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AncestryDNA is a DNA testing company that specializes in genetic genealogy and ancestry. Their website offers kits with pre-paid shipping to send away for one of their swab kits, which they return back within the week. The kit comes with instructions on how long to store it before sending it back, but many people have had success using the raw data they’ve collected rather than letting AncestryDNA run its analysis of your DNA.

The “ancestry reviews complaints” is a review of the website and its services. The review discusses the complaints that have been made about their service, as well as what they are doing to fix them.

Summary of the Ancestry Review

Ancestry is a well-known consumer genetic testing firm that has tested the DNA of 16 million individuals. Check out our Ancestry review for additional information!

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Ancestry specializes in assisting consumers in tracing their genetic ancestry and locating long-lost relatives. It is supplied at an affordable price, although it has previously raised privacy issues.

28 September 2021

7 Takeaways from our Ancestry Research

  1. Lehi, Utah, United States of America
  2. DNA-based genetic genealogy is one of our products.
  3. Reporting: Determines ethnicity and locates distant and near relatives.
  4. Data may be downloaded in Ancestry data format.
  5. Users have discretion over how their DNA data is shared and made public. You may remove your personal information from your Ancestry records at any time.
  6. An ancestry DNA test costs $99 dollars. Regular offers and promotions are also offered by the firm, which may save you up to 50%. A 14-day free trial is provided, but customers must cancel at least two days before the trial ends, or they will be charged the full amount of the selected membership fee after the trial ends.
  7. Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is an alternative (Sequencing of the Entire Genome with weekly updated reports and advanced ancestry reporting)

Introduction to Ancestry

Ancestry started as a family history magazine and book publisher in 1983 and has now evolved into a DNA testing business. It created more than a decade later to gather genealogical data such as military records and chronicle family history using historical documents. 

Ancestry and Relative Genetics joined in 2002 to provide direct-to-consumer DNA testing. As a result, it became one of the first firms to join the burgeoning home DNA testing industry. 

By 2012, AncestryDNA, a DNA test that combines genetic and family history data, has become the company’s main offering. It is now the “world leader in consumer genomics and family history.” Over 20 million individuals have had their genetics tested, and the firm has data from over 80 nations. 

Taking a DNA Ancestry Test

The DNA in your saliva is analyzed in the AncestryDNA test. Following the creation of an account with an email address and the purchase of one of the Ancestry DNA kits online, the firm delivers a box including a saliva collection tube and a return label.

After that, users must:

  1. Activate the kit’s features. This entails establishing an account on the Ancestry website and registering the unique DNA kit activation code with their Ancestry login.
  2. Their saliva should be poured into the tube. After brushing your teeth and before delivering your saliva sample, it’s critical that you don’t eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum or tobacco for 30 minutes.
  3. Return it to Ancestry using the return package and mailing address provided.

Within 8 weeks after receiving the saliva sample, the testing facility will examine it for genetic markers and produce the autosomal DNA test results. The DNA findings are subsequently uploaded to the user’s account, and users are notified through email that they are accessible. Customers may get raw data from their findings and utilize it with other analysis sites and marketplaces like GenePlaza and

Ancestry Product Review

AncestryDNA ($99) Review

The company’s main test is the AncestryDNA test kit. An autosomal testing service that samples 700,000 markers in the human genome to examine a user’s genetic composition and provide a DNA profile is part of the DNA science. This includes information on the user’s ethnicity as well as information on their ancestors’ geographic origins. 

In addition to your AncestryDNA findings, the organization boasts rich ancestral family trees and historical documents. This contains a big DNA database of genetic matches and possible shared ancestors that might help connect your family.

AncestryDNA individuals who are linked by their DNA form genetic communities. AncestryDNA’s Genetic Communities technology is used to help clients connect with their ancestors.

Estimates of ethnicity in the Ancestry report. Estimates of ethnicity in the Ancestry report. 

Estimation of Ethnicity

The genetic markers of a user are allocated to one of over 1,000 different locations throughout the world. A reference population panel of over 40,000 DNA samples determines these exact locations. This panel splits the globe into 60 areas, such as the Middle East, which are divided in a pie chart-like fashion. Users may utilize this global explorer to learn more about their family’s origins and relationships.

Each Estimation of Ethnicity includes an approximate range. This gives users a better idea of how confident the company is that a person descended from a certain region. The results also include migration paths and patterns for the user’s ancestors. 

