Most people don’t realize that there are many different types of supplements and the benefits for each can vary significantly. By understanding which supplement is best for you, it could help improve your life in some way.

The “bye bye” is a supplement that helps the body get rid of excess water weight. It does this by increasing the production of urine and sweat.


  • Simple to use
  • It may be used as required.
  • The formula is gluten-free and allergen-free.


  • There’s a proprietary mix in there that doesn’t say how much of each component there is.
  • There will be no third-party testing.
  • There is no money-back guarantee.
  • A Prop 65 warning is included on the package.

What Is Bye-Bye Bloat, and How Does It Work?

Bye-Bye Bloat is a digestive enzyme supplement that also includes a combination of organic herbs such as ginger, dandelion root, and fenugreek.

It’s designed to aid digestion, decrease bloating, and flush out extra water.

Bye-Bye Bloat is for ladies to take as required after a heavy meal or during periods of their menstrual cycle when they tend to retain water and feel puffier than normal.

It’s created by Love Wellness, which was launched by MTV reality star Lo Bosworth.

To boost women’s health, the firm creates supplements with appealing product names and beautiful pastel packaging.

A panel of female health specialists, including an OBGYN, registered nutritionist, endocrinologist, and urogynecologist, collaborates with Love Wellness.

Probiotics for gut, skin, and vaginal health, as well as multivitamins and supplements for urinary tract health, sleep support, skin health, mood, and PMS, are all part of their product range.

Although Bye-Bye Bloat is promoted at ladies, it may be used by anybody to help with digestion.


Ingredients Evaluation

Each 2-capsule dosing includes 700 mg of Bye-Bye Bloat Blend, a special blend of organic herbs and Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food.. There is no information on how much of each ingredient is used in this mix.

The following substances are used in the blend:

Fenugreek Seed Powder is a powder made from the seeds of the fenugre

Fenugreek is a herb that has been utilized in alternative and traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for thousands of years.

There haven’t been many research on fenugreek’s effects on bloating and digestion.

A placebo was used in this 2018 research to compare supplementation with fiber derived from fenugreek seeds to supplementation with fiber produced from fenugreek seeds.

Participants in both groups reported improved digestive symptoms, which does not support fenugreek’s role in reducing digestive pain.


Fenugreek has been shown to aid digestion, although further study is required.

Powdered Dandelion Root

The root of the dandelion is a blooming plant. Although dandelion root is recognized as a diuretic in alternative medicine, there has been very little scientific study on the health effects of this component.

Female participants voided considerably more urine after consuming dandelion root extract than they did before supplementation, according to a small 2009 research.

It’s unknown if Powdered Dandelion Root has the same effect as dandelion root extract.


Powdered Dandelion Root is a diuretic, but more research is needed on its benefits.

Powdered Fennel Seed

Fennel is a herb that has been used in alternative medicine for a long time to treat a variety of ailments, including digestive issues.

There has been relatively little study done on the effects of fennel supplements on digestion. Fennel extract, not fennel powder, was proven to be an efficient diuretic in animal studies.


Fennel is a traditional plant that has been used for generations in traditional medicine.

Powdered ginger root

Ginger has been extensively researched as a dietary and supplement component. Its anti-nausea and anti-vomiting properties have been extensively researched.

This comprehensive analysis identified high-quality evidence to support the use of ginger for nausea and vomiting alleviation in over 100 randomized controlled studies. The majority of the research, however, included cancer patients or pregnant women.

Several research were also found to support the usage of ginger to aid digestion.


Ginger is well-known for its anti-nausea and anti-vomiting properties.

Powdered parsley leaves

The culinary herb parsley is well-known. In traditional medicine, parsley has been used to treat a range of health issues, however there is very little data tying parsley to health benefits.

In a 2017 research, lab rats given parsley exhibited better protection against stress-induced gastrointestinal damage, such as ulcers.


The leaf of parsley may aid digestion and guard against stomach ulcers.

Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food.

Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. help break down the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in food into smaller parts that can be absorbed for use in the body.

Your body naturally produces Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. that help digest your food, but supplemental Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. are sometimes used to manage digestive disorders.

