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Drink2Shrink is a beverage that claims to be able to help with weight loss, sleep problems and mental clarity. It is made by the company Drinkology. This article will review this product in detail, including how they claim it can work and what scientific studies there are on its effectiveness./

Drink2Shrink is a weight loss supplement that has been approved by the FDA. Drink2Shrink is available on Amazon, but it’s not cheap.

Drink2Shrink (also known as “Drink to Shrink”) has lately become unexpectedly popular, therefore we decided to offer a study of its contents to explain why we feel there is no proof that these products can help you lose weight.

In this post, we’ll look at the Drink2Shrink recipe, explain why it’s not scientifically shown to work, and suggest some better science-backed alternatives.

Review of Ingredients

Drink2Shrink is a herbal tea containing a botanical combination of herbs.

Persimmon leaf is the first component on the list. There is some evidence that persimmon extract (which is far more powerful than the raw plant material) may help with weight reduction, but no medical trials have been done to prove that persimmon tea helps with weight loss.

The second element is holy thistle, which is an odd name for what is more usually known as milk thistle. We haven’t found any studies that have used this plant in any form for weight loss. It’s often used to help the liver work better.

In fact, ginger, which has been investigated for weight reduction, is the only component in this whole recipe with major medical study backing it up. Ginger supplementation was observed to reduce body weight in one medical investigation. Another medical study revealed similar results: ginger was excellent in helping people lose weight.

The amounts of ginger in Drink2Shrink tea are probably definitely lower than the typical doses of ginger used in the above-mentioned medical research. Ginger is only one of the tea’s nine ingredients.

We haven’t found any medical evidence that any of the other components (malva leaf, marshmallow leaf, blessed thistle, papaya, chamomile, or myrrh) may help with weight reduction.

There is no dosage information available.

There is There is no dosage information available. of any of the listed ingredients on Drink2Shrink’s site. Since this is a product making specific health claims, this is unacceptable. Consumers can’t determine whether a product is safe and effective without dosage information.

Whether the manufacturer revealed the ginger dosage, for example, we could compare it to the dosage of ginger used in the research on ginger and weight reduction described above to see if it’s an effective dose.

To be honest, the whole brand comes off as so amateurish that we wouldn’t be astonished if the proprietor has no idea what each ingredient’s dose is. It might just be a mixture of the herbs chosen at random.

There were no scientists involved in the formulation.

Sanya is listed as the founder on the Drink2Shrink website. She claims that after successfully reducing weight, she wanted to assist others in doing so.

That’s a noble objective, but individuals with no scientific experience can’t develop successful products since they haven’t read any of the scientific literature, which is especially true here because virtually all of the substances make no sense for a weight-loss formulation.

We advise customers to stay away from health supplements manufactured by persons who lack proper professional qualifications. Due to the lack of regulation in the health supplement industry, consuming goods with no scrutiny leaves your health in your own hands. In our Soul Drops review, we discovered a similar theme: a creator who most likely meant well but was selling things to unwitting clients with no published research to back them up.

Alternatives to Weight Loss That Work

Fiber that is not soluble

As we discussed in more detail in our review of Umzu supplements, increasing Fiber that is not soluble intake is a medically proven (and cheap!) way to aid weight loss.

Fiber that is not soluble is found mostly in plant foods like beans, nuts and fruits with seeds.

When you consume higher amounts of Fiber that is not soluble, you reach the feeling of “fullness” easier because the fiber contains no calories but occupies space in your stomach. It’s this effect that explains why it’s so much easier to eat 2,000 calories of McDonald’s in one sitting than 2,000 calories of beans and salad: the first meal has much less fiber.


This FDA-approved weight reduction medicine was the subject of a scathing review that we published. While we still feel it is a waste of money when compared to dietary therapies like as increased fiber consumption, we believe it is a better option than Drink2Shrink since it has been shown to be slightly successful in medical study.

Plenity increases satiation with an unique fiber combination. The corporation paid for a scientific experiment to show that it was more effective than a placebo at helping people lose weight, although the trial had several flaws, as we discussed in the linked article.

The “drink2shrink ingredients” is a supplement that promises to help you lose weight. The drink contains natural ingredients such as green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drink2Shrink?

A: Drink2Shrink is an alcohol addiction recovery app. It helps people identify the signs of alcoholism, binge drinking and other alcohol-related problems before its too late.

What are the side effects of drink to shrink?

A: Many people who drink to shrink are replaced by duplicate versions of themselves. Theyre like clones!

Is Drink 2 shrink healthy?

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