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The Prevagen is a brand of dietary supplement that claims to help improve memory and cognition. The company behind the product, Gerovital-H3, has been in business since 1978 with over 10 million bottles sold worldwide. Experts remain skeptical about the benefits of this diet pill.

The “Prevagen Review” is a supplement that has been around for a while. It claims to help with memory problems and cognitive decline. However, the Mayo Clinic has not endorsed this product. Read more in detail here: prevagen reviews mayo clinic.

Prevagen, one of the most popular nootropic pills on the market, promises to boost memory. Apoaequorin, a synthetically produced protein found in jellyfish, is the active component.

In this post, we’ll examine Prevagen’s formulation using medical studies to see whether it’s likely to be beneficial. We’ll also provide some alternative memory supplements based on research.

Review of Prevagen Ingredients

Prevagen ingredients list

Prevagen Regular Strength, the most basic kind of Prevagen, is one of the simplest compositions we’ve seen. Apoaequorin (10 mg) and Vitamin D3 (50 mcg) are the sole active components.

Apoaequorin, a protein generated from jellyfish, was an unusual option for a memory-enhancing pharmaceutical since it had not been well explored before to Prevagen’s debut. Many additional substances and botanicals have much more evidence supporting their nootropic (memory-enhancing) properties.

There isn’t a single medical research that suggests this chemical is useful for memory loss that isn’t financed by Prevagen’s maker.

It’s also odd that 250 percent of the Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin D is included for no apparent reason. Why is this vitamin included if it doesn’t boost the memory-supporting properties of apoaequorin (which Prevagen claims there is no evidence for).

Supplement producers are being reckless by include random dosages of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D3, which accumulate in the body. This amount is generally safe, but if a customer takes it together with a separate Vitamin D3 pill, their Vitamin D levels may become dangerously high.

Prevagen also contains a number of fillers, one of which being added sugar. There is no need to incorporate added sugar in a health supplement, no matter how little the quantity. Added sugar is one of the chemicals that medical research have shown to be hazardous to human health when consumed in excess.

Overall, we believe this is a poor formulation for memory enhancement.

Prevagen’s Investigation

Prevagen’s website has a Research area where they post research on their product.

The Madison Memory Research, the only study that looked at whether Prevagen helps memory, was funded by the parent firm Quincy Bioscience, therefore the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

The “primary investigator” identified in the “study” is a parent business employee.

Despite this, the study’s findings were lackluster. In the bulk of the cognitive metrics examined, it failed to demonstrate statistically significant gains. Truth in Advertising, a non-profit dedicated to combating deceptive marketing, released a summary of the findings and was successful in obtaining permission for a class-action settlement based on Prevagen’s false claims.

The apoaequorin safety studies seem to be of better quality than the effectiveness trials. One research looked at the toxicology of apoaequorin at far greater concentrations than those seen in Prevagen and found no indication of toxicity or injury.

There isn’t much evidence that Prevagen is overtly hazardous, but there isn’t enough data to say it’s helpful either.

Business Practices That Are Deceptive

Prevagen’s production plant was investigated by the FDA, and it was discovered that the firm lacked the necessary quality controls to assure product quality. Prevagen’s production plant “failed to establish release criteria for multiple manufacturing processes where control is required to guarantee that parameters for identity, purity, strength, and composition are satisfied,” according to the FDA warning notice.

In layman’s terms, this implies Prevagen didn’t make sure the items they sold were exactly what they claimed they were; they seem to have just manufactured supplements without testing them to guarantee they were safe and appropriately labeled.

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a misleading advertising lawsuit against Quincy Biocience (the holding company behind Prevagen), and the matter looks to be continuing, since there was a case update on June 29, 2021.

One of the most damning facts regarding Prevagen is that it failed to submit incidents of serious user damage to the FDA, as required by law. Following the usage of their goods, several of their customers saw a considerable rise in seizures.

This, in our view, indicates without a reasonable question that this is an unethical organization that isn’t concerned about the safety of its customers, and this information was disclosed in a brilliant Wired exposé about Prevagen’s deceitful activities.

Prevagen’s claim of being the “#1 Pharmacist-Recommended Brand” is likewise misleading. They paid for a promotional piece in the Pharmacy Times, thus this “recommendation” seems to be paid for. If a supplement company paid a group of physicians to endorse their product, the doctors would not be making an honest and impartial advice to their patients; rather, they would be entering into a commercial arrangement.

Alternatives to Memory Aids

There are a lot of natural chemicals that have a lot more science behind them than Prevagen when it comes to memory enhancement.

The cheapest choice is certainly caffeine from coffee. Coffee drinking was reported to slow cognitive decline and memory loss in a meta-review published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Coffee intake of 3-5 cups per day in middle age was linked to a 65 percent lower risk of dementia later in life.

The 65 percent number is based on a population research, so it isn’t definitive, but it is, in our judgment, solid proof. Because creamers and additional sugar might be hazardous to your health, we suggest straight black coffee.

Ginseng is a herbal supplement that has been shown to help with memory, although further study is required. In a clinical investigation, ginseng outperformed a pharmaceutical medicine in terms of cognitive effects (many of which were memory-related).

Another study looked at the effects of ginseng supplementation on cognitive function. In three of the four trials that were included, the ginseng extract group showed substantial gains in memory.

Another herbal medication with medical data proving its memory benefits is Bacopa monnieri. After just 6 weeks of use, a medical trial discovered that 300 mg of bacopa extract daily “had considerable impact on several components of memory,” and the research participants were a high-functioning cognitive group (young medical students), making the findings even more noteworthy.

A medical evaluation of bacopa for memory looked at six research and found that bacopa’s main cognitive benefit was memory free recall.

The “Prevagen side effects – mayo clinic” is a review of the supplement Prevagen. The product claims to help with memory loss, but it has been shown that there are some negative side effects. Reference: prevagen side effects – mayo clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Prevagen actually help memory?

A: It is impossible to say that one memory pill will be better than another. Prevagens research has been done on healthy adults and not people with a known brain disease, so it cannot answer whether or not this product will help you.

Do pharmacists really recommend Prevagen?

A: Yes, pharmacists advise that taking a daily dose of Prevagen can help prevent age-related memory loss and other cognitive issues.

What are the negative side effects of Prevagen?

A: There are a few side effects that you may experience with the use of Prevagen. They include headache, nausea, dizziness and gastrointestinal upset. Additionally, pregnant women should not take it because there is no proof it wont harm their fetus.

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