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We all know that taking a supplement is one of the easiest and best ways to naturally enhance mental health. But what if we could make it even easier? Enter Effexor, an easy-to-dispense capsule designed for quick absorption into your body. The user experience with this product was so positive in clinical trials that it led to its FDA approval on December 10th, 2017.

The “effexor reviews reddit” is a review of the drug Effexor. The review includes side effects, efficacy, and more.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this essay should be taken as medical advice; it is only the writer’s opinion (s). When it comes to prescription medicine, we advise consumers to follow their doctor’s advice.

Effexor is a brand name for venlafaxine, which is a depression drug with a generic name of venlafaxine. Because these two names relate to the same chemical molecule, they will be used interchangeably throughout this text. Anxiety and other mood disorders are also treated with this medication.

This drug is an SNRI (selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor), which is comparable to the SSRIs found in many prescription antidepressants (such as Wellbutrin and Celexa, which we previously discussed).

In this post, we’ll look at the medical studies on Effexor to see whether it may help with depression. We’ll also go over some of the adverse effects that have been documented in medical studies, as well as several natural antidepressants that may have a better side effect profile.

Is Effexor Effective?

A great number of medical studies have been published on the efficacy of Effexor in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

A clinical experiment from 1998, for example, looked at whether Effexor was useful in treating serious depression. Over the course of 12 weeks, patients were advised to take either the medication or a placebo tablet. The researchers discovered that the Effexor group had reduced depression throughout the experiment and that the results were “dose-related,” indicating that individuals who took greater dosages benefited more (to a limit).

Effexor was compared to other prominent antidepressants in a medical study published in the European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience journal. Effexor was shown to be more effective than SSRIs in treating serious depression, according to the researchers.

Effexor has also been shown to be useful in the treatment of anxiety. A meta-analysis of 14 separate research on Effexor for anxiety indicated positive effects.

Another research indicated that the extended-release variant of Effexor was beneficial for treating anxiety and comorbid anxiety and depression in both the short and long term (which means both conditions presenting at the same time in a patient).

Overall, we may infer from the preceding studies that Effexor is useful in the treatment of both anxiety and depression. This does not imply that it will work for all people or that it is a risk-free therapy. If a medicine is more successful than a placebo at treating an illness, it will almost certainly be authorized, even if it has greater negative effects.

How Is Effexor Effective?

Effexor blocks the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin, two essential neurotransmitters. Simply put, the medicine reduces the body’s capacity to digest these substances, allowing them to circulate in larger quantities in the brain than they would otherwise.

Because norepinephrine and serotonin both play a role in mood regulation, this class of medicines is expected to be effective. These brain chemicals may have naturally low circulating levels in depressed and anxious people.

As previously mentioned, the most prevalent family of antidepressants are known as SSRIs, and they only create artificially high levels of serotonin but not norepinephrine.

Side Effects of Effexor

Increased risk of suicidal thoughts is a side effect of Effexor, as it is with numerous other mental health treatments we’ve looked at. A black box warning displays on their website’s homepage, informing readers that during medical studies, participants taking the medicine had greater rates of suicide thoughts and actions than those taking the placebo.

We also discovered a fascinating medical report that claims Effexor is more harmful than other regularly prescribed antidepressants. According to the study’s authors, Effexor caused an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases when compared to SSRIs, with no overall benefits over SSRIs.

Overdoses of Effexor were also more likely to be deadly than SSRI overdoses, according to the study.

According to a comprehensive assessment of Effexor, the most frequent adverse effects are nausea, drowsiness, and dizziness. Sexual dysfunction was also shown to be a side effect, especially in males, and was most likely caused by the drug’s higher blood pressure response.

Should I Use Generic Effexor?

We normally advocate taking the generic form of a medicine if the price is lower, which is frequently the case. This is because the generic version has the exact same chemical composition as the brand-name version’s active ingredient.

Venlafaxine is the brand name for the generic form of Effexor.

An extensive medical evaluation examined the efficacy and safety of brand-name versus generic pharmaceuticals, concluding that there was no advantage to using brand-name prescriptions on average.

Alternatives to Antidepressants

Because Effexor has such a high risk of serious side effects, people contemplating the medicine should speak with their doctor about trying a gentler natural option first, one with fewer adverse effects.

Given that it is an over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, St. John’s Wort is a herb with a large degree of medical evidence for its antidepressant benefits.

St. John’s Wort extract (a concentrated form of the raw herbal material) has been found in studies to be as effective as SSRIs for mild to moderate depression, with almost no side effects.

There is limited evidence that the herb may help those with serious depression.

Unfortunately, herbal supplements are virtually never covered by health insurance, so buyers on a budget may want to think about that. The supplement will very definitely have to be paid for out of cash, but Effexor may be reimbursed entirely by health insurance.

Ketamine, a more experimental antidepressant, has some encouraging medical studies that suggests it may be beneficial in the treatment of depression. Ketamine treatment has been compared to pharmaceutical drugs, and a recent clinical research indicated that a single ketamine infusion was more effective than a top pharma antidepressant, at least in the short term.

We should point you that ketamine is illegal in many areas, and we do not encourage using it recreationally. We’re merely bringing it up as an experimental treatment that individuals should inquire about with their doctor. It may be used in a clinical environment if it is legal in your location.

The “effexor reviews for social anxiety” is a medication that has shown to be effective in treating social anxiety. The drug is also commonly used as an antidepressant and antipsychotic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Effexor give you energy?

A: Yes, Effexor is a medication that has been proven to give you energy.

Is Effexor the best antidepressant?

A: The best antidepressant for you is the one that works well for you. There are many choices to choose from, so its difficult to say which one will work better than others. Some people find that Effexor helps them more than other antidepressants and some may not see any difference at all.

Does Effexor feel good?

A: I dont think you can compare this feeling to how a person feels when they take Effexor.

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