Vital Reds Review: Benefits, Ingredients, and Safety

Vital Reds is a “pure” supplement with nothing but the best of the best ingredients in each capsule. From herbs and vitamins to amino acids and minerals, there’s something for everyone inside these capsules. Take them today for better health tomorrow!

Vital Reds is a dietary supplement that promises to help you lose weight and feel better. It has been around for quite some time, but does it really work? We will review the benefits, ingredients, and safety. Read more in detail here: does vital reds really work.


  • Ingredients that are high in antioxidants
  • Probiotics may help with intestinal health.
  • A simple technique to boost your nutritional intake

  • Some individuals may be tempted to forego eating genuine fruits and vegetables as a result of this.
  • Only a little amount of data backs up claims of weight reduction.
  • Expensive

What Is Vital Reds All About?

Gundry MD’s Vital Reds is a powdered fruit and vegetable supplement. It’s said to help you feel more energized, boost your digestion, and keep your skin healthy.

In only one scoop, it contains 34 polyphenol-rich “superfruits,” probiotics, plant extracts, fat-burning compounds, vitamins, and minerals.

The argument is that supplementing with these components will increase the vitamin and antioxidant content of your diet, resulting in enhanced energy, beautiful skin, and easier digestion.

The powder in Vital Reds is meant to be blended with water or another beverage.

To learn more about Vital Reds, you need first learn about Dr. Steven Gundry, a cardiologist and self-proclaimed “famous” nutrition expert.

He is the author of “The Plant Paradox,” a best-selling book, and has a nutritional supplement line that supports his nutrition beliefs.

The fundamental goal of his approach is to improve gut health by eliminating lectin-containing foods.

Many plant foods, legumes, and whole grains include lectins, which are carbohydrate-binding proteins.

Lectins, according to Dr. Gundry, are damaging to the stomach and microbiota. As a result, he advises avoiding a variety of healthy foods in order to lower lectin levels in the diet and heal the stomach.

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All other health conditions should, in principle, vanish after the gut is healed, according to Dr. Gundry, via a combination of a low lectin diet and vitamins to boost gut health.

Given that Dr. Gundry advises avoiding a variety of nutrient-dense meals, it’s only natural that he would follow up with a line of supplements to compensate for the nutrients lost as a result of his dietary recommendations. This is when Vital Reds enters the picture.

While people following Gundry’s regimens may benefit from Vital Reds, the supplement isn’t exclusively for lectin-free dieters.

Only one out of every ten Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, consumes enough fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable powders like Vital Reds have been discovered to enhance antioxidant content in the body and may assist improve overall nutritional density in the diet, however they will never replace a balanced diet.

As a result, there may be a decreased risk of several chronic illnesses.

Vital Reds: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Vital Reds?

    Probiotics, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals are included in Vital Reds, a powdered fruit and vegetable combination. It’s said to help you get more energy, enhance your digestion, and take care of your skin.

  • What is your preferred method of taking Vital Reds?

    Simply dissolve one scoop of Vital Reds in 8 ounces of water or your preferred beverage. While you may take Vital Reds as frequently as you wish, taking more than the suggested amount may create stomach problems.

  • What is the lifespan of Vital Reds?

    If you take one scoop of Vital Reds every day, one jar will last you 30 days.

  • Is caffeine present in Vital Reds?

    No, this product does not contain caffeine.

  • Who should stay away from Vital Reds?

    Because Vital Reds is mostly composed of fruits and vegetables, it is likely to be safe for the majority of individuals. However, before using any supplements, see your doctor.

  • Will Vital Reds aid with my weight loss?

    Vital Reds does include metabolism-boosting elements that, when combined with a good diet and exercise, may help you lose weight. However, if you don’t adjust your food or other lifestyle habits, don’t anticipate miracles from this product.

  • Is it true that Vital Reds is excellent for your heart?

    The polyphenols in Vital Reds may aid in the reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation, which may promote heart health.

Ingredients Evaluation

Over 50 components make up Vital Reds. A polyphenol combination of fruit and vegetable powders, a metabolic blend, and probiotics are among the key types of components.

Many Minerals and vitamins are stated on the nutrition information panel, however they are most likely derived from fruit and vegetable powders and are not regarded key active ingredients.

One scoop of Vital Reds comprises the following ingredients:

1760 mg Polyphenol Blend

34 powdered fruits, vegetables, and seeds make up the Polyphenol Blend. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown to lessen the risk of chronic illness.

