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Gorilla Mind is a supplement created by Evolution in conjunction with the NFL. This review gives an overview of what to expect from this product and whether it lives up to its hype or fails miserably.

The “gorilla mind review reddit” is a supplement that claims to increase focus and concentration. The product has been reviewed on Reddit, with users saying it’s not worth the money.

With the rising popularity of the creator Derek’s More Plates More Dates YouTube channel, Gorilla Mind supplements are blooming on the supplement landscape in 2021. His objective is to establish an industry standard based on scientific study with “maxed out” compositions.

We were interested in evaluating some of Gorilla Mind’s formulations and providing an unbiased review based on peer-reviewed medical literature.

We’ll look into Gorilla Mode, Gorilla Mind Smooth, and other of their botanical items in this post.

General Comments on Brand & Formulations

We applaud Gorilla Mind for setting out to achieve the exact opposite of what the supplement business is full of firms making health claims with no research to back them up. Derek’s Gorilla Mode formulation breakdown on YouTube is about an hour long and goes into great depth on the component compounds and the research that went into developing them.

We appreciate the Gorilla Mind brand in this regard because his research-based analysis of other supplement formulations inspired some of the articles on our blog with a similar research-based analysis of popular supplement products. In the supplement industry in the United States, more good science and effective formulation research is required.

Analyze Gorilla Mode

This is one of the most effective pre-workouts we’ve ever tried, and we’re usually harsh on supplement makers for their poor formulas. Unlike a prop mix, almost every active component is dosed efficiently, and the amount is plainly mentioned on the Supplement Facts label.

However, one of the ingredients, kanna (S. tortuosum), seems to be overdosed (which isn’t something we’ve seen before). A 2:1 extract at 25 mg was used in the pivotal study on kanna as a nootropic. A person would get 500 mg of kanna from two scoops of Gorilla Mode.

We’re shocked that Gorilla Mode offers such a large dose since there isn’t any safety or toxicity studies on kanna. “Studies utilizing kanna have used…doses of 8-25 mg prior to cognitive testing,” the dosing section of Examine concludes.

“Information on S. tortuosum toxicity in humans is insufficient,” according to Drugs.com’s assessment. and we come to the same conclusion. We looked for safety and toxicity studies that suggested a 500 mg dose is safe in people but couldn’t find any.

Kanna was hazardous at dosages over 100 mg, according to a professor of neurology and biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Centre, but the report didn’t mention his studies.

We’re not claiming that kanna is inherently hazardous at the amount used in Gorilla Mode; we simply don’t encourage using chemicals at concentrations where there isn’t a strong body of evidence from safety and toxicological research.

Another minor point to consider is whether or not the inactive ingredients should be listed. Given that this is a flavored food, it very definitely includes flavorings and/or sugar replacements, which should be stated for health-conscious customers.

Smooth Analysis by Gorilla Mind

Gorilla Mind Smooth, a nootropic mixture from Gorilla Mind, is the company’s second most popular product. We were excited to examine this formulation since we too offer nootropic pills (of a different variety: single-herb extracts), and we’ve read a lot of scientific research on these substances.

This combination, like Gorilla Mode, is very potent. Both bacopa and ginkgo have doses and standardization ratios that are within medical reference ranges.

This standardization reflects the potency of the ginkgo pharmacon egb-761, which is utilized in the majority of ginkgo clinical trials. It’s known as a “24/6” ginkgo because it contains 24 percent flavone glycosides and 6 percent terpene lactones.

This product has the same amount of kanna as Gorilla Mode, which is pretty worrying. There’s no need to repeat our concerns, but we’d want to hear from Derek about why this dose was chosen.

It’s encouraging to see this product’s Other Ingredients list, which includes no artificial colorings or sugar substitutes.

Botanicals of the Gorilla Mind

Curcumin, citrus bergamot, and astragalus are the three botanical products sold by Gorilla Mind.

The curcumin compound is dosed well (unsurprisingly), with the quantity per serving being within Examine’s standard levels (500 mg curcumin + 5 mg Bioperine). To improve absorption, bioperine is added to the mix.

Some studies have suggested that dosages of curcumin + bioperine up to 1500 mg/day are beneficial, however since there are no additional active components in this product, customers may safely raise their dosage. Curcumin has a high level of safety.

Citrus Bergamot Extract is Gorilla Mind’s second botanical product, and the company’s health claims of better lipid metabolism seem to be supported by studies. In this research, people with high lipids received the exact same amount of citrus bergamot extract as in Gorilla Mind, and their LDL-C and triglyceride levels improved when compared to placebo.

LDL-C and total cholesterol were consistently modified favourably by supplementation, whereas HDL-C and triglycerides were positively influenced in some instances but not all, according to a 2019 meta-study on the metabolic effects of citrus bergamot. The 500 mg dose utilized in Gorilla Mind Citrus Bergamot Extract was used in almost every trial evaluated in this publication.

Gorilla Mind’s last botanical for sale is Astragalus Extract, which is said to strengthen the immune system. Although there isn’t much research on the immunological advantages of astragalus, one highly detailed meta-study finds in its favor: “The major role of [astragalus polysaccharides] is to support immune system repair and regulation.” The majority of the experiments included in that publication employed larger dosages than Gorilla Mind’s medication, although they were all conducted on animals.

There is encouraging research on the potential for astragalus supplementation to extend longevity, but it is still in the early stages of development and, like many anti-aging research, has only been shown in animals. The upregulation of telomerase, an enzyme that regulates telomere length, by astragalus is thought to be the mechanism of action. In humans, the length of telomeres is linked to longevity.

Astragalus has an excellent safety record. There have been no reported side effects from taking doses as high as 60g per day.

Testing that hasn’t been published

Gorilla Mind does not publish any in-house or third-party product testing results to confirm that their products are accurately labeled and low in toxins.

We think they do adequate testing, given Derek’s detailed formulation breakdowns, but this information should be disclosed on their website so customers may check it for themselves. The supplement market is notoriously opaque, so we wouldn’t be shocked if Gorilla Mind released test findings this year or next.

The “gorilla mind rush discontinued reddit” is a supplement that claims to help users achieve their goals. It is made by an Australian company called Gorilla Mind, and has been around for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorilla Mind the best?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

How long does Gorilla Mind take to kick in?

A: Gorilla Mind usually takes about 3-5 minutes to kick in, though experiments have shown that it can take longer.

What does Gorilla Mind do?

A: The name of the supplement is Gorilla Mind, which helps you focus and stay focused. It is a natural nootropic that increases your mental alertness by improving cognitive function. This means it can help you to have more energy and focus when working or studying for example!

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