Matches in AncestryDNA

Matches in AncestryDNA users to identify relatives based on shared DNA. To see a match’s full family tree, users need a membership. Matches can include close family members like parents and siblings, or as distant as fourth cousins.

DNA matches in Ancestry In Ancestry, you may find DNA matches. 

Ancestry helps people find their ancestors by allowing them to make the most of their match findings.

For starters, connecting test results to a public family tree increases the likelihood of discovering shared ancestors and more matches. Users may also look at shared matches, which helps to fill in the blanks on whose side of the family each match belongs to.

Second, users may chat with their matches in addition to exploring for other family trees to discover. This may help you uncover your family by giving you a better picture of how each match is related to their family tree.

A subscription enables users to access family data on using their login, including over 100 million family trees created by other Ancestry users. The cost of a monthly membership is $24.99 for US records and $39.99 for overseas records.

ThruLines in AncestryDNA

Users may see common ancestors who link them to their matches using this functionality. The findings are based on genetic data from family trees (paternal and maternal lines). Specifically, how much of your family tree overlaps with that of a potential match (e.g. common great grandparents).

To utilize ThruLines on Ancestry, you must first:

  • Opt to see and be seen by their DNA matches. This allows matches to see your Estimation of Ethnicitys and shared genetic data. 
  • Connect your Ancestry DNA test to your family tree and make sure it’s searchable.
  • Creating a family tree that goes back at least four generations is a must.

AncestryDNA Traits Review (+ $20)

Trait reports are an extra service that allows customers to discover how their raw DNA affects specific characteristics. It focuses on health and wellbeing indices such as Omega-3 insufficiency and male hair loss. 

Less significant features such as earwax type and allergy to cilantro are also included. Overall, this service allows you to investigate how your genes impact a variety of aesthetic, sensory, fitness, nutritional, and other personal characteristics—such as endurance fitness, heart rate recovery, and more—by discovering 35+ attributes.

Some of the traits currently included in Ancestry reports. Some of the qualities that Ancestry’s reports now contain.

AncestryHealth ($149) – Review – Discontinued

In 2019, the AncestryHealth test kit was released. It has all of the characteristics of the AncestryDNA kit, plus more. The health DNA testing kit also included with reports to assist clients in identifying possible health hazards in their genomes. A physician will arrange appropriate tests for eligible individuals to determine their propensity to certain health issues. Health testing findings, if appropriate, contained actionable health reports as well as access to genetic counseling services.

AncestryHealth, on the other hand, was discontinued by in July 2021. This move was taken to “deepen our emphasis on family history,” according to the firm. 

An examination of Ancestry’s privacy policies

Ancestry transfers DNA samples to third-party laboratories in the United States for processing. A unique activation code is the sole thing that keeps track of the user. During the testing procedure, the user’s identification and DNA testing results are segregated. The results are saved in the corporate database, which employs a variety of measures to keep user information private.

When a user receives their findings, they have a number of alternatives for sharing their information. Displaying the user’s complete name and enabling matches to see ethnicity findings are two basic settings. The client maintains ownership of their data, according to the Terms and Conditions, unless it is used in line with their privacy policy and terms of service.

Ancestry also enables customers to remove DNA test results from the database, destroy user samples, and cancel Ancestry accounts forever.

The Ancestry Human Diversity Project is available to those who want to participate. Ancestry’s research, as well as that of third-party researchers, is included in this project. Ancestry may share anonymised data as well as biological samples with those who choose to participate.

If you have any questions about your privacy or any customer service issues, call 1 (800) 615-6560.

In the News: Ancestry

Ancestry is often mentioned in the press as the industry leader in DNA testing. This includes stories in sites like CBS News and Vox regarding a recent downturn in the DNA testing business. 

Many Ancestry articles also discuss privacy problems. Articles in USA Today and the New York Times, for example. According to some accounts, Ancestry declined to release customer information when law enforcement requested it due to an incorrectly served warrant. Officers might have had access to 16 million DNA profiles from Ancestry’s customers as a result of this step.

The Bottom Line, a Utah-based radio show, interviewed CEO Tim Sullivan.

MyLondon News published a report on September 10, 2021, about a lady who searched out her father after 35 years of not knowing anything about him. She spent £70 for an Ancestry test that, although being puzzling at first, helped her locate the place where her father resided. 

In the Ancestry Testing Market 2021 Global Regional Overview, was identified as one of the top companies. Forecasts and evaluations of this business sector are included in this research study, which goes up to 2026. 

