UMZU Review: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

What is UMZU?
UMZU is a supplement that promises to renew your health and protect you from degeneration. It sounds too good to be true but it’s not, in fact the side effects are often far worse than any benefits so we can’t recommend this one for now.

The “are umzu products safe” is a question that many people have been asking. In this article, I will be reviewing the pros and cons of using umzu to help you decide whether or not to use it.


  • For each supplement component, there is research available.
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Some customisation in the suggestions


  • If you have many health issues, the monthly expense might be rather high.
  • Not subjected to third-party testing
  • The questions on the quiz do not adequately cover health concerns.
  • There is no medical assistance available.

How Does UMZU Work?

UMZU is a supplement firm that offers customized supplements and health advice based on your specific needs.

All of the firm’s products, according to the company, are natural, include no fillers, and are supported by research.

Christopher Walker, a former Duke University neuroscience student, founded the firm. After being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, he was motivated to start the firm.

“Challenge all you think you know about hormones,” Umzu’s tagline says.

Christopher did not want to go the standard medical path, so he conducted a lot of study on natural alternatives to boost hormonal health.

To figure out your supplement routine, go to the UMZU website and take a quick questionnaire.

This questionnaire will ask you questions about your gender, age, supplement knowledge, symptoms, and health objectives.

A supplement regimen is suggested based on your responses.

Depending on how many health concerns you pick on the survey, your supplement regimen might comprise anywhere from 3 to 15 distinct bundled supplements or “stacks.”

I completed the quiz myself, which took around 2 minutes. It wasn’t very thorough, and I just chose two of the numerous health issues provided.

Brain fog, memory loss, bloating, inability to lose or gain weight, hormone imbalance, blood sugar difficulties, cardiovascular health, or lack of energy are among the health concerns or symptoms included in the questionnaire.

It suggested three distinct supplement stacks as the “best option” based on my responses.

Different kinds of supplements seem to operate together in their stacks. Stacks are a collection of supplements that have a similar function and are “stacked” together, such as energy supplements.

In addition to stacks, they recommended 12 other individual vitamins that might help me with my health issues.

UMZU offers a variety of supplements, all of which they say are accessible at clinical dosages, which are the amounts that have been proved to cause health impacts in scientific studies.

Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, protein and collagen, and hormones are among the supplements they provide.


Recommendations from UMZU are of high quality.

UMZU provides a variety of supplement regimen alternatives based on your quiz results to help you achieve your health objectives. There are over 150 distinct kinds of supplements available in total.

The items are designed to treat a number of health issues. The following are some of the product categories:

  • Hormones and vitality
  • Gut health and digestion
  • Health of the muscles, bones, and skin
  • Mood and thinking
  • Protein and physical activity
  • Immunity and health

Each of these categories has a wide range of goods, including component blends such as Redwood and single vitamins such as vitamin D.

You’re sure to discover something to assist with your individual health condition among the 150 goods available.

The health questionnaire is brief and generic in nature, asking you questions about your gender, age, symptoms, and overall objectives.

It does not, however, inquire about your lifestyle choices, such as your food, amount of physical exercise, or current supplements and prescription prescriptions.

It also ignores any laboratory tests that may be used to assess if a supplement is even required for certain circumstances.

While I appreciate that there is a survey to provide some customisation in terms of what to take, it ignores many of these critical criteria.

This might result in overconsumption of specific chemicals, prescription interactions, and unfavorable side effects.

Even in the best-case scenario, several of the supplements suggested will be a waste of money.

Supplements from UMZU are of high quality.

On their website, UMZU lists all of their components in a “Item Library,” which contains information on every ingredient they use.

When you search for any UMZU component, you’ll get a description of the ingredient’s most popular applications, how to use it, all goods that include it, and multiple research papers to back up the substance’s health claims.

UMZU claims that their products include therapeutic dosages of substances that have been demonstrated to generate the desired health effects in clinical tests. They also don’t have any fillers in them.

However, their products are Not subjected to third-party testing or sealed. This means there is no proof the ingredients present on the label are actually present in the amounts listed.

UMZU has a team of specialists that work in marketing, engineering, technology, graphic design, and research, among other areas.

Apart from the company’s founder, Christopher Walker, it’s unclear if any of the other employees have medical or scientific expertise. On the team, there are no doctors, APRNs, pharmacists, or registered dietitians.

All of this is troubling, since just one scientist can keep up with the massive quantity of research required to keep product formulae current.

A person who works in marketing or engineering is not competent to test a supplement’s safety and efficacy.

According to their About page, when you purchase a UMZU supplement, you will get educational assistance to help you achieve your hormonal objectives as well as periodic product updates from their staff.

They do not, however, specify what sort of education you will get or from whom.

There’s also no indication of any direct contact or help from the personnel after you’ve received your supplement regimen, should you have any questions or need more assistance.

