Juice Plus+ Review: Is It Worth It?

In the day and age of fad diets, it’s difficult to know what really works. The Juice Plus+ Complete Nutrition 100% Fruit & Vegetable Blend is a diet plan that aims to provide you with all-natural ingredients without any additives or preservatives. It claims to be able to help your body lose weight and detoxify by supporting healthy blood sugar levels and daily nutrient intake.

The “juice plus reviews side effects” is a dietitian’s review of the product. The review includes information on ingredients, side effects, and how to use the supplement.


  • Adding extra nutrients to your diet has never been easier.
  • There is a lot of company-sponsored research to back up the product’s advantages.
  • Gummies are an excellent approach to boost the nutritional richness of a child’s diet.

  • The amount of nutrients in the product is not specified.
  • The product’s claims that it’s as good as eating fruits and veggies are false.
  • There are no educational requirements for product sales consultants.

What Is Juice Plus+ and How Does It Work?

Juice Plus+ is a multi-level marketing dietary supplement that provides a variety of fruit and vegetable-based supplements for general wellbeing.

The powdered juices of 30 fruits and vegetables are used to make their capsules and gummi items.

They have four main mixes to choose from:

  • Vegetables in a Garden Blend
  • Fruit combination from an orchard
  • Grapes and berries in a vineyard mix
  • Omega-3s derived from algae and other plant-based sources make up the Omega-3 mix.

The products feature extra nutrients such as soluble fiber, enzymes, and probiotics in addition to the fruits and vegetable powders.

Complete is a brand of protein drinks and bars from Juice Plus+ that include fruit and vegetable powders as well as other ingredients.

The firm also has a multi-level marketing component, where you can join up to be a product distributor. For the record, I was a Juice Plus+ distributor for two years.

It differs from other MLMs in that being a distributor costs just $52 per year and there is no minimum purchase requirement.

This appealed to me since it enabled me to enjoy the items while also earning money by distributing them at no expense to me.


Ingredients Evaluation

One of the things I loved about the business, and one of the reasons I signed up to distribute it, is that they put a lot of effort into product research.

Although company-sponsored research isn’t usually reliable, they have a lot of information on the advantages of their goods, which pleased me. They collaborate on this study with a number of notable institutions.

Many potential advantages have been discovered in the items’ fruit and vegetable powders.

They may help with nutrient absorption, inflammation reduction, and immune system support. Several research are available on the company’s website to back up these claims.

Juice Plus+ pills substantially raised blood levels of numerous key antioxidants, according to a systematic evaluation of 22 research published in 2011.

Vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, and folate are examples of antioxidants.

Juice Plus+ reduced inflammation and oxidative stress in obese women after 8 weeks of use, according to a 2013 research.

Juice Plus+ may potentially have immune-boosting properties. In one research, healthcare workers who took Juice Plus+ had 20% fewer sick days than those who took a placebo.

Other studies have showed that Juice Plus+ may minimize sick days in a similar way.

Although most of this research is funded by the firm, it has been around long enough that there are a huge number of studies that suggest that fruit and vegetable powders may aid improve overall health.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the current studies, we’ve compiled a summary of the available evidence regarding Juice Plus+’s stated benefits:

It promotes cardiovascular health. Evidence with a Gold Star
Immune system function is aided. Evidence with a Gold Star
Supports a healthy respiratory system. Evidence with a Gold Star
Aids in the maintenance of healthy skin and gums Evidence with a Gold Star

Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

Juice Plus+ dose varies depending on the product. For adults, 2 capsules of each combination per day is the recommended dose.

The dose for the chewable gummy product is 4 tablets per day for adults and 2 tablets per day for youngsters.

Because Juice Plus+ is merely a fruit and vegetable powder, it has a reasonably good safety profile.

Some individuals have reported breaking out in hives after using the product, and one person with cancer has reported liver damage.

Many of my colleagues and other healthcare experts have expressed concern about this product’s claim that it is the “next best thing to fruits and vegetables” and the fact that the great majority of studies are funded by the firm.

The corporation was forced to cease claiming that consuming the product is the same as eating fruits and vegetables after being sued over several claims. This claim is no longer used.