But what about if it’s powdered? Even fruit and vegetable powders have been shown to offer health advantages in studies.

Some research has looked at the effects of fruit and vegetable powder on oxidative stress, which is a risk factor for chronic illness.

Fruit and vegetable powders were reported to decrease part of the oxidative damage induced by smoking, a recognized trigger for free radical damage, in a 2011 trial of 75 smokers.

When compared to a placebo, a 2013 research indicated that fruit powder, similar to Vital Reds, was effective to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in middle-aged women.

Fruit and vegetable powders have also been reported to promote skin health and increase immunity.


While it is uncertain whether or not fruit and vegetable powders are as healthy as eating whole fruits and vegetables, they may still be useful. The potential advantages of lowering free radical damage and inflammation, as well as enhancing immunity and skin health, are supported by research.

365 mg Metabolic-Enhancing Blend

The metabolic mix comprises seven thermogenic substances that maintain a healthy metabolism and aid fat burning.

Bitter melon, green tea, white tea, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper fruit, and turmeric make up the combination. Anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects are found in several of these extracts.

Bitter melon has been shown to enhance blood sugar levels and may aid in weight loss.

However, much of the research on its advantages is being conducted on animals or with a tiny sample size.

Weight reduction may be aided by the tea ingredient EGCG, according to some studies. EGCG may be found in both white and green tea.

According to a 2010 study, drinking tea high in EGCG may boost metabolism by 4–5% and fat burning by 10–16%.

Cinnamon may provide metabolic health advantages. According to a 2017 research, consuming 3 grams of cinnamon everyday for 16 weeks improved blood sugar levels and decreased waist circumference.

Ginger eating increased calorie expenditure and reduced appetite in a group of overweight men, according to a 2012 research.

According to a comprehensive analysis of research published in 2019, frequent turmeric intake improved body mass index, decreased body fat, decreased waist circumference, and regulated fat metabolism hormones.

The capacity of black pepper fruit to boost absorption of other nutrients in the mix is most likely why it was included to this product.


While the Metabolic Blend contains substances that may assist a healthy metabolism and fat reduction, since the quantities of individual ingredients are not stated, it is unknown whether the doses in Vital Reds are the scientifically studied proportions. As a result, you shouldn’t expect the combination to help you lose weight or speed up your metabolism.

3 Billion CFUs Digestive Support Blend

The digestive blend is a basic probiotic blend that comprises strains from the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus genera, which have been shown to be particularly helpful to gut health.

In the human digestive system, these two bacterial genera are the most frequent. They’ve also been widely researched as probiotics for their health advantages.

Bifidobacterium is a kind of bacteria that helps to keep the gut healthy and regulates the inflammatory response. It may also aid in the prevention of digestive disorders including cancer and inflammatory bowel disease.

Lactobacillus possesses comparable anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrheal properties.

Fructooligosaccharides are a kind of prebiotic found in Vital Reds. These are carbohydrates that provide nourishment for probiotic bacteria, allowing them to thrive in the digestive system.


Vital Reds include particular kinds of probiotics that may help to enhance overall digestive health and reduce gut inflammation.

Minerals and vitamins

Vital Reds contains a wide variety of Minerals and vitamins. These include thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, selenium, and chromium.

The polyphenol combination of fruit and vegetable powders is most likely to blame.

B-vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folate, B12, biotin, and pantothenic acid) are essential for energy synthesis and may be found in a variety of foods.

Selenium and chromium may aid in blood sugar management and oxidative stress protection.


The Minerals and vitamins in this product may help support the overall goals of reducing oxidative stress and optimizing energy production.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the existing studies, we’ve compiled a summary of the available evidence supporting Vital Reds’ stated benefits:

Supports the digestive system. Evidence with a Gold Star
Increases energy levels Evidence of Moderate Strength
It increases fat burning. Evidence of Moderate Strength
Supports the health and appearance of the skin There is Strong Evidence

While there is evidence to back up Vital Reds’ claims, the use of numerous “blends” makes it impossible to determine if the components are delivered in the correct quantity.

Digestive health is the sole claim that can be assessed based on effectiveness and dose. This product contains 1 billion CFUs, which is the recommended dose of probiotics.

The quantity of each element is unknown for energy and fat burning, which are largely supported by the metabolic mix.

While these compounds have the potential to improve energy and fat burning, this cannot be concluded just based on the label.

Antioxidants in the polyphenol combination help to improve skin health and appearance, but the best dose has yet to be determined.

Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

1 scoop Vital Reds mixed in a glass of water (8 fl. oz.) or other beverage of your choice is the recommended dose. It has a berry taste that is sweet and pleasant to drink.

This product does not cause me any substantial safety concerns.

At dosages of 800 mg or above, large amounts of EGCG may cause liver damage, however there isn’t enough in one scoop to cause this.

The product’s probiotics may induce stomach issues such as bloating and gas.

Vital Reds is soy-free and sugar-free.

The product’s FAQ section claims that it has been third-party tested, however I can’t find any information on the sort of testing on their website.

Before using any dietary supplements, you should always see your doctor.

Vital Reds powder mixed with water in a glass

Vital Reds mixes pretty easily with water and has a pleasant earthly taste.

Where to Buy and How Much

The best location to get Vital Reds is through Dr. Gundry’s website, where you can get them for the following price:

  • $69.95 ($49.95 if you’re a new client) for one jar (30-day supply).
  • $199.36 ($134.85 as a new client) for three jars (90-day supply).
  • $377.73 ($254.70 as a new client) for six jars (180-day supply).

If you join their Subscribe and Save program, you may get even more savings. Within the United States, shipping is free on purchases of $60 or more.

Even if you utilize all of the items, Gundry MD offers a Money-back guarantee for 90 days. This does not, however, include the cost of shipping and handling to return the item.

Special Promotion


Vital Reds are available for purchase.

You may You may save up to 47%..

Shipping is completely free.

Money-back guarantee for 90 days

How does Vital Reds stack up against the competition?

Vital Reds, like many of Dr. Gundry’s other supplements, is relatively pricey when compared to its rivals.

On the market, there are several fruit and vegetable powders. These products are made up of a range of components, but the majority of them feature a fruit and vegetable combination, fiber, and probiotics.

The majority of comparable options are less costly than Vital Reds yet include identical elements. There isn’t much of a difference between these fruit-based powders in my opinion.

I also don’t think the ingredients in this brand are superior to those in comparable brands.

IVL’s Go Ruby Go is a comparable tool that I have personally used. It’s largely a fruit-based powder that’s blended with water and contains probiotics and antioxidants. It has a terrific flavor and costs roughly half as much as Vital Reds.

Divine Health’s Red Superfood Powder is another alternative. It has identical components but costs half as much. Despite the fact that it has fewer ingredients than Vital Reds, there is no set criteria for what these products must include.


Aside from the hefty price tag, there’s nothing special about Vital Reds that sets it apart from the competition.

Final Thoughts

While the polyphenol and metabolic mixes may provide some health advantages, Vital Reds is a pricey approach to get nutrients that may be found in entire fruits and vegetables.

It’s uncertain whether the doses offered in this product are sufficient to provide the claimed advantages, given the usage of “blends.”

Furthermore, drinking your fruits and vegetables will not make you feel as fulfilled as eating actual food would.

However, I am never against individuals increasing their nutritional intake. A busy individual, someone who dislikes veggies, or someone who just wishes to increase their nutritional intake may benefit from Vital Reds.

So, if you’re willing to spend over $70 to marginally boost your antioxidants and minerals, this product will not hurt your health.

Even though Vital Reds is only a fruit and vegetable powder, consult your doctor before beginning any supplement regimen.

A Message from Our RD

A better and less expensive way to boost your nutritional intake is to set a goal of eating 7–9 servings of multicolored fruits and vegetables every day.

Nutrients, fiber, and satisfaction are all provided by whole fruits and vegetables, which cannot be obtained by ingesting a powder.

Without a costly supplement, the more diversity of plants you can include in your regular diet, the healthier you will be.

Probiotics identical to those present in this product may be found in fermented foods such as yogurt or kombucha. These should also be incorporated in your diet on a regular basis.

If you want to boost your metabolism, try adding cinnamon to your coffee, turmeric to your meals, or drinking tea on a regular basis.

Real food may provide every advantage offered in this product at a substantially lower cost (and perhaps higher value).

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The “vital reds expiration date” is a supplement that has been around for a while. It contains many benefits and ingredients, but it also comes with some risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dr Gundry products safe?

A: Dr Gundry products come in many different forms, such as pills and oils. All of the products are designed to be safe for use with a disclaimer that they were not tested by the FDA because there is no cure or diagnosis given.

Is vital Reds FDA approved?

A: Vital Reds are not FDA approved, however our products have been tested in a third party laboratory.

Is vital Reds legitimate?

A: The company behind the product, Vital Reds, can be found on their website.

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