Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Review: Effectiveness and Safety

Vital proteins collagen peptides are a highly effective and safe method of combatting symptoms associated with the aging process. The company behind these supplements has been in business for more than 50 years, making it one of the most reputable brands around.

The “vital proteins collagen peptides before and after” is a review of the effectiveness and safety of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. It includes before, during, and after photos to show the results.


  • Collagen derived from animals that have been reared in a responsible manner
  • The powdered form is adaptable and simple to utilize.
  • Ingredients are kept to a minimum.
  • It’s possible that it’ll help your skin.

  • For capsule form, a large dosage (12 capsules per day) is suggested.
  • There isn’t a seal for third-party testing.
  • There are just two forms of collagen in this product.

What Are Collagen Peptides From Vital Proteins?

Collagen powders in flavored and unflavored varieties, ready-to-drink drinks, candies, bars, and creamers are all available from Vital Proteins.

Collagen comes from either grass-fed bovine or wild-caught marine sources in these items.

The original and unflavored Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, which is available in powdered or capsule form, will be the subject of this review.

Type I and type III hydrolyzed collagen from grass-fed cattle, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid are all included in the powder.

Previously, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid were not included in the powdered collagen recipe. Collagen is the sole ingredient in the capsules.

Collagen is one of our bodies’ most prevalent proteins. It gives skin, tendons, ligaments, hair, bones, and joints structure and suppleness.

Organs need certain forms of collagen for structure.

With aging, the body’s collagen synthesis slows. Collagen supplementation is thought to help prevent this, as well as enhance the health of the skin, hair, nails, and joints, as well as provide a more youthful look.


Ingredients Evaluation

The three active components in Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides powder are:

Collagen Peptides from Bovine Hide (20 grams)

Collagen is derived from the skins of Brazilian grass-fed cattle.

It comprises type I and type III collagen peptides and is hydrolyzed, which means the proteins have been broken down for greater absorption.

The majority of collagen in the body is type I collagen. Skin, hair, nails, connective tissues, and bones all contain it.

Skin, bone, and several organs contain Type III.

A comprehensive review of research on oral collagen supplementation published in 2019 indicated that it improves skin elasticity and moisture, resulting in wrinkle reduction.

A study published in 2020 found encouraging findings for collagen’s capacity to treat joint pain, but further research is required to determine the best dosage.


Overall, there is some evidence that collagen supplements may help with skin and joint health.

Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of hyaluronic acid (80 milligrams)

Skin contains hyaluronic acid, a water-binding molecule. The body’s generation of hyaluronic acid, like collagen, declines as it gets older.

Aging skin is characterized by dryness and a lack of plumpness.

Supplementing with 120–240 mg of hyaluronic acid per day improved skin hydration and decreased dryness, according to a 2014 research.

Although a serving of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides has less hyaluronic acid than the study’s, it may still provide some skin benefits.

According to a 2016 analysis, hyaluronic acid reduced knee discomfort, indicating that the function of hyaluronic acid in joint health may be promising.


There is enough data to suggest that consuming hyaluronic acid supplements may aid with skin health and joint health.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant (90 milligrams)

Vitamin C contains antioxidant capabilities that may help the immune system and protect the body from cellular damage that causes aging indications.

For most individuals, a daily dose of 75–90 mg of vitamin C is advised. A serving of Vital Protein Collagen Peptides has enough vitamin C to fulfill most people’s daily requirements.

Participating in the body’s collagen creation is one of its numerous functions.

Vitamin C supplementation boosts type I collagen formation, according to a 2018 comprehensive study.


Vitamin C is an important ingredient for skin health and collagen formation. Including it in our product is a wonderful method to support the body’s natural collagen production.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the existing research, the following is our summary of the available evidence supporting the stated advantages of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides:

Skin, hair, nails, and joints that are healthy Evidence of Moderate Strength
Skin that is young-looking Evidence of Moderate Strength
Collagen production is boosted. Evidence of Moderate Strength
Enhances general health and well-being Evidence of Moderate Strength

Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

Collagen supplements are deemed safe, and there have been no reported negative effects in healthy people.

Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are also well tolerated, with little adverse effects.

Some individuals claim that taking collagen supplements causes moderate digestive distress, bloating, or diarrhea, but I couldn’t uncover any study that backs up their claims.

Proteins That Are Essential Because collagen is derived from cattle, it is incompatible with a vegetarian or vegan diet.

All of Vital Proteins’ product batches are claimed to be tested by independent, qualified third-party laboratories, although the items lack recognized testing seals.

A daily intake of 1–2 scoops (10–20 grams) of powdered collagen is advised.

On the powdered tubs, the Supplement Facts label specifies a 2-scoop (20 gram) dosage.