Reviews of AncestryDNA

Ancestry has positive feedback from clients on the internet in general. On Trustpilot, has a “Great” rating with a 3.9 out of 5 star average rating and over 75000 ratings. 

Ancestry DNA reviews on Amazon average 4.7 out of 5 stars, with almost 60,000 ratings, and AncestryDNA + traits reviews average 4.7 out of 5 stars, with over 12,000 ratings.

Pros and Cons of Ancestry


  • DNA matching and family tree creators are among the many genealogy investigation tools available.
  • Over 3 million paid members make up a large user base.
  • Links to’s historical records are available.


  • Outdated genetic testing technique that ignores a large portion of a user’s DNA
  • When exchanging information with DNA matches, there are privacy problems.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics.

How does Ancestry compare to our services in Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics.? Let’s find out.

Your privacy is very important to us.

While learning about your genetic code can be invaluable, we address clear privacy risks at Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics.. In fact, we have built and continue to update the first privacy-focused personal genomics service. We eliminate the middlemen so that you can be compensated if you choose to share your data. You can read more about the importance of DNA privacy on our website.

Expanding Nebula

You may upload raw DNA data from AncestryDNA to our site and use our enhanced report to learn more about your genome. To fill up the gaps in your AncestryDNA raw data, we employ statistical models called imputation. This allows for the creation of large reports with hundreds of attributes based on chosen research papers.

Sequencing of the Entire Genome

We can read 100% of your DNA with our 30x Whole-Genome Sequencing service. This is how we provide our consumers the ability to move beyond the outmoded testing technology provided by firms like Ancestry and 23andMe. Our DNA test delivers 10,000 times the amount of data generated by AncestryDNA, giving you a full view of your genetic makeup.

In addition, Nebula has teamed up with FamilyTreeDNA to provide sophisticated genetic ancestry analysis. You’ll get access to the world’s biggest Y-DNA and mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA testing) databases with our DNA tests. This gives you a complete analysis of the maternal and paternal lines to help you with your genealogy.

 Here’s how it stacks up against the AncestryDNA kit:

Nebula Genomics vs. Ancestry is a company that specializes in genomics.

If you’re interested in genealogy and ancestry, you should also look into:

  • ($99 for a simple ancestry test) 23andMe
  • ($149 for an ancestry test) 24Genetics
  • Ancestry from Africa ($299 per lineage)
  • CRI Genetics (an ancestry test costs $99)
  • DNA Consultants (prices range from $99 to $279 depending on ethnicity)
  • DNA Land is a place where you may learn about (free DNA upload for trait and ancestry analysis)
  • DNA Painter is a program that allows you to paint using (first profile is free and subscriptions are available for others)
  • Genesis by GedMatch (free DNA upload for genetic genealogy and paid advanced options)
  • Genovate (relationship, health, fitness, and ancestry testing for $99+)
  • HomeDNA Ancestry ($69-$199 for gene pool-based migration history)
  • iGenea ($199-$1499 for percentages of ancestors, relations, ancient tribes, and well-known persons)
  • Living DNA (prices start at $49)
  • MyHeritage ($99 ancestry test, plus extra subscriptions for genealogical tools)
  • WeGene (for Asian heritage – shortly to be released)

If you’re searching for a paternity test that you can do at home, check out our review of HomeDNA.

If you wish to concentrate on your maternal and paternal lineages, YFull or YSeq are services that examine your mtDNA or Y chromosome to discover particular lineage haplotypes. Y chromosome sequencing and analysis are also available via Full Genomes.

Do you think our Ancestry review was helpful? More reviews may be found on our site, as well as our comprehensive guide to the best DNA test kit and other home testing.

Do you want to learn more about ancestry analysis? To learn how to utilize GEDmatch, have a look at our GEDmatch guide. is a website that allows you to trace your family tree and find out where you come from. The site has been around since the 1800s, so it can be difficult to know if it’s worth it or not. Reference: is worth it reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ancestry worth the money?

A: The answer to this question is up for debate. Some people do not think that Ancestrys value is worth the money, while others feel like it is a good investment. There are many opinions on whether or not this product will be worth your time and energy but you can decide if it seems like something that would interest you by checking out reviews online.

Is Ancestry a rip off?

A: No. Ancestry is a subscription service that provides access to various genetic testing and genealogical resources, including DNA test kits.

Which Ancestry site is most accurate?

A: I cannot answer this question.

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