Beyond Meat Review

Beyond Meat has made a name for itself in the meatless market with its Beyond Burger, but the company is now looking to expand and create plant-based foods that can compete with animal protein. What will this mean for you?

Beyond Meat is a company that makes vegan alternatives to meat. They have been around for a while now, and are getting more popular with the release of their Beyond Burger. Read more in detail here: beyond meat review reddit.

With the popularity of plant-based meats spreading throughout the globe, we thought it would be fascinating to look at the components in some Beyond Meat products from a health standpoint. Most evaluations of the company concentrate on price and flavor, but fail to provide a research-based assessment of whether or not their goods are genuinely healthy.

We’ll go through the ingredients and nutritional information for Beyond Burger patties, Beyond Breakfast sausage, and Beyond Beef in this post. We’ll examine the health advantages of normal meat and different plant-based options, and recommend which one we believe is the healthiest.

Review of Beyond Burger

Beyond Burger Ingredients list

Beyond Meat’s most well-known product is the Beyond Burger. The plant-based patties have gotten a lot of attention since they (supposedly) taste like beef.

Pea protein is the source of protein in Beyond Burgers, and it’s a fantastic vegan protein option since it’s a complete protein that contains all necessary amino acids. Pea protein has been shown in medical studies to have almost equivalent training benefits as whey protein.

Methylcellulose, a laxative, is one component that stood out to us. It’s often employed as a thickening ingredient in cuisine, but we think it’s an odd choice. Other thickeners that aren’t predominantly laxative in nature are available. It’s a harmless substance, but because of the possibility for pain, we suggest avoiding it.

As we said in our LMNT review, this product includes “natural flavors,” which we suggest avoiding. In foods and supplements, the phrase “natural” is largely unregulated, and it may include a wide variety of substances, some of which are toxic and others which are not.

We can’t tell whether the chemicals are safe until we know precisely what chemicals are utilized, therefore we suggest avoiding them.

To make its Nutrition Facts label seem better, Beyond Burgers include a vitamin and mineral combination. We oppose firms adding low-cost synthetic vitamins to goods since there is no medical need for them and they may be damaging to consumers (who already receive added vitamins from a variety of processed foods).

Overall, we think this is a good product, but it’s not as nutritious as meat from pastured animals, which is more nutrient rich and contains less problematic filler elements.

For those who choose Beyond Burgers for ethical reasons rather than health, we propose Hilary’s, a vegetarian burger company that uses no fillers or dubious substances. We have no ties to this company and get no compensation for mentioning them.

Review of Beyond Breakfast Sausage

Beyond Breakfast Sausage Ingredients list

Beyond sausages have a similar formulation to Beyond Burgers, and hence, in our perspective, have some of the same health hazards.

This formulation has natural flavors and methylcellulose, but the vitamin and mineral combination has been removed, making this product, in our view, healthier.

The casing of Beyond Breakfast Sausage is made of calcium alginate. This substance is primarily used to heal wounds, and there hasn’t been much study on its ingesting safety. A collagen casing would have been a better choice here, but Beyond Meat most likely chose to save money.

Overall, we think this to be an acceptable composition, but not one we would suggest, comparable to the prior product.

We believe this product is healthier than regular breakfast sausages because processed meat has been linked to an increased risk of all-cause mortality, and it’s been suggested in recent medical research that the added nitrates and nitrites in processed meat like sausages are one of the main reasons for this.

Again, we prefer Hilary’s vegan breakfast sausage above this product since it is made completely of whole food components and has no problematic substances.

Review of Beyond Beef

Beyond Beef Ingredients list

We cannot propose Beyond Beef since its formulation is similar to that of Beyond Burgers. Natural fragrances, methylcellulose, and a vitamin and mineral combination that is completely unneeded are all included in this product.

We feel that eating pastured beef is healthier than eating this product, based on previous medical research. It’s higher in nutrients, has no problematic substances, and is what humans evolved to consume.

Unfortunately, we haven’t identified a plant-based ground beef equivalent that we would suggest for vegetarians and vegans with a better formulation, but if we do, we will update this post.

We propose that vegetarians looking for ground beef utilize the Hilary brand patties, which can be moulded into meatballs or any other configuration desired.

The “beyond burger vegan” is a meatless patty that has been created by the company Beyond Meat. The review will discuss how it compares to other veggie burgers.

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