SuperBeets Review: Effective Supplement or Hype?

SuperBeets is a popular supplement that claims to help you lose weight while eating more. However, there are some significant gaps in the science around its effectiveness and safety – things like what it actually contains and whether or not it will cause any side effects.

“SuperBeets Review: Effective Supplement or Hype? A Dietitian Explains.” is a review of SuperBeets, which is a beet supplement. The review includes the pros and cons of using this product. Read more in detail here: best beet supplement.


  • The principal component, beetroot powder, is scientifically shown to provide several health advantages.
  • It’s possible that it has natural energy-boosting properties.
  • Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances are present.

  • Could be seen as a “quick cure” in lieu of more long-term and beneficial dietary changes.
  • There is no third-party testing and certification mark on this item.
  • When compared to comparable items, it might be a little pricey.

What Are SuperBeets and How Do They Work?

HumanN SuperBeets is a brand of nutritional supplements aimed at improving cardiovascular health and boosting energy levels.

The primary product is a powder manufactured from concentrated beet crystals, which is available in two flavors: Original Apple and Black Cherry.

The company says that ingesting a concentrated supply of nitric oxide would improve circulation, blood pressure control, and tiredness reduction.

The SuperBeets products are designed to provide a significant amount of nitric oxide. According to the company, one serving of the Original supplement provides the same amount of nitric oxide as three full beets.

Nitric oxide (NO) is a vasodilator, a substance that relaxes the body’s smooth muscle and dilates blood vessels.

This leads to better circulation, which reduces blood pressure and enables more oxygen to enter the bloodstream.

High blood pressure has long been recognized as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and renal disease.

This is a disorder in which blood vessels narrow, causing blood to press against the walls of your arteries with more power than usual.

It’s hypothesized that people with high blood pressure have a reduced capacity to use nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is also important in respiratory health. It regulates smooth muscles in the airway and vascular system, aids lung growth, transports mucus, creates surfactant, and functions as a neurotransmitter and mediator.

Nitric oxide may be found in the food in the form of nitrate compounds, which have been demonstrated to lower blood pressure.

Fruits and vegetables, particularly beets and dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, and arugula, are good sources of beneficial nitrates.

When you eat nitrate-rich foods, your body turns them to nitric oxide.

This helps your blood vessels to widen and relax, decreasing blood pressure in those with normal and increased levels, according to many studies.

SuperBeets promises to take beet nitrates and encapsulate them as a dietary supplement, providing a highly concentrated dosage of plant-derived nitric oxide.

As a trained dietitian, my biggest objection to SuperBeets products is that the best dietary sources of nitric oxide are healthful foods that should be promoted as a regular component of a balanced diet.

Promoting nitric oxide supplements as a way to lower blood pressure seems to be advocating for a “fast fix” rather than long-term health-promoting food and lifestyle choices.


Ingredients Evaluation

The main component of SuperBeets Original is non-GMO beetroot powder, which is combined with natural cherry or apple taste, stevia, malic acid, and magnesium ascorbate to maintain the product’s freshness, color, and quality.

Vitamin C is also included in this product to help with antioxidant protection.

It’s unclear how much beetroot powder is in the product, but I’m guessing it accounts for the majority of each 5-gram portion.

While a supplementary dose of nitric oxide may not be the best approach for decreasing blood pressure, research backs up the advantages of the beetroot powder used in SuperBeets.

The following is the proof for many of the claims made regarding the beetroot powder and vitamin C in this product:

5 g Beetroot Powder

A lot of study has been done on the nitrate-related effects of beetroot on blood pressure control, exercise performance, and circulation.

Beets have been shown in studies to reduce high blood pressure by 4–10 mmHg in only a few hours.

This seems to have the greatest impact on your systolic blood pressure, which is measured when your heart contracts.

Nitrates may improve the efficiency of your mitochondria, which is where your body’s energy is produced.

This would explain why beetroot might make people feel more energized and less tired.

Drinking beetroot juice boosted oxygen usage, athletic performance, and high-intensity exercise tolerance in several studies on athletic performance.

However, a randomized controlled trial published in 2019 found that while supplementing with citrulline malate and beetroot juice increased nitric oxide during maximum effort leg extension exercise, it had no effect on energy, performance, blood flow, or metabolic efficiency when compared to placebo.

