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23andMe is an American company that offers genetic testing kits and health reports to consumers. The tests have become increasingly popular, with over 2 million customers in the US alone. However, recent allegations surrounding their business practices has caused many people to question whether or not it’s worth joining this platform at all.

The “23andme reviews complaints” is a review of the 23 and Me service. The company has been known to have issues with their genetic testing, which leads to many complaints.

Summary of the 23 and Me Review

23 and Me is a major genetic testing firm that offers health and ancestry DNA tests. Check out our 23 and Me review for more information!

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At a reasonable fee, 23 and Me delivers one of the biggest DNA databases. However, previous privacy concerns have been raised.

18 August 2021

7 Things We Learned From Our 23 and Me Review

  1. California, United States of America is the setting for 23 and Me.
  2. DNA testing for ancestry and health are available.
  3. Detailed ancestry composition, capacity to locate relatives, numerous features, carrier status, and genetic health concerns are all included in the reports.
  4. The findings of 23 and Me are presented through a web site and a mobile app (iOS and Android)
  5. Active sharing of aggregate consumer data with researchers to ensure privacy.
  6. The cost of 23 and Me ranges from $99 to $499, with no free DNA analysis alternatives.
  7. Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is an alternative (Whole Genome Sequencing with advanced ancestry analysis and weekly updated reports)

Introduction to 23 and Me

This is a review of 23andMe (23 and Me, 23 & me), a genetic testing company is based out of Sunnyvale, California (Silicon Valley). The 23 and Me founder is Anne Wojcicki who started the company in 2006. The company was one of the first direct-to-consumer genetic testing services that emerged in the early 2000s, allowing individuals to access information about their genetics using rigorous standards without the involvement of medical professionals. After purchasing a home DNA test, individuals provide saliva samples and they receive reports about their ancestry and genetic predispositions to specific traits and diseases. Over the years, the company has aggregated a lot of genetic data. To date, there are over 10 million individuals in its database. Read more in our 23andMe review!

23 and Me Product and Service Review

Customers may obtain one of three 23 and Me DNA test kits, which cost between $99 and $499. On our site, you may discover more about how their costs compare to those of other firms. Customers may purchase a kit at 23andMe.com. They can also buy things from big-box stores like Walgreens and Target. The collection kit contains instructions on how to send the firm a DNA sample through mail. Customers must register their 23andMe kit with their 23andMe login and view their findings with the same 23andMe login. Customers may get raw data from their findings and utilize it with other analysis sites and marketplaces like GenePlaza and sequencing.com.

How long does 23andMe take to complete? It takes 2-3 weeks to process a sample. Customers might get various reports depending on the 23 and Me kit they choose. 

Popular 23andMe deals, such as the annual 23andMe Black Friday sale, are held often. These specials give up to a 50% discount on kits. Discounts are also available with 23andMe promo codes on sites like Groupon.

23 and Me provides testing kits.23 and Me provides testing kits.

23 and Me Ancestry + Traits ($99) review

Customers who purchase the standard 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service will get 80+ tailored reports, including:

Ancestry Reports is a service that provides information about your ancestors. 23andMe is the most well-known for its ancestry testing. The findings of their Ancestry Composition Report reveal clients what percentage of their DNA originates from each of the 45 genetic communities throughout the globe (e.g. Ashkenazi jewish, African, Native American, etc.). Customers may also get Haplogroup Reports based on their mitochondrial DNA (for men and females) and Y chromosomes to discover more about their ancestors’ ancient origins (just males). Furthermore, the Neanderthal Heritage Report enables clients to determine how much of their ancestry may be traced back to Neanderthals using Neanderthal variations, an extinct species of hominids.

Feature of DNA Relatives Customers may use the DNA relative finder to connect with genetic relatives on their family tree by detecting common DNA segments, which is an optional service. This allows for the re-creation of family history.

Reports on Characteristics Customers may learn how their DNA affects a variety of aspects, including physical characteristics (e.g. eye color, muscle composition), culinary preferences (e.g. cilantro), and other attributes that are just amusing (ability to match musical pitch).

23 and Me Health + Ancestry ($199) Review

The 23andMe health and ancestry DNA testing kit is reviewed in this section. All of the features of the Ancestry + Traits, reporting, and extra 23andMe health reports are included in the 23 and Me Health and Ancestry Service:

Reports on Health Predispositions These are risk reports that have been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)* to assist consumers in understanding how genetics impacts health outcomes such as breast and ovarian cancer, as well as prostate cancer. Health predispositions and carrier status are discussed in relation to an increased risk of acquiring illnesses, such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and celiac disease. It’s important to remember that having a higher cancer risk or a higher risk of other illnesses doesn’t indicate you’ll get them.

