Pruvit Keto OS Nat Review

The product claims to reduce cravings and give you a natural boost in energy. A dietician evaluated the performance of this keto supplement on its claims, with mixed results.

The “nat ketones drink side effects” is a dietitian’s review of the Pruvit Keto OS. The dietitian evaluates its claims and breaks down what it does and doesn’t do.


  • Some of the symptoms of “keto flu” may be alleviated with this supplement.
  • C-Med, a branded ingredient, includes antioxidants.


  • Mineral levels are high, which may cause imbalances and high blood pressure.
  • There isn’t much data to back up the usage of ketone salts.

Pruvit Keto/OS Nat: What Is It?

Pruvit Keto/OS Nat is an exogenous ketone supplement that combines ketone salts, Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins., and a branded form of Cat’s Claw to aid in the ketosis process.

To begin, it’s necessary to learn a little about ketosis and ketones.

Your body gets its energy from one of two sources: fat or carbs from meals.

Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which is then utilized as an energy source.

Fat is broken down into ketone bodies, which are then utilized for energy.

While the body prefers to feed itself with carbs, when this energy source is depleted, it turns to fat for sustenance.

Ketogenesis is the process of burning fat for energy. When your body runs out of stored carbohydrates, this might happen when you’re asleep or after a strenuous workout session.

Your body shifts back to burning carbohydrates once you ingest them.

However, being in fat-burning mode all of the time may have certain advantages.

Your body can store an almost infinite amount of calories in the form of fat, and many of us have excess body fat.

You begin to burn fat, your appetite diminishes, and you have more energy if you can sustain the condition of ketogenesis, also known as ketosis.

The trendy ketogenic “keto” diet, a very low carb diet aimed to help you reach ketosis or become a “fat burner” for weight reduction and enhanced energy, is based on this process of putting your metabolism into “fat-burning” mode.

You can only stay in ketosis if you don’t consume any carbs. Because the body prefers to burn carbohydrates, once you consume a carb, you will no longer be in ketosis.

Pruvit’s Ketones is a “quick fix” for getting into ketosis.

It contains exogenous ketones, or ketones that come from somewhere other than the body.

Its main constituent is a combination of beta-hydroxybutyrate, B-vitamins, Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins., and a branded form of Cat’s Claw, which helps the body enter ketosis artificially.

Pruvit says that taking this supplement twice a day would help you lose weight and increase your energy levels.

If you continue to consume carbohydrates while taking this supplement, it’s doubtful that you’ll see much of a benefit.

While there is some study on the possible benefits of exogenous ketones, it is primarily restricted to animal studies.


Ingredients Evaluation

Pruvit Keto/OS Nat includes the following ingredients in one packet:

  • 45 calorie diet
  • carbohydrate (5 grams)
  • Sugar alcohols in the amount of 4 grams
  • Vitamin B6 (5 mg) (294 percent daily value)
  • 100 micrograms of vitamin B12 (4167 percent daily value)
  • calcium 240 mg (18 percent daily value)
  • Magnesium 235 mg (56 percent daily value)
  • 910 milligrams sodium (40 percent daily value)

The active component is a N8 Max NAT mix (12.6 mg).

This formula includes R-beta Hydroxybutyrate (keto salt), L-taurine, fermented L-leucine, and C-Med 100. (Inner bark of Uncaria Tomentosa).

The blend’s specific composition isn’t specified.

The product comes in two flavors: charged and caffeine-free.

Except for the caffeine concentration, there is no difference between them.

The quantity of coffee in Charged is estimated to be 12–16 oz, although the actual amount is unknown.

Hydroxybutyrate R-Beta (BHB)

The ketone salt BHB is the active element in Pruvit’s Ketone supplement.

Ketone salts are ketones that have been bonded to mineral salts or Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. and are water soluble.

It’s the reason the product’s calcium, magnesium, and sodium levels are so high. These minerals bind to the BHB.

Exogenous ketones may help alleviate the symptoms of the “keto flu,” which occur when people switch to the keto diet.

Pruvit Ketosis Supplements assist you in sticking to your keto diet and achieving ketosis more quickly.

If you took two doses of the product per day as directed, you’d get 80 percent of your daily salt requirements.

For persons with high blood pressure, this is a serious worry since most people already consume considerably more salt than they need on a daily basis. This might lead to dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

In humans, there is scant evidence of exogenous ketones’ advantages.

While human studies have shown that consuming oral ketones may raise blood ketone levels, it’s unclear if there’s any further advantage.

There is minimal data to back up Pruvit’s promises of enhanced energy or fat reduction.

A comprehensive study published in 2020 revealed mixed data about the benefits of ketone salts for improving physical performance.

It’s also uncertain if taking ketone salts without adhering to a ketogenic diet can help you lose weight.

A tiny 2017 research discovered that consuming a ketone beverage reduced ghrelin (a hunger hormone) levels and appetite. However, it is unclear if this would result in long-term weight reduction.


There is currently no data to suggest the advantages of ketone supplements for people beyond what can be gained simply by following a keto diet.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

The Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. taurine and leucine are also included in the product, but the amount is unknown.

Taurine is a conditionally necessary amino acid, which means your body need more of it when you’re stressed or sick.

