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SeroVital is a natural supplement that has been scientifically proven to help with erectile dysfunction. The formula includes many herbs, vitamins and minerals for maximum benefits. This makes it an invaluable addition not only for men who have ED but also their partners, as the product can improve sexual performance in both sexes..

SeroVital is a supplement that has been created to help people with chronic fatigue syndrome. The Mayo Clinic has reviewed the product and found it to be effective.


SeroVital is a line of topical and supplement medicines aimed at women over the age of 45 that claims to reverse visible symptoms of aging.

In this review, we’ll look at the chemicals in SeroVital Advanced and SeroVital HGH to see whether they’re likely to be beneficial, based on medical studies.

Review of SeroVital Advanced

With a price tag of $119 for 30 servings, we’d expect a quality formulation, which this product doesn’t seem to provide at first sight.

SeroVital Advanced is divided into two parts: a “Morning Blend” and a “Evening Blend.”

Review of the Evening Blend 

SeroVital Evening Blend ingredients list

A proprietary (prop) mix weighing 2.9 grams (g) is included in the Evening Blend. If you’ve read any of our past reviews on goods that employ prop blends, such as our Golo review, you’ll understand why we dislike firms who use them: it’s a dishonest approach to disclose components.

Prop mixes let firms to declare the total dose of a blend rather than the amount of each separate component. This makes it impossible for customers and researchers (like us) to examine each component to see whether it is properly dosed.

L-lysine and l-arginine, the first two components, are amino acids. We’re not sure why they would be included in an anti-aging product considering there’s little to no study on their usefulness for skin quality that we could locate.

We discovered one research on either of these substances for skin benefits, which concluded that l-arginine may be helpful for dry skin issues, however it was an in vitro (test tube) study, which is much less trustworthy than a study on actual human patients. We’ll suppose that none of these substances has any anti-aging properties.

Oxo-proline is an amino acid derivative that hasn’t been shown to be useful for anti-aging or skin care.

Another unusual ingredient in an anti-aging product is fermented l-cysteine extract. There are no medical studies that show this might help with aging. Maybe the formulators got mixed up with N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), which has some early evidence showing it might help with age-related degeneration, but the two substances are not the same.

You probably won’t be shocked to learn that we couldn’t discover any evidence that l-glutamine or schizonepeta powder are effective anti-aging remedies.

This “Evening Blend” is one of the poorest formulas we’ve ever seen, with none of the constituents seeming to be effective for the anti-aging marketing claims based on medical research.

Review of the Morning Blend

SeroVital Morning Blend ingredients list

Morning Blend by SeroVital includes vitamins and minerals. We’re not aware of any study that suggests combining vitamins and minerals is useful for anti-aging, and SeroVital doesn’t provide any research or explanation for the apparently random quantities of these substances, so we’ll conclude they’re worthless and unnecessary. 

We’re not sure why supplement firms include random vitamin and mineral combinations without explanation, but it’s a typical practice in the business. Taking minerals without a deficit serves no biological function and may even be hazardous, as we discussed in our Umzu supplement review. Minerals should be supplemented based on a verified requirement as determined by test findings, rather than being dosed at random.

Morning Mix’s second portion is a prop blend with a total dose of 1,016 mg. It appears the company is adding small amounts of exotic ingredients to make their Supplement Facts label look more impressive, which is unfortunately common in the industry. Barely over 1 g is a small dose for this many ingredients, and it appears the company is adding small amounts of exotic ingredients to make their Supplement Facts label look more impressive, which is unfortunately common in the industry.

Collagen peptides, keratin peptides, and hyaluronic acid seem to be potent anti-aging components in this combination. However, the dosage is nearly definitely insufficient to be effective.

According to medical studies, the highest effective amount of collagen for skin is 10 g, yet this complete prop combination of 11 components is slightly over 1 g altogether. This comes to less than 100 mg per component on average.

In a medical experiment, ingested hyaluronic acid proved successful for enhancing skin hydration at just 120 mg/day, so this might be an effective amount, but we’ll never know since SeroVital employs a prop mix. Because manufacturers usually list prop mix components in order of relative dosage, the fact that this ingredient is at the bottom of the list indicates that it is likely underdosed in our perspective.

Because at least a few substances are likely to be helpful (even if their doses aren’t), this product is better-formulated than the Evening Blend, but that’s a low bar to meet given that the prior blend was the worst anti-aging supplement we’ve ever evaluated.

We don’t think this is an effective anti-aging product.

Filler Ingredients in Doubt

We’ve never seen “candurin silver fine” stated on an ingestible product before, but it’s in the Morning Blend. It looks to be a man-made pigment.

Talc is used as a filler in the Evening Blend, which is unusual and problematic for an ingestible vitamin. When talc (even without asbestos) is consumed, medical study has shown that it causes stomach cancer. Even though the levels in SeroVital are insignificant, there is no justification for them to be present in a consumable product.

Review of SeroVital HGH

SeroVital’s HGH supplement employs the same substance and composition as SeroVital Advanced’s Evening Blend, therefore we don’t need to reprint the Supplement Facts label.

This supplement employs the same active component composition (down to the 2.9g dosage) as GF9, another supplement that claims to boost growth hormone levels dramatically. According to ZoomInfo, both organizations have the same business address, which is a little suspicious.

SeroVital’s one trial, which they claim to show their medicine works, has serious methodological flaws, as we detailed in our GF9 review (because that one study was used to back their product too).

Basically, the research was sponsored by a firm named Sierra Research Group LLC, which is based in the same location as SeroVital and GF9 (both are presumably headed by the same individual given neither company has a public team and they’re both based at the same address).

In the research financing section, Sierra Research Group stated there was no conflict of interest, however we disagree. 

“Is it a huge coincidence that an LLC with no website or public information would spend time and money releasing a positive research for a firm in the same location, or is it plausible that the two companies have a commercial arrangement?” we wondered in our GF9 assessment. I’ll leave it up to you, the reader, to make up your mind.”

We don’t feel the research is valid since the incentives are skewed, and we don’t think SeroVital HGH is likely to be beneficial for long-term HGH improvement.

Alternatives to Anti-Aging Medication

We feel there is no more effective or cost-effective supplement for skin than collagen.

Collagen has been shown in medical studies to enhance skin and even lessen indications of aging when taken orally.

We advise you to According to medical research, the most beneficial amount is 10 g of unflavored collagen daily on an empty stomach. Of course, consult your doctor before starting any new supplement, but collagen is a rather safe option. Its levels in the body drop as we age, which is why it works so well as an oral supplement.

The substance with the most exciting medical study for whole-body anti-aging and physical health maintenance is termed nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). This chemical has been demonstrated in animal studies to not only lengthen longevity but also to enhance overall metabolism. NAD+ was shown to be a viable target for age-related illnesses in a clinical evaluation, although additional study on its safety and long-term effects is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product SeroVital really work?

A: Yes, the product SeroVital really works. It is a dietary supplement that increases energy and helps to detoxify your body of harmful substances.

What are the side effects of taking SeroVital?

A: The side effects of taking SeroVital include a decrease in sexual arousal and some abnormal changes in the size or shape of your penis.

Does SeroVital really help with wrinkles?

A: Yes it does, but only if you use the product daily. It is recommended to complete a full course of treatment in order to see results.

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