Although Bye-Bye Bloat includes numerous enzyme complexes, the kind of enzymes, source, and quantity of each enzyme inside each complex are not listed.

Because Bye-Bye Bloat is not vegan, that tells me some Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. come from animal sources.

The Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. in Bye-Bye Bloat are:

  • Amylase Complex: Amylase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down complex carbs into sugars.
  • Protease Complex: Protease is a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins in the body.
  • Pepsin Complex: Pepsin is a digestive enzyme that is naturally generated in the stomach.
  • Lipase Complex: Lipase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down dietary fat.
  • Bromelain Complex: Bromelain is a combination of enzymes found naturally in pineapple. These enzymes are protease enzymes that aid in the digestion of dietary proteins.
  • Papain Complex: Papain is a combination of enzymes found naturally in papaya. These enzymes also aid in the digestion of proteins in the diet.

There isn’t a wealth of evidence regarding the benefits of taking Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food., but a couple of studies have found supplemental Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. can improve common digestive problems, like indigestion, bloating, and stomach pain.

This 2014 study compared two groups taking Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. and medication that enhances digestive contractions to improve digestion.

Both groups showed a reduction in digestive problems, however the enzymes group reported greater alleviation from stomach discomfort than the medicine group.

A digestive enzyme combination was compared to a placebo group in this 2018 research.

The Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. were associated with improvements in bloating, post-meal fullness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and gas.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, there isn’t enough evidence to back up bromelain’s digestive benefits. They don’t know anything about papain, either.


There are many types of Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. that help break down the food you eat. Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. may help relieve common digestion problems, but more research is needed regarding types of enzymes and dosage.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the current studies, the following is our summary of the available evidence regarding the stated advantages of Bye-Bye Bloat:

It helps with digestion. Evidence of Moderate Strength
Excess water weight is reduced. Evidence of Moderate Strength
Bloating is reduced. Evidence of Moderate Strength

With the exception of ginger, all of the herbal constituents in Bye-Bye Bloat lack adequate proof to support health claims related to digestion and bloating.

For testing, the majority of research employ small sample numbers or lab animals.

Some individuals may perceive a benefit since the herbs are commonly utilized in folk and traditional therapeutic practices.

Although dandelion root and fennel have diuretic properties and may enhance urine production, no definite relationship has been established between these substances and reduced bloating and water retention.

The kinds and origins of each digestive enzyme complex are not provided by the firm.

In general, there is evidence that Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. can aid digestion and relieve common digestive issues; however, there is no standard for dosage, type, or origin.


Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

Bye-Bye Bloat may be used daily or as required, with one or two capsules taken after a meal or before night, according to the dose directions.

More than four pills per day are not suggested.

Although the guidelines say to take it after meals, if you don’t like pills, you may open the capsules and dump the contents into a smoothie.

According to Love Wellness, customers may need to adjust their dosage or the time of day they take it to notice effects.

“It might take anywhere from 2–6 weeks before you notice permanent improvements,” they claim, owing to bio-individuality.

Because Bye-Bye Bloat includes enzymes from pineapple and papaya, it may not be suitable for those who are allergic to these fruits.

Fenugreek has been linked to digestive issues such as stomach discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and gas.

Large amounts of ginger have been linked to digestive issues such as diarrhea, heartburn, and stomach pain.

Although it’s unlikely that this supplement contains enough of these substances to cause negative effects, they’re worth noting if your digestive troubles continue or worsen after using it.

People who are allergic to certain plants, such as marigolds and daisies, may be allergic to dandelion root and develop allergy symptoms.

Although Bye-Bye Bloat is gluten-free and dairy-free, it is not vegan.

It was also brought to my attention that this product is A Prop 65 warning is included on the package. after reading several customer reviews on Amazon.

As part of California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, Prop 65 warnings are mandated by law.

When a food or consumer product may expose consumers to compounds related to cancer or congenital defects, a warning is necessary.

Love Wellness confirms that this warning appears on some of their products.

They agree that some of their products may include quantities of naturally occurring heavy metals, which, when “added together,” might trigger Prop 65’s “very low warning level.”

Although heavy metals are found in nature and we are exposed to a variety of compounds on a daily basis, some people may be concerned about their safety.