Beetroot has been shown to have several antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and vascular-protective benefits in multiple in vitro and in vivo human and animal investigations, according to a 2015 review.

Beetroot is a cost-effective technique worth adopting to decrease blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular events in at-risk groups, according to a 2018 assessment of 11 randomized studies connected to beetroot and hypertension.

This is most likely due to nitrate conversion to nitric oxide, as well as other beneficial components present in beets, according to the researchers.

Dietary nitrates, on the other hand, only stay in the body for a short time and need continuous use for long-term benefits, which is an excellent selling point for supplements.

50 mg vitamin C

Magnesium ascorbate, a non-acidic or “buffered” form of vitamin C containing magnesium, is found in SuperBeets.

Most individuals absorb this type of vitamin C effectively, and it may be more readily tolerated, however data to back this up is limited.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that works to protect your cells from disease-causing free radicals.

It also plays a role in wound healing, gum health, infection defense, and a variety of immunological processes.

Long-term vitamin C administration has also been shown to increase vascular endothelial function and boost nitric oxide generation in rats.

In a more recent randomized controlled experiment from 2021, 24 individuals with poorly managed type 2 diabetes were given 1000 mg of vitamin C daily for 6 weeks, which lowered pre-exercise and post-exercise blood pressure, improved oxidative stress, and stimulated nitric oxide synthesis.

Vitamin C supplementation, at 500 mg per day for 8 weeks, was shown to be effective in lowering high blood pressure in a 2012 evaluation of 29 studies.

Although fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamin C, SuperBeets provide at least half of the recommended daily allowance for most individuals.


Overall, both dietary nitrates and vitamin C have been shown to provide health advantages, notably for heart and endothelial function.

Nonetheless, both may be available in a variety of whole plant sources that are simple to add into a typical diet.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the existing studies, the following is our summary of the available evidence regarding the stated advantages of SuperBeets:

Encourages proper blood circulation. There is Strong Evidence
Maintains a good blood pressure level Evidence with a Gold Star
Increases energy levels Evidence of Moderate Strength
Produces nitric oxide, which is beneficial to respiratory health. Evidence of Moderate Strength
Promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide. Evidence with a Gold Star
With a great amount of Vitamin C, it provides antioxidant support. Evidence with a Gold Star


Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

1 teaspoon (5 grams) of SuperBeets Original should be combined with 4–6 ounces of water and swallowed.

It’s unclear why you shouldn’t drink more than two 5-gram portions in a 24-hour period, according to the product. The solution to this query is also not stated in the product page’s FAQs section.

While beetroot powder looks to be rather safe, every supplement has the chance of side effects.

For a few days, concentrated dosages of beetroot may turn your urine and faeces crimson.

Headaches and stomach pain are two additional prevalent acute adverse effects of dietary nitrate supplementation.

Before adding any new dietary supplements to your regimen, check with your doctor to be sure they’re right for you.

There might also be underlying acute or chronic problems that are linked to high blood pressure.

If you have concerns about your blood pressure, you should speak with a doctor about them.

SuperBeets powder dissolves quickly and easily in water. It has a pleasant candy-like taste.

Where to Buy and How Much

SuperBeets items may be purchased directly from HumanN’s website or via Amazon, where HumanN does have a shop.

The 30-day supply of HumanN SuperBeets Original supplement costs $39.99.

If you join up for a monthly subscription to the product, you may obtain it for $34.95 and avoid having to pay postage.

HumanN provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is an advantage of buying straight from the company.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price, except shipping and handling, within 90 days of the day you bought it.

If you reside outside of the continental United States, you will be responsible for the shipping fees.

This pricing seems to be comparable to many other supplement items with similar supply amounts.

Still, this money may be better spent on a range of natural dietary sources of nitrates that also include vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants in your weekly food shopping.

SuperBeets are available for purchase on Amazon.

The SuperBeets Product Line Overview

HumanN’s SuperBeets collection comprises the following items:

The entire SuperBeets product line is based on non-GMO beetroot powder. Except for SuperBeets Original and SuperBeets Memory & Focus, they also all contain grapeseed extract.

With additional components for specific effects, these two foundation substances may promote heart health by lowering high blood pressure.