Are you interested in hereditary cancer genetic testing? These articles may be of interest to you:

Reports on health and wellness. Customers may use this service to learn how their genetics might affect their lifestyle.

Reports on Carrier Status. Customers who do not have a genetic health condition may use these reports to learn what genetic variations they may pass along to their offspring that might harm their health. This report offers information on whether or not you are a carrier of illnesses like sickle cell anemia.

*In 2013, the FDA issued a warning letter to 23 and Me, instructing them to cease distributing its testing kit, which gave health information without FDA permission. The FDA published advice for firms who produce direct-to-consumer testing with this in mind. 23 and Me established a new service in 2015 that satisfied FDA standards for scientific and clinical validity, and in 2017, the firm was given permission to inform clients their genetic risk of getting specific medical illnesses including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. 23 and Me findings are for research, informative, and educational purposes only, according to the terms of service, and do not give medical advise like professional medical testing.

Is 23andMe a reliable tool? Despite its partnership with the FDA, 23andMe tests have been challenged as being insufficiently accurate for medical use.

23andMe Review + Membership ($29/year)

On October 1, 2020, 23andMe+ membership becomes available. Users have access to 10+ special genetic reports as well as additional features as they become available with this subscription. 

Customers pay $169 for their Health + Ancestry membership with this subscription, for a total of $198. 

The following are some of the unique reports and features included with this annual plan:

  • Pharmacogenetics: Three publications that show how your body processes drugs.
  • Genetics and Heart Health: How genetics affects your chances of acquiring various heart diseases. 
  • Enhanced Ancestry adds to the Ancestry report’s features, such as access to 3,500 extra DNA relatives. 

This new service was not well accepted by the general public, particularly by existing subscribers. These benefits, they believed, should be included in the price they were already paying. Some customers opted to take part in studies to assist 23andMe learn more about diseases. As a consequence, they believed the findings of the study they were a part of were being kept behind a paywall.    

Customer service had to explain the 23andMe+ subscription choice and why it was locked behind a paywall right away. This plan is still available from the corporation, but there are no reviews on its effectiveness. 

On 23andMe’s website, you may see sample reports:

Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Status Report

Health Predisposition Report for Sample 23 and MeHealth Predisposition Report for Sample 23 and Me

23 and Me: A Review Policy on Personal Information Protection

23 and Me protects client data by removing personal information like names and phone numbers in the hopes that “[the consumer] cannot plausibly be recognized as an individual.” They also provide customers the option of storing their saliva sample once it has been evaluated by 23 and Me.

What happens to the data collected by 23andMe? Without [the customer’s] specific approval, 23 and Me declares that it will not “sell, lease, or rent [customer] individual-level information to any third party or to a third party for research purposes.” However, for other reasons such as research, business growth, and sending marketing emails, the corporation does share aggregate information with other parties.

Customer assistance may be reached at 1-800-239-5230.

23 and I have been featured in the media.

23andMe is a company that focuses on exploiting genetic data for medical research and medication development. The business developed its own therapeutics department in 2015 and formed strategic collaborations with pharmaceutical companies using the large genetic database it had generated. 

However, some people have expressed concerns about 23anMe’s cooperation with pharmaceutical corporations like GlaxoSmithKline, citing privacy concerns. Furthermore, 23andMe sold the rights to a novel inflammatory disease medicine it created using aggregate consumer data to Almirall, a Spanish pharmaceutical firm.

More information about data sharing and privacy issues may be found here: The FDA thinks 23andMe is terrifying, but not for the reasons it thinks.

In 2019, a journalist receives bad health news as a consequence of her 23andMe test results and seeks genetic counseling. They emphasize the potential for personal harm from DNA testing, stating that they would have preferred to acquire this health information from a person instead. 

The firm most recently merged with Richard Branson’s VG Acquisition Corp in April 2021. According to Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, this combination will help the firm become more than simply a genetics company, but also a healthcare and drug discovery brand. The Marion Star, a local Marion news site, reported last month (July 2021) on a lady who discovered a long-lost sibling using 23andMe. 

Other Reviews of 23 and Me

Reviews of 23andMe may be found on a variety of websites.