Before using any supplement, talk to your doctor about any possible safety issues, interactions, or adverse effects.

Where to Buy and How Much

Bye-Bye Bloat is available on the Love Wellness website, as well as in stores and online at Target and Ulta. On Amazon, I discovered Bye-Bye Bloat.

Although all places have the same pricing, there may be promotions and different return procedures.

Bye-Bye Bloat comes in a package with 60 capsules for $24.99 (One bottle of Bye-Bye Bloat contains 60 capsules and costs $24.99 ($0.83 per serving)..83 per serving).

The Love Wellness website provides a subscription option that saves you 25%, reducing the price each bottle down to $18.74 (The Love Wellness website offers a subscription option that saves you 25%, bringing the cost down to $18.74 per bottle ($0.62 per serving)..62 per serving).

The subscription option allows you to choose from one, two, three, or four months of service. This flexibility is advantageous since not all consumers may want or want this on a daily basis.

Within 30 days after receiving your purchase, Love Wellness allows unopened product returns. A complete refund will be issued, excluding delivery costs.

If you test this product and decide it’s not for you, Love Wellness says you may still contact them within 30 days of receiving it to “explore the next best steps,” whatever that means.

They don’t give a money-back guarantee for things that have been opened, but it seems that the firm is dedicated to customer service.

How Does Bye-Bye Bloat Measure Up to the Competition?

Other de-bloating supplements were available on the market.

The majority are aimed at women, who are more worried about water weight retention and belly bloating as a result of hormonal changes.

Olly’s women’s health range includes the Beat the Bloat Capsules. It promises to minimize indigestion-related tummy bloat, alleviate gas, and eliminate water retention.

It includes dandelion extract, fennel extract, ginger extract, and a digestive enzyme mix that includes amylase, cellulase, hemicellulase, lactase, alpha-galactosidase, and lipase, as well as a digestive enzyme blend that includes amylase, cellulase, hemicellulase, lactase, alpha-galactosidase

Olly does not employ unique herbal mixes in its products. The quantity of each herbal component in a serving is mentioned, however only the total amount of digesting enzyme is listed, not each individual enzyme.

Olly suggests that people take one capsule every day. On Amazon, a 25-day supply costs $16.88 (Olly recommends users take one capsule daily. A 25-day supply sells on Amazon for $16.88 ($0.68 per serving), so the price per serving is on par with Bye-Bye Bloat..68 per serving), therefore the price per serving is comparable to Bye-Bye Bloat.

Flatter Me is a capsule supplement created by HUM Nutrition to aid digestion and reduce bloating, resulting in a flatter stomach.

HUM’s Flatter Me, like Bye-Bye Bloat, incorporates unique mixes.

The key difference is that the HUM Supplement Facts label specifies the amounts of herbal mix and digestive enzyme blend individually, while Bye-Bye Bloat lumps both substances together in a single blend.

The digestive enzyme mix comprises 18 enzymes to digest protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, and sugar contained in milk, while the herbal blend contains ginger, fennel, and peppermint. On the label, each kind of digestive enzyme is specified.

HUM suggests that customers take two capsules before eating each day. On Amazon, a one-month supply costs $26 (HUM recommends users take a total of two capsules per day before eating. A 1-month supply on Amazon costs $26 ($0.86 per serving), which is similar to the price of Bye-Bye Bloat..86 per serving), which is comparable to the cost of Bye-Bye Bloat.

Gaia Herbs Gas & Bloating is another herbal supplement designed to support digestion and relieve occasional gas and bloating.

Activated charcoal, fennel seed, and an unique herb combination including cumin seed, chamomile extract, star anise seed, lemon balm leaf extract, caraway seed, and essential oils of fennel seed, peppermint leaf, and sweet marjoram leaf are among the constituents.

Take two capsules every day, or as required, according to the directions. On Amazon, a 25-day supply costs $18.34 (The instructions indicate to take two capsules per day or as needed. A 25-day supply costs $18.34 on Amazon ($0.73 per serving)..73 per serving).

When compared to Bye-Bye Bloat, the alternatives mentioned above have comparable components, health claims, and prices.

