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The libido supplements market is a very competitive field, there are so many products out in the world today that it can be hard to find one you really like. That’s what makes this review of Libido Max Red different: I have done extensive research and testing on these pills found online at!

The “libido max red vs viagra” is a product that claims to be able to increase your libido and sexual performance. This review will compare the two products.

As male testosterone levels decline across the world, there is a growing need for libido and sexual performance supplements. Libido Max Red is a male sexual enhancement pill that promises “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

In this review, we’ll look at the Libido Max Red formulation and explain why it’s very unlikely to work outside of a placebo effect.

General Remarks on Formulation Analysis

Libido Max Red Supplement Facts Label

This product is a proprietary, or “prop” mix, according to the Supplement Facts label, which is already a red flag for low quality. The only reason a manufacturer would put substances as a prop blend on their label instead of giving the specific quantity of each ingredient is to mislead customers, as we explained in our Balance of Nature review (another poorly-formulated supplement that employs prop blends).

Because the component components in a prop mix aren’t required to be disclosed, manufacturers may put exotic additives in minuscule quantities to “spice up” their labeling.

Goli gummies, for example, are an excellent example of false marketing. Pomegranates are touted for its health advantages in the brand’s marketing, however the component is so underdosed in the formulation that it’s not even classified as an active ingredient, instead being labelled as a “Other Ingredient” with no dosage.

Pomegranates are healthful, however a single milligram dosage is ineffective. It’s the equivalent to eating 0.001% of a pomegranate. Similarly, one of the Libido Max Red components could be useful, but if you don’t know the amount, which might be as little as 1 mg, you’re left with no way of knowing whether the product will work.

L-Citrulline is a dietary supplement that contains the amino acid L-Citrulline.

L-citrulline is the first component in Libido Max Red’s prop combination. Improved sexual performance is one of the recognized citrulline advantages, however the quantity of citrulline in this product is so little that it’s almost useless.

The total weight of the prop mix is just 1.62g. One of the four components is citrulline. Even if we believe there is 1 g of citrulline in this product, it would be ineffective since, according to medical studies, the effective amount of citrulline is above 5 g.

Citrulline increases sexual performance via a process that has nothing to do with desire. It’s an amino acid that helps blood flow by acting as a precursor to nitric oxide. Erection quality is improved by increased blood flow.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is found in many foods.

It’s pointless to use l-arginine in a libido supplement. It is an amino acid that, like citrulline, has no effect on libido.

Although arginine is a nitric oxide precursor, it is not as efficient as l-citrulline. As a result, in this composition, any arginine should be replaced with citrulline. The only reason we can think of for why the corporation didn’t do this is to add another component to make its prop mix seem more diversified.

Beet Powder (Ingredient Review)

This is perhaps not surprising at this stage in the evaluation, but beet powder has also been shown to have no impact on libido.

It’s a nitric oxide precursor, like the other two components, that may increase blood flow when used correctly. Given that the overall prop mix is under 2 g, the quantity of beet powder in Libido Max Red is almost probably underdosed.

The majority of studies that indicate good benefits of beet root powder (using lower blood pressure as an indirect indicator of nitric oxide rise) employ beet root powder with higher beet content than Libido Max Red.

Black Tea Extract (Ingredient Review)

Using black tea extract in a libido booster makes even less sense than using the other three substances. This chemical isn’t often used for libido, nor is it being investigated for that reason. We found one research that suggested black tea might help with libido, however it was an animal study, and the animals were given much more black tea than Libido Max Red contains.

This inclusion makes no sense to us since there are several other libido-enhancing herbs that have been well-studied in humans.

Alternatives That Are Better

There are certain natural herbal products that have been confirmed to be useful in medical literature if you’re seeking for libido enhancement.

According to medical study, Panax ginseng, popularly known as “red ginseng,” boosts human sex desire. We wrote a whole study paper on the health advantages of red ginseng. The typical daily dose for libido enhancement is roughly 3g.

Another chemical that has been extensively researched for sexual enhancement is maca. According to Examine’s evaluation of clinical studies on maca, the dose should be between 1.5 and 3 g based on medical literature. If you want to try maca, be sure you get the gelatinized variety since raw maca is difficult to digest and might cause stomach distress.

Libido Max Red is a supplement that promises to increase libido and sexual performance. It also claims to help with erectile dysfunction. It comes in capsule form and the directions are as follows: take 2 capsules daily with a glass of water. Reference: libido max red directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Libido Max red used for?

A: Libido Max red is a supplement that contains herbs and aphrodisiacs intended to increase libido. It can be taken by both women and men, though its marketed primarily for use in males.

Does Libido Max make you hard?


When should I take my Libido Max red?

A: The Libido Max red is an oral-only supplement. If you decide to take it, start with a low dose of around 100 mgs and gradually increase the dosage over 3 weeks.

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