Alpha Brain Review

The Alpha Brain Review is a product promising you the ability to improve your memory with food. What makes it unique is that there are no side effects, not even headaches. Here’s what we found out about this supplement and whether or not it lives up to its claims.

The “alpha brain scandal” is a review of the Alpha Brain supplement. It discusses the company’s history and how it has been marketed in the past.

With over 1 million bottles sold, Onnit Alpha Brain is undoubtedly the most popular nootropic product in the United States. It’s the brand made popular by Joe Rogan, who believes the pills help his mental health and regularly mentions them on his show.

In this post, we’ll look at Alpha Brain’s composition as well as two published Medical Research to determine whether the product is supported by science.

General Formulation Remarks

It’s crucial to know that Alpha Brain is a product that divides the overall formulation into smaller, branded proprietary blends before breaking down each blend in the recipe. Because the user cannot see how much of each component is in the product, this is an unscientific and non-ideal technique of listing active substances on a Supplement Facts panel. Rather, the buyer is merely shown the whole blend’s dose.

Consider a supplement manufacturer that lists a nootropic prop mix at 500 mg dose as an example of why this sort of documentation is misleading. This is what the Supplement Facts panel may look like:

500 milligrams of prop blend

Caffeine, ginkgo biloba extract, l-tyrosine, and panax ginseng extract are the active components.

497 mg of caffeine, 1 mg of ginkgo biloba extract, 1 mg of l-tyrosine, and 1 mg of panax ginseng extract may be found in the given composition.

Because the maker of prop mixes is not required to specify the component doses, the customer has no way of knowing whether they’re receiving an effective amount of any of the component chemicals.

Onnit Flow Blend is a blend of Onnit and Onnit.

Onnit Flow Blend is a blend of Onnit and Onnit. Supplement Facts label

Alpha Brain’s first prop mix is named “Flow Blend,” and it comprises 650 mg of l-theanine, l-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, and oat straw extract.

The amino acid l-theanine has been “proven to increase attention and response speed,” according to Onnit’s website, which surprised me since theanine is generally used as an anxiolytic (for anxiety reduction).

Although the claim on their site isn’t substantiated, it seems like they’re referring to this research titled “Effects of l-theanine on attention and reaction time response” according to the comparable phrasing. The research discovered that although l-theanine had “no clear [nootropic] impact” in healthy people, it did have a nootropic effect in anxious subjects.

This shows that l-mode theanine’s of action is anxiolytic rather than nootropic, and that the worried participants’ mental performance improved solely as a result of their return to homeostasis (i.e. reducing high anxiety helps brain function). As a result, we don’t feel it’s true to say that the amino acid improves general attention and response speed based on this research.

Another amino acid, l-tyrosine, is included in this mix. This molecule has been researched for nootropic effects more than l-theanine, but the doses in all of the studies we’ve seen are far greater than the total prop mix (of which we don’t know what proportion l-tyrosine makes up).

Three studies have shown that tyrosine may help with cognitive performance, however the lowest amount used in any of them was 150 mg/kg, or 11,250 mg for a 75 kg man of average weight. Because the complete Alpha Brain Flow Blend has 650 mg of tyrosine, it’s reasonable to assume that the tyrosine dosage is modest.

Oat straw extract is the Flow Blend’s third component. A study of healthy people demonstrated no cognitive enhancement after 12 weeks of oat straw extract intake (at a dose substantially greater than that used in Alpha Brain). Two previous trials indicated a slight nootropic benefit from oat straw intake, but the patients were already suffering from cognitive deterioration, and both studies utilized doses far greater than the Flow Blend.

Phosphatidylserine, the last element in the Flow Blend, has some encouraging study in terms of nootropic activity. At doses of 300 mg and 400 mg, this substance has been shown in many trials to enhance cognition in the short term. We can’t tell whether Alpha Brain includes an effective dose of phosphatidylserine since the dosage of phosphatidylserine in the Flow Blend isn’t revealed. Because the total dose of the Flow Blend is just 650 mg, it’s improbable that half or more of it is oat straw extract, especially given the blend contains three additional substances.

Focus Blend by Onnit

Focus Blend by Onnit Supplement Facts label

Surprisingly, this mix is the only one of the three in Alpha Brain that provides dose information for the individual constituents.

This mix contains 100 mg of Alpha-GPC, which is severely underdosed. “Almost all studies employ a dose of 1,200 mg daily for the use of alpha-GPC in attenuating symptoms of cognitive decline,” Examine finds after assessing all known research on this chemical. That indicates the effective dosage of Alpha-GPC for nootropic effect is 12 times higher than that of Alpha Brain.

The concentration of bacopa extract in the Focus Blend is 100 mg. Based on existing studies, the least effective dosage is 300 mg. This is, once again, underdosed. The bacopa in Alpha Brain is also a generic extract rather than one that has been standardized for bacosides, which is problematic since bacosides are considered to be the key ingredient in the plant that causes nootropic benefits.

Toothed Clubmoss Extract (40 mg), standardized to 1% huperzine A, is the third ingredient in the Focus Blend. This is a powerful dosage. This research, like this meta-analysis, revealed Huperzine A to have cognitive advantages at 0.4 mg. There isn’t much study on this plant, but it seems to be promising.

Blend of Onnit Fuel

Blend of Onnit Fuel Supplement Facts label

The animo acid l-leucine is the first element in this combination. We haven’t found any evidence that leucine has a nootropic effect; it’s mostly utilized for athletic performance. Regardless, the total dose for this combination is 60 mg, which is ridiculously low. The majority of leucine research include patients consuming numerous grams of the amino acid on a regular basis.

The second element in this combination is pterostilbene, which isn’t mainly a nootropic. It’s a more bioavailable resveratrol analog, but we couldn’t find a single research confirming it had nootropic benefits.

Additional Active Ingredients

Cat’s Claw Extract and Vitamin B6 are two active elements in Alpha Brain that aren’t included in the mixes.

Cat’s Claw Extract is a fascinating plant that, according to early study, may help to prevent the production of brain plaques. As a prophylactic precaution, it should be fine at the recommended dose.

Vitamin B6 is required for a variety of body activities and should be readily available in the diet. Perhaps it’s added for a synergistic impact with the other substances, but the Alpha Brain website doesn’t explain why it’s there.

Medical Research

There are two published Medical Research we could find on Alpha Brain. The first found that supplementation of Alpha Brain improved various cognitive measures in healthy young adults. The second found no benefit to Alpha Brain supplementation on performance in mentally-strenuous tasks for Army soldiers.

Onnit deserves credit for allowing the no-benefit research to be published and for investing money on clinical studies. More placebo-controlled, double-blinded trials are required in the supplement industry in the United States, and this is an indication that the firm is serious about their research.

Alpha Brain has been around for a while, but it is only recently that they have made the jump to the UK. Alpha Brain claims to be able to improve your memory and brain health. Reference: alpha brain uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alpha Brain a good product?

A: Alpha Brain is a good product. The ingredients are all natural and it does not have any unsafe side effects.

What are the side effects of Alpha Brain?

A: The side effects of Alpha Brain are the same as the benefits. There is no change in any health status for those who take it, so theres nothing to worry about.

Does Joe Rogan own Alpha Brain?

A: Joe Rogan does not own Alpha Brain.

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