Overall, there is a serious shortage of medical professional support for UMZU.


Safety and Side Effects

Because UMZU offers over 100 different supplements, it’s impossible to describe all of the possible adverse effects of using each of them.

UMZU does, however, offer an ingredient library on its website that contains all important information about each item.

The corporation provides suggested applications for each item, whether the FDA has issued a recommended dietary intake, and relevant references in support of each ingredient in this library.

The components are not clearly listed as having any possible negative effects, according to the firm. However, some factors should be taken into account in particular cases, such as when a woman is pregnant, nursing, or is immunocompromised.

Many of the components in UMZU products are not FDA-approved and may have unintended consequences, such as interactions with other drugs.

UMZU, on the other hand, does not do a good job of communicating these possible hazards.

Any of their items also lack a third-party seal. A third-party mark of approval would guarantee the purity of their goods and affirm that the ingredients indicated on the label are the only ones present.

It’s also disturbing that you’re not questioned about your existing food, supplement, or medicine routine in order to identify what you really need.

By omitting this information, you risk encountering interactions or taking hazardous doses of chemicals without realizing it.

Always consult a healthcare expert before beginning any new supplement regimen, rather than relying on an internet questionnaire.

Taking supplements that aren’t suited for you might lead to nutrient deficits or toxicities. Furthermore, hormones should never be regulated only by supplements.

A healthcare practitioner can assist you in weighing the risks and advantages of taking them, as well as any possible interactions.


The price of UMZU supplements varies based on whether you buy a single product, a bundle, or a stack.

It may also vary a lot depending on your quiz answers and how many things you’re suggested.

If you choose many health problems, your supplement cost is likely to be on the upper end of the scale.

Individual goods cost between $12 and $55 per month.

Depending on the items, bundles and stacks might cost anywhere from $90 to $220 each month. When you buy bundles instead of individual supplements, you save a little money.

There is a Money-back guarantee for 60 days if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason.

Alternatives are compared

There are other tailored supplement products on the market, but UMZU stands out since it focuses only on hormone disorders.

Some other tailored vitamin brands are more costly than UMZU. Nonetheless, based on their questionnaire, they do not give as much personalisation.

The survey does not take into account your existing food, lifestyle, supplements, or prescriptions, all of which might affect the supplement regimen’s efficacy.

In addition, the quiz isn’t extremely thorough. Furthermore, unlike some other firms, no further tests are necessary, such as a urine test or a laboratory test.

A lot of essential information might be lost if extra tests aren’t done, which could affect the supplement’s efficacy or possibly cause injury.

UMZU isn’t the only place where you may take a tailored quiz. Thorne and Care/of, for example, are two more tailored vitamin manufacturers that provide a comparable health survey.

Thorne and Care/of, on the other hand, offer more in-depth quizzes. Thorne also provides extra health testing, and Care/of inquires about your food, supplements, and medicines.

It’s crucial to know what supplements or drugs you’re taking right now, since they can interfere with your supplement program.

It’s also crucial to make suggestions based on your regular diet and supplements you’re currently taking, so you’re not wasting money on supplements you don’t need.

Finally, UMZU does not provide you with access to health specialists for advice or assistance.

Health professionals work for Persona, a comparable brand. Through its professional database, Thorne also gives direct access to professionals.

While each of these businesses has something unique to offer, none of them can replace the advice of a health expert.

Your healthcare practitioner is familiar with your medical history and can provide tailored advice on where to begin.

Comparing the Top 7 Vitamin Subscription Services

Final Thoughts

In principle, a customised supplement regimen sounds amazing, but UMZU’s method lacks the level of information necessary to be really individualized.

If I were to suggest a tailored brand, I’d choose Thorne or Persona, which provide access to specialists and a more thorough approach.

Regardless, always get customized advice from your healthcare practitioner before beginning anything new.

A Message from Our RD

Personalized advice based on quizzes are a positive start toward achieving your health objectives. They’re a fantastic place to start a discussion with your healthcare practitioner.

Furthermore, many of the components found in supplements are also found in our meals. It’s crucial to consult with a registered dietitian (RD) to figure out which nutrients, if any, are missing from your diet.

An RD is a nutritionist who has been specially educated to provide nutritional advice based on your eating patterns.

Always consult your doctor about your health issues and the best course of action for you.


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The “is umzu legit reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is yes, but there are some cons and pros.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is UMZU?

A: UMZU is a digital social network and virtual world that is free to join. The most important part of the site, however, are its games called Esports. This allows users to meet new people and talk with their friends in an online chat-room where they can play against each other or just simply watch others compete.

Does UMZU have side effects?

A: UMZU is a natural supplement that has been used by people for over 4,000 years in various cultures. The claim to fame of the product is its ability to help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

How long does UMZU take to work?

A: It usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

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