Concerns have also been raised that the goods may not contain as much of specific nutrients as indicated on the label, as determined in an independent Consumer Lab assessment.

Before using any dietary supplements, it’s usually a good idea to with your doctor.



The goods must be bought in a package. You may pay in monthly payments if you buy a 4-month supply at a once.

Here’s how the cost is calculated:

  • $75 per month for all three mixes (orchard, garden, and vineyard).
  • $50 per month for two mixes (orchard and garden).
  • Omega mix capsules – $30 per month
  • All three mixes of chewables – $76.50 per month
  • $25.50 per month for two mixes of chewables

These items are a little pricey; identical items may be bought for less money.

It’s a little pricey to pay $75 each month for capsules. I don’t drink the vineyard mix since it adds a large amount to the monthly bill.

Just the Orchard and Garden mixes provide enough advantages for me.

Alternatives are compared

On the market, there are several fruit and vegetable powder supplements.

Most are powdered and may be blended with water or added to a smoothie. Juice Plus+ is a good choice for youngsters since it comes in gummy form, which is simpler to swallow than powder.

The price and composition of fruit and vegetable powders vary greatly. Some are comparable to Juice Plus+ in price.

In terms of ingredients and formulation, a few products, such as Texas Super Foods and Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies, are comparable to Juice Plus+. However, they are not considerably less expensive.

I’m not convinced that any of these brands is superior than others on the market. If you’re looking for a fruit and vegetable powder, I suggest going with a respected brand.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that I no longer sell the product, I continue to provide Juice Plus+ to my children on a daily basis and have done so for many years.

While the firm does fund most of the product research, and it should be viewed with caution in that light, I have been pleased with many of the findings of their studies.

But, more than study, I’ve personally seen the effects of using this product. When my eldest kid initially began daycare, he was always ill. I did all I could to keep him healthy.

Juice Plus+ was recommended to me by a friend. My kid, who is now five years old, has never been ill since. That outcome is sufficient for me to continue to provide them with a product that I feel keeps them healthy.

Juice Plus+ was recommended by their physician. The children who use the product are those she only sees for well-checks once a year.

I’ve tried the stuff on and off myself. I believe the price is too much for me to pay on a monthly basis.

I prefer to receive my nutrients from real food, and as an adult, I am better able to make judgments about the quality of my diet in order to maintain my health.

My kids, on the other hand, would happily live off crackers and snacks. Juice Plus+ allows me to relax about their vitamin intake.

Do I think it’s as nutritious as fruits and vegetables? Nope. I’m still trying to get them to consume their vegetables.

Do I think Juice Plus+ will keep them from becoming sick in the future? Not in the least. But I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them healthy.

Apart from the price, I believe Juice Plus+ is a safe product with minimal drawbacks.

A Message from Our RD

Juice Plus+ should be seen as a complement to a balanced diet.

Getting healthy does not begin with a medicine. The cornerstones of health include sleep, stress management, regular exercise, and a well-balanced diet.

You must eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables if you actually want to enhance your immunity, improve your nutritional status, and minimize inflammation.

There isn’t any way around it. Consume your vegetables!


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The “juice plus+ lawsuit” is a supplement that has been around for decades. It’s been marketed as a dietitian-approved, natural weight loss aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do doctors recommend Juice Plus?

A: A common fruit and vegetable supplement, Juice Plus is recommended by doctors as a well-rounded diet that can help with weight loss.

Is Juice Plus really worth the money?

A: Juice Plus may be worth its price if you are currently taking a multivitamin. However, it is highly recommended that this product not be used as your sole form of dietary supplement for the following reasons: 1) There are no human studies on Juicings effects in comparison to other forms of nutrition; 2) The company is backed by large corporations and has been found guilty of false advertising before; 3) It can negatively impact your body through harmful chemicals or heavy metals from the juices themselves such as lead, mercury or cadmium.

Why Juice Plus is bad for you?

A: Juicing is a very unhealthy practice. It strips the body of nutrients and vitamins in fruit, not to mention all of the sugar that would be added into your diet from juices made with processed fruits or even just water! If youre looking for healthy helpings, juice fresh fruits like oranges, grapefruits, or apples instead.

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