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Who is Dr. Oz? Well, he’s a doctor of surgery who studied at both Columbia University and Harvard Medical School before becoming the youngest surgeon in chief at Mount Sinai Hospital. He has made it his mission to help people get healthier through natural methods while also helping them avoid harmful conventional treatments.

The “morning complete reviews amazon” is a supplement that claims to help people lose weight. The product has received mixed reviews, with some users claiming it works and others claiming it doesn’t work.

Morning Complete is a health powder supplement from the ActivatedYou brand that includes prebiotics, probiotics, and other botanical elements. Consumers will want to be sure they’re getting their money’s worth when purchasing this product, which costs about $80 for just 30 servings.

In this review, we’ll look at the Morning Complete formulation in light of medical studies to see whether it’s likely to be successful. We’ll suggest some less expensive solutions that we feel will be just as effective, if not more so.

Do Probiotic Supplements Work?

We’d want to talk about some of the difficulties with probiotic supplements in general before we get into the component review. Because probiotics are live creatures, many strains are quite sensitive to environmental circumstances, as we described in our previous probiotic review.

Probiotics may be killed on arrival because to the high temperatures encountered during supplement manufacture and shipping, as well as the temporal decay of storage.

This isn’t a problem with probiotics from fermented foods like kimchi or yogurt, which is why we prefer to get probiotics from food rather than supplements unless the supplement manufacturer has published significant research proving their supplements are still effective off-the-shelf (which they haven’t in this case).

Prebiotic Blend Ingredient Review

Morning Complete Prebiotic blend ingredients list

Morning Complete provides a 4.05 gram dose of a prebiotic mix (g). Based on medical study, this seems to be an effective dosage, while larger amounts tend to have better impacts on gut function. We don’t see an issue with this dosage since most individuals receive prebiotics from diet as well.

Prebiotics are beneficial to general health because they improve gut function by feeding beneficial bacteria strains. This is just as vital, if not more, than using probiotics to introduce new strains of beneficial bacteria to the gut.

Probiotic Blend Ingredient Review

Morning Complete Probiotic blend ingredients list

The probiotic mix includes 9 different probiotic species with a total dose of 10 billion colony-forming units (CFU). Based on a study published in the American Family Physician Journal, at least 10 billion CFU daily for adults appeared to be a beneficial amount.

Probiotic dose is highly dependent on the needs of the patient. A therapeutic dosage of probiotics for a medical illness like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may be considerably higher than 10 billion CFU, but it seems to be a suitable maintenance dose for healthy individuals.

Morning Complete uses species that have been thoroughly researched and shown to be safe. In a clinical investigation, B. coagulans, the major species in this supplement, greatly improved IBS.

In an animal investigation, the second probiotic species, L. gasseri, enhanced weight control. When compared to a control group that did not receive the probiotic, the rats given this probiotic lost much more weight.

We looked through all of the probiotics’ safety data and feel this is a safe and well-formulated probiotic. We wouldn’t strictly suggest it since we prefer probiotics through food sources, but we feel Morning Complete is a solid alternative for those ready to pay the price for convenience.

Botanical Blends Ingredient Review

Morning Complete Botanical ingredients list

“Green Superfoods Blend,” “Metabolic Enhancing Blend,” “Antioxidant Blend,” “Super Balancing Support,” “Adaptogens,” and “Cellular Function and Liver Support” are among the botanical component blends in Morning Complete.

We don’t think it’s worth going into every single component in these secondary mixes since, for the most part, we think they’re in such little doses that it’s worthless. For example, the “Cellular Function and Liver Support” mix has 30 milligrams (mg) of aloe vera and 15 milligrams (mg) of milk thistle combined.

15 milligrams is a little quantity. The effective dosage of milk thistle for liver protection, according to medical study, is 1,260 mg/day, or 84 times the amount in Morning Complete.

To make their Supplement Facts label appear more impressive and justify the high price of their goods, supplement firms often incorporate miniscule quantities of exotic botanical substances. This is a pattern we’ve observed in other products we’ve tested, such as SkinnyFit.

Morning Complete has a total dosage of 1,410 mg of these botanical elements, which is a reasonable amount, but we don’t anticipate these substances to provide any special health benefits. We propose that customers concentrate on the probiotic/prebiotic advantages of this product and see the greens as a minor and insignificant source of micronutrients.

There is a scarcity of third-party testing.

Morning Complete is appropriately labeled and low in toxins, but ActivatedYou, like virtually every supplement manufacturer we’ve tested, doesn’t disclose any research, either in-house or third-party, to prove it.

Because many supplement firms do not conduct sufficient quality control and distribute potentially dangerous goods to customers, this is a major issue in the US dietary supplement market. For this reason, we don’t suggest supplement companies who don’t provide any product testing results.

Sources of probiotics and prebiotics that are more effective

We feel that receiving probiotics and prebiotics through food is a more cost-effective and efficient technique than supplementation. Because organically fermented foods retain an environment favourable to probiotic development, unlike a powdered supplement lying in a warehouse, there’s a far higher chance that the food product will contain considerable concentrations of probiotics at the time of ingestion.

Yogurt, sauerkraut, and pickles are just a few examples of naturally fermented foods that may provide considerable health advantages at a fraction of the cost of a costly dietary supplement.

We feel that probiotic supplements are ideal for focused treatment since different strains have different health impacts, but we advocate receiving probiotics through food sources for general maintenance in healthy individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Morning complete good for weight loss?

A: Morning is a supplement that helps with weight loss by promoting healthy blood sugar levels.

Is Morning complete FDA approved?

A: There is no FDA approval for morning.

Does morning complete give you gas?

A: Yes, morning complete can cause gas.

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