With two scoops, you may get:

  • calories: 70
  • Protein content: 18 g
  • Vitamin C in the amount of 90 milligrams
  • Sodium, 110 milligrams
  • 20 g collagen hydrolyzed
  • Hyaluronic acid, 80 mg

When using single packets of collagen powder, one dosage equals one packet and one scoop.

The powder may be used into hot or cold beverages, such as coffee or smoothies, or cooked with.

On their blog, Vital Proteins provides a selection of collagen recipes.

Collagen capsules are intended to be taken twice a day, for a total of 12 capsules each day.

The capsules’ Supplement Facts label includes information for a 6-capsule dosage.

Six pills give the following:

  • ten calorie
  • Protein content: 3 g
  • sodium 20 milligrams
  • Collagen peptides, 3 g

Before starting a new supplement, talk to your primary care physician.


How much do Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides cost and where can I get them?

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides may be found on the company’s website as well as in major shops such as Amazon, Costco, Target, Walgreens, and CVS.

These stores usually have Vital Proteins goods on sale.

Vital Proteins Powder Collagen Peptides are available in 5-ounce, 10-ounce, and 20-ounce tubs, with prices ranging from $15 to $43.

A 5-ounce tub includes 7 servings and costs $2.14 per serving, a 10-ounce tub contains 14 servings and costs $1.79 per serving, and a 20-ounce container contains 28 servings and costs $1.53 per serving, according to the Supplement Facts label.

The lower the cost per 2 scoop serving, the larger the tub. The aforementioned expenditures per serving are decreased in half if you just consume one scoop each day.

Individual serving sachets of powdered collagen are also available.

Each package costs $34 and includes 20 stick packets, or $1.70 each packet.

A container of collagen capsules costs $37.99 and includes 360 capsules. Each container contains 60 servings, which corresponds to six capsules each serving.

The recommended dosage is two doses each day, or a total of 12 capsules, at a daily cost of $1.26.

The Vital Proteins website has a 30-day refund policy as well as a subscribe and save option that saves you 25% off the pricing shown above.

Alternatives are compared

In the collagen category, there’s a lot of competition, but Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, even if it costs a little more, is at the top of the pack in my view.

Another popular powdered collagen is Neocell Super Collagen Peptides.

It’s created from grass-fed cattle and includes Type I and Type III collagen, with a 7-ounce tub costing roughly $13 and a 14-ounce tub costing around $24.

Neocell is less costly, however it lacks hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, and it only offers 10 grams of collagen per serving compared to Vital Protein’s 20 grams.

The collagen tablet supplement made by Youtheory comprises 6 grams of hydrolyzed collagen and 60 milligrams of vitamin C.

On Amazon, a 160-count bottle with 26 serves costs roughly $13, or A 160-count bottle has 26 servings and costs about $13 on Amazon which equals $0.50 per serving..50 per serving.

To receive the same quantity of collagen, you’ll need to take twice as many Vital Proteins collagen capsules every day.

They’re also devoid of vitamin C and cost more than twice as much as the Youtheory pills, so I’m not certain they’re worth the money.

The powdered Vital Proteins Collagen, in my experience, is nearly odorless, tasteless, and dissolves quickly in any drink or dish.

I’ve tried various unflavored collagen peptide powders that clump in liquid or have an unpleasant odor and taste, so Vital Proteins is always my first pick.

Final Thoughts

Although Vital Proteins produces a variety of collagen supplements, the original recipe only has three ingredients: type I and III hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.

Because all of these substances have shown to provide skin-health advantages, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides may be an excellent option for anybody wishing to promote skin health and/or reduce symptoms of aging.

I’d prefer the powdered collagen peptides over the capsules since they’re simpler to swallow and don’t contain the extra hyaluronic acid or vitamin C that the capsules provide.

Before beginning any new supplement, consult your main healthcare physician.

A Message from Our RD

I prefer Vital Proteins over other collagen products that I’ve tested. For numerous years, I’ve been using the original powdered solution on and off.

It’s simple to mix a scoop into my morning coffee or smoothie.

I didn’t notice any changes in my skin or outer look while taking it, but I imagine the increased protein aids satiety and supports joint and muscle health.

Collagen is not the same as protein powder since it lacks all of the necessary amino acids, making it a “incomplete” protein.

If you want to improve your protein consumption but don’t like protein powders, a powdered collagen supplement might be a decent alternative.


The “vital proteins collagen peptides reviews weight loss” is a supplement that has been around for some time. It promises to help with everything from hair growth to weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of taking collagen peptides?

A: Collagen peptides are a relatively new supplement that is supposed to help with the natural production of collagen in your body. There have been some concerns as to whether or not these supplements can cause health problems, but there have also been many studies done on them and they seem safe for most people.

Is vital proteins a safe brand?

A: There are no studies that have been conducted on vital proteins. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest they are safe because they use all natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

What are the side effects of vital proteins collagen peptides?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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