The Heart Chews and Memory & Focus are chewables, while the rest of the products are powders formulated for specific purposes.

The powdered items should be added with water or blended into a smoothie before drinking, but the chewables should be consumed whole.

SuperBeets Powdered Products

Vitamin C, a key antioxidant for immune health and decreasing infection risk, and beta-glucan produced from yeast, which may enhance immunological response, are both included in SuperBeets IMMUNE.

Green tea extract with 80 mg of caffeine per serving in SuperBeets ENERGY PLUS may help with memory and focus.

Collagen types I and III, as well as vitamin C, a key cofactor for collagen formation, are all included in SuperBeets COLLAGEN. Supplementing with collagen may promote joint health and perhaps alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis in some individuals.

SuperBeets Products that can be chewed

SuperBeets Heart Chews seem to be nothing more than a more convenient version of the original SuperBeets powder.

SuperBeets Memory & Focus chews contain coffee fruit extract, which may help improve cognition, and polyphenol resveratrol, which may have antioxidant effects and trigger mitochondrial biogenesis in the brain.


Overall, the beetroot powder and grapeseed extract that make up the foundation of most SuperBeets products may be beneficial to heart health.

The other items seem to offer additional components with some proof behind their usage for immunological, joint, or brain health support, however results may vary across people.

How SuperBeets stacks up against the competition

There are several products on the market that are comparable to SuperBeets and use beetroot powder as the principal component. However, many of them seem to be stand-alone products.

SuperBeets, on the other hand, comes in five different varieties. Each has something unique added to it in order to serve a certain function.

They offer an immune support version, an energy-focused version, a collagen version, and choices that come as soft chews for memory and heart health, as stated in the product line section above.

In terms of price, SuperBeets Original costs roughly $7 per ounce, compared to $2.5–$5 per ounce for many other brands.

While SuperBeets Original is more costly than competitors, it provides a unique product with proof behind its components that may be useful to certain individuals.

In addition, compared to other beetroot powder supplements, SuperBeets mixes readily with water and has a pleasing flavor.

Final Thoughts

The principal component in the SuperBeets product line is beetroot powder, which has been shown to have advantages for blood pressure and circulation.

This product may assist some individuals boost their energy levels and lower their blood pressure, but it should not be used only for these reasons.

When high blood pressure may have a variety of reasons, just adding a dietary supplement to try to solve the issue is unlikely to help, particularly because long-term benefits need consistency.

If you’re worried about high blood pressure or poor energy, it’s a good idea to assess your general health and lifestyle habits. Your physician should examine them thoroughly.

Often, more effective modifications in your daily food and exercise patterns may be made that have long-term effects.

Additionally, you may need to collaborate with your primary care practitioner to address the need for blood pressure medication or stress management.

It may not be worth it to take a supplement that may rapidly become pricey and may not be beneficial for everyone.

Before adding a new supplement to your regimen, consult with your doctor about the dangers involved.

A Message from Our RD

As a trained nutritionist, I would not advocate using a nitric oxide supplement to decrease high blood pressure and enhance energy.

This is because there is a lot of evidence that other dietary and lifestyle changes may help you achieve and maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

A nutritious diet rich in natural nitrate sources also provides vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

However, there is evidence to support the use of beetroot to promote healthy blood pressure, so it may be useful as a supplemental and temporary aid for certain individuals, as long as they follow their doctor’s advice.


“The “superbeets pros and cons” is an effective supplement that can be used to help with weight loss, digestion, and more. It contains a variety of nutrients such as antioxidants and phytonutrients that are beneficial for your health.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product SuperBeets really work?

A: Yes, it does. SuperBeets is a highly effective solution to the problem of vegetables going bad too quickly in your fridge or freezer. You should purchase this product if you have ever had problems with food spoiling before due to lack of time or motivation.

What are the side effects of SuperBeets?

A: Some side effects include irregular heartbeat and palpitations, but these are rare. Generally, SuperBeets is a safe supplement for the body.

How long does it take for SuperBeets to lower blood pressure?

A: This varies by person. It can take up to 3 weeks for the effects of SuperBeets to start showing on blood pressure measurements and it may not work if your hypertension isnt severe enough.

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