  • With over 3600 reviews on its website, the Health + Ancestry service has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating.  
  • With over 26,000 reviews on Amazon, it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 
  • With 200 reviews on Trustpilot, the company has a rating of 1.9 out of 5 stars. The majority of those who left negative reviews said that they never got a kit after paying for the service.  
  • Consumeraffairs.com gave it a grade of 3.7 out of 5 stars, based on 132 reviews. 

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. distinguishes itself from 23 and Me and other genetic testing companies through its focus on privacy, the use of most advanced testing technology, and the most comprehensive reporting. We finish our 23 and Me review by comparing it to Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. and other DNA testing companies.

Your privacy is very important to us.

At Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics., we believe that learning about how your genome encodes information about your health, personality, and ancestry can be invaluable, but we are also aware of the privacy risks. Therefore, at Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics., we are building the first privacy-focused personal genomics service. We eliminate personal genetics companies as middlemen between data owners (i.e. customers) and data buyers (i.e. third parties), such that you can be compensated if you choose to share your data. You can read more about the importance of DNA privacy on our website.

Expanding Nebula

You can upload your DNA data from 23 and Me to discover more about your genome with the Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. expanded report. We create an expanded report by filling in the blanks of typical microarray-based DNA genotyping tests using statistical models, otherwise known as imputation. This expanded report gives you access to hundreds of traits and curated research studies through the Nebula Research Library, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the most cutting-edge research and what it means to you and your DNA.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing

Our objective is to provide our consumers the ability to go beyond the genetic testing given by businesses like 23 and Me and have access to additional information about themselves. We determine 100% of your DNA with our 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing service. In other words, you’ll obtain 10,000 times more data with 23 and Me than you would with 23 and Me, which only scans 0.1 percent of your genome! Here’s how it stacks up against the 23andMe and Ancestry genetic tests.

Ancestry DNA vs. Nebula Genomics vs. 23 and Me is a company that specializes in genomics.

Do you want to learn more about additional ancestry and genealogy services? Take a look at these testimonials:

  • Genetics (24). (various tests for health, ancestry, sports, skin, pharmacogenomics, WES, and WGS)
  • Ancestry from Africa ($299 per lineage)
  • AncestryDNA ($99 for an ancestry test) is a company that specializes in ancestry testing.
  • CRI Genetics (an ancestry test costs $99)
  • DNA Consultants (prices range from $99 to $279 depending on ethnicity)
  • DNA Land is a place where you may learn about (free DNA upload for trait and ancestry analysis)
  • DNA Painter is a program that allows you to paint using (first profile is free and subscriptions are available for others)
  • Genesis by GedMatch (free DNA upload for genetic genealogy and paid advanced options)
  • Genovate (relationship, health, fitness, and ancestry testing for $99+)
  • HomeDNA Ancestry ($69-$199 for gene pool-based migration history)
  • iGenea ($199-$1499 for percentages of ancestors, relations, ancient tribes, and well-known persons)
  • Living DNA (prices start at $49)
  • MyHeritage ($79 for an ancestry test, plus extra subscriptions for genealogical tools)
  • WeGene is a company that creates genetically modified (for Asian ancestry)

For an extra fee, several of these solutions also include ancestry + characteristics or health test analysis.

If you wish to concentrate on your maternal and paternal lineages, YFull or YSeq are services that examine your mtDNA or Y chromosome to discover particular lineage haplotypes. Y chromosome sequencing and analysis are also available via Full Genomes.

Do you think our 23andMe review was helpful? More reviews may be found on our site, as well as our comprehensive guide to the best DNA test kit and other home testing.

The “23 and Me review” is a supplement that tests for 23 different genetic markers. It also provides information about your ancestry, health concerns, and more. Reference: what does 23 and me test for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 23andMe any good?

A: 23andMe is a personal genomics company that offers its customers DNA testing. The service provides ancestry, health and carrier status reports for about 50 different diseases, as well as raw genetic data from their saliva collection kits.
This does not guarantee success or the quality of the results will vary depending on your genes and lifestyle factors, such as smoking habits.

Which is better ancestry or 23andMe?

A: Both ancestry and 23andMe are good DNA testing services, but they provide slightly different information. If youre just looking for a broad view of health or ancestral background, we would recommend AncestryDNA . If youre hoping to learn more about your specific ethnic heritage or family history, then 23andMe is the service for you!

Are 23andMe Kits Accurate?

A: 23andMe kits provide information on your genetic ancestry and family tree. They are accurate when used correctly, but may not be 100% reliable if you have a mixed heritage or do not understand the system.

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