat.

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