On the Supplement Facts label, some rivals provide you an advantage by disclosing particular quantities of components.

In addition, Bye-Bye Bloat and Olly Beat the Bloat are not vegan, but HUM Flatter Me and Gaia Gas & Bloating are vegan.

Since Bye-Bye Bloat doesn’t disclose which enzymes are in each digestive enzyme complex, I can’t say whether Olly or HUM’s products contain more, less, or equivalent types of Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food..

Overall, the components and pricing of Bye-Bye Bloat are comparable to those of rivals.

Bye-Bye Bloat Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to take Bye-Bye Bloat on a daily basis?

    It may be taken on a daily basis or as required. The supplement is intended for daily usage as well as occasional relief from food, hormonal bloating, and digestive distress.

  • What is the composition of Bye-Bye Bloat?

    Fenugreek, ginger, fennel, dandelion root, and parsley are among the organic herbs used in Bye-Bye Bloat.

    Amylase, pepsin, protease, lipase, bromelain, and papain are among the digestive enzyme complexes found in it.

  • When are you going to use Bye-Bye Bloat?

    Take one or two capsules after a meal or before night, according to the directions.

    They don’t advocate taking more than four capsules each day, so you may take one after breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as one before bed.

  • Is it true that Bye-Bye Bloat is a probiotic?

    No, Bye-Bye Bloat does not include probiotics, which are live bacteria cultures.

  • Is Bye-Bye Bloat a safe product?

    Bye-Bye Bloat’s components are generally regarded as safe.

    It may not be suitable for those who are allergic to pineapple or papaya since it includes enzymes derived from these fruits.

    Fenugreek and ginger have been linked to digestive issues, but only at higher amounts than those seen in a single dosage of this product.

  • Is there a connection between Bye-Bye Bloat and birth control?

    I couldn’t find any evidence that any of the substances may interfere with birth control.

    Before taking any supplement, talk to your doctor to be sure it’s safe for you and won’t interact with any prescriptions you’re taking, including birth control.

Final Thoughts

Some of the ingredients in Bye-Bye Bloat, like ginger and Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food., may provide benefits, like relieving common digestive discomforts.

However, there isn’t enough scientific data to recommend the product as a whole for reducing hormone bloating or losing water weight.

It’s difficult to predict if the chemicals in Bye-Bye Bloat will be effective. Love Wellness seems to recognize this, as they suggest taking it for many weeks, tweaking the dose, and changing the time of day you take it to see whether it works for you.

You can only find out whether Bye-Bye Bloat is suitable for you if you give it a try.

It’s inexpensive, costing less than $1 a day, and the ingredients seem to be quite safe. The box does, however, have a Prop 65 warning for chemicals related to cancer and reproductive damage.

This cautionary note makes me hesitant to test this product, as it could others.

Our Dietitian’s Remarks

It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable to feel stuffed to the brim and bloated after eating a huge meal or food that doesn’t agree with you.

To get rid of that sensation, it might be tempting to seek for a fast cure, such as a prescription, supplement, or tea.

Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food., like those in Bye-Bye Bloat, may help relieve occasional bouts of food-related digestive discomfort.

I’ve taken Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. in the past and found I experienced fewer episodes of feeling overly full with uncomfortable abdominal distention and gas after eating.

Like probiotics, different types of Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. work differently for different people and digestive issues.

That being said, taking Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that help the body digest food. before or after a meal isn’t a free pass to eat copious amounts of whatever you want.

Spicy and acidic meals, fatty or fried foods, and dairy are all known to trigger intestinal distress.

Different people have different reactions to different meals.

If you regularly feel ill after eating, learning which foods cause your digestive problems might be beneficial. This may be accomplished by:

  • Keeping track of everything you consume and any symptoms you have.
  • Remove the things you think are making you sick from your diet and observe if your symptoms improve.
  • Identify dietary sensitivities and optimum portion amounts with the help of a trained nutritionist.

Your hydration state is important when it comes to water weight.

If you’re dehydrated, your body may actually retain water, which may seem paradoxical.

Increasing your water intake might sometimes help you lose extra water weight and feel less “puffy.”


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