It has been discovered to aid in the management of oxidative stress and the improvement of exercise performance.

Leucine is an essential amino acid and one of the three branched chain Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins..

It aids in the development of muscle, the regulation of human growth hormone, and the reduction of body fat.


While these Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. are important for overall health and exercise performance, most people get more than enough from food.

C-Med 100 is a kind of medication that is used to treat (Inner Bark of Uncaria Tomentosa)

Cat’s Claw, also known as C-Med 100, is a branded form of a vine that is more generally known as Cat’s Claw.

It may aid in the reduction of inflammation, the maintenance of immunological function, and the repair of DNA.

Cat’s Claw is high in antioxidants, which may help to improve general health.


In humans, there is scant proof of Cat’s Claw’s possible benefits.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the existing studies, we’ve compiled a summary of the available evidence regarding Pruvit Keto’s stated benefits:

Focused determination Evidence of Moderate Strength
Fat reduction that is favorable Evidence of Moderate Strength

Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

Pruvit Keto/OS NAT is intended to be taken in two packets per day.

Before 9 a.m., you take the Charged version, which contains caffeine, and before 7 p.m., you take the Caffeine Free version.

To assist flush out the minerals in the product, you should drink half your body weight in water every day.

The mineral concentration of the ketone salts is exceptionally high, as previously stated.

If you ate two packets each day, you’d get 80 percent of your daily salt need.

Most adults consume approximately 3400 mg of salt per day, which is much more than the necessary 2300 mg.

This product might put you at risk of high blood pressure, renal damage, or electrolyte imbalances if you don’t modify anything else in your diet.

Exogenous ketones may induce gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, nausea, and gas.

The product’s diuretic impact may cause minor dehydration symptoms such as headache and lethargy.

Caffeine content is also a factor to consider.

While the product itself is unlikely to contain excessive amounts of caffeine, over 400 mg per day might cause anxiety or a rapid heart rate.

The caffeine dose in this product should be compared to any other caffeine sources you may be using.

Always with your doctor before beginning a ketogenic diet or using any dietary supplements.


When ordered through the Pruvit website, Pruvit Ketone supplements are highly pricey, costing $130 for 20 dosages.

If you have to take two each day, a 20-day supply would set you back more than $260.

If you subscribe to a monthly shipment, you can save roughly $30, however this does not apply to the first month.

Alternatives are compared

Pruvit Keto/OS NAT is much more expensive than many other exogenous ketone products on the market.

A BHB-based exogenous ketone supplement from Kiss My Keto costs $29.99 for a 15-day supply.

A BHB-based product is also available from Perfect Keto for $39.99 for a 15-day supply.

Because these supplements are all heavy in sodium and other minerals, I would proceed with care while using ketone salt supplements.

MCT oil is another supplement that may aid in the transition to ketosis by sustaining energy levels and decreasing the keto diet’s adverse effects.

MCTs are a form of oil that doesn’t function like other fats but may be utilized by the body for energy.

MCTs have less negative side effects than ketone salts and do not raise blood pressure.

Instead, I would utilize MCT oils to assist me move to ketosis. Pure MCT oil is available as a nutritional supplement from several keto-friendly companies.

Final Thoughts

Exogenous ketones, such as Pruvit Keto/OS NAT, may help you go into ketosis quicker, but they won’t last if you don’t adjust your diet.

Pruvit Keto/OS NAT has a lot of adverse effects, especially for persons who are at risk of high blood pressure.

Because this pill is so much more costly than its rivals, I would not advocate it as a technique to “hack” your way into ketosis.

A Message from Our RD

The ketogenic diet may have several health and weight-loss advantages.

While the adjustment to keto might be difficult, the keto flu symptoms normally subside within a week of following the diet.

I don’t understand why a possibly deadly substance should be introduced to aid with this brief changeover phase.

If you’re suffering from the “keto flu,” drink plenty of water, limit excessive activity, get enough of rest, consume plenty of fat, and experiment with adding additional salt to your meals for a few days.

As your body adapts, tiredness symptoms should fade rapidly.

While I am not opposed to the keto diet for weight reduction or other possible health advantages in the short term, it is not sustainable in the long run.

In certain individuals, it may also raise blood cholesterol levels.

If you want to lose weight or gain energy, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein is the healthiest and most sustainable option without having to give up all of your favorite foods.


Noom might help you lose weight right away.

Noom is a tried-and-true weight reduction method that uses psychology and teaches you what foods to consume to help you achieve your unique health goals and objectives. Begin by completing a simple examination to see which option is best for you.

The “keto os nat before and after” is a review of the diet supplement, Pruvit Keto OS Nat. The product claims to help with weight loss by using ketones as fuel. The review will include both before and after pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pruvit NAT help you lose weight?

No, Pruvit does not claim that their products help you lose weight. They also do not claim to make people thin or have any other such claims about their product.

Is Pruvit a pyramid scheme?

A: I am sorry, but this is not a question that I can answer.

Are Pruvit ketones bad for you?

A: Ketones are a naturally occurring byproduct of the metabolic processes that occur when you exercise. There is no evidence to suggest that they cause any harm, and there is also nothing in their composition which could potentially lead to negative effects on your body.

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