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Nutrisystem is a diet plan that can help you lose weight, gain health and wellness. Find the best meal replacement for your life style with this Nutrisystem review.

Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that offers diet plans and meal delivery services. The “nutrisystem honest review” will give you an in-depth look at the company, their products, and what they have to offer.


Nutrisystem is a weight-loss-focused packaged meal delivery service. Their prepared meals are “clinically proven to help” for weight reduction, they say.

In this article, we’ll look at the Nutrisystem program and the medical research that looked at how it effected weight loss to see whether we think it’s a decent weight-loss alternative and the meals are nutritious overall.

Are the Foods Fit for Human Consumption?

Food may be “healthy” or “unhealthy” depending on context, and health is clearly a continuum. However, we don’t think many of Nutrisystem’s meals are very nutrient-dense or healthful.

Because Nutrisystem makes no mention of pastured (grass-fed) animals, all animal items (meats, cheese, butter, etc.) may be presumed to be obtained from conventionally-raised feedlot animals rather than pastured (grass-fed) animals.

Medical study has shown that pastured animal products are healthier because they are more nutrient-dense, have a better omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio, and are lower in pollutants and other impurities.

Preservatives, colorants, added sugars, and synthetic vitamins are all included in many Nutrisystem meals, all of which are undoubtedly bad.

For example, in their Salisbury Steak recipe, the preservative disodium phosphate appears twice in the ingredients list. It also includes a mix of vitamins and minerals, such as ferrous sulfate and riboflavin. We don’t advocate adding vitamin and mineral mixes at random; they should be supplemented based on known deficits, not in random blends that serve no purpose and may be hazardous.

Many of their snacks include additional sugars, such as their chocolate flavored pretzels, which have 10 grams of added sugar in just 140 calories, in the form of both processed cane sugar and corn syrup. Medical studies have shown that additional sugar is damaging to human health, thus we advocate avoiding it.

Nutrisystem Cranberry Orange Muffin ingredients list

The ingredients list for Nutrisystem’s Cranberry Orange Muffin (seen above) is a wonderful illustration of why we don’t endorse manufactured meal replacements. 

It has all of the following dubious components in just 150 calories: sugar, soybean oil, sweetener mix, sugar (again), sugar (again), polydextrose, polysorbate 60, natural flavor (an essentially unregulated term that could include any host of safe or unsafe chemicals).

You don’t have to be a food scientist to know that long-term use of such a processed food product may be hazardous to your health.

Calorie Count: Extremely Low

We find it strange that so many of the “meals” sold by Nutrisystem have Calorie Count: Extremely Low. Nearly every breakfast option on their site at the time of writing this article contains under 200 calories, and the vast majority of their lunch and dinner options contain under 300 calories.

These calorie levels are totally inadequate to meet even a dieting patient’s energy requirements. 

Caloric requirements vary greatly depending on the person, but a rough guideline of 2,500 calories for males and 2,000 calories for women is recommended. Assume their baseline calorie demands are much greater on average since most individuals who use Nutrisystem are overweight and trying to lose weight.

An overweight guy with a base metabolic demand of 3,000 calories would need an average of approximately 900 calories every meal to lose weight if he reduced his caloric shortfall to 2,600 calories. A lady aiming for 1,600 calories per day would need more than 500 calories every meal (assuming 3 meals daily in each case).

The three Nutrisystem meals seem to have a total caloric content of less than 1,000 calories, including a snack! Even for dieters, this is insufficient for the great majority of the population. This is really perplexing, and we’re shocked they don’t explain why their meals have such a low calorie count.

We believe that such a low-calorie diet sets their customers up for failure since few individuals have the resolve to stick to a sub-1,000 calorie diet for an extended length of time. It’s probably not even good for you.

Weight Loss Plans are sold separately by Nutrisystem, however we believe this is dishonest marketing. We feel the system sets them up for failure since most customers will not pay for that extra service and will instead have a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe a snack or two without counting calories.

Will Nutrisystem Help You Lose Weight?

Some customers are just interested in the possible weight reduction advantages, regardless of whether the meals are nutritious or not.

A few medical studies have looked into Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem was compared to a self-directed weight reduction diet in one research, and people on Nutrisystem lost more weight.

We feel, however, that it was a poorly planned research with substantial bias. First and foremost, as mentioned in the Conflict of Interest section, the research was created by Nutrisystem staff. 

The Nutrisystem participants also ate less calories for the first week than the self-directed dieters, which, in our view, invalidates any outcomes. It’s pointless to compare two weight-loss regimens if they don’t have the same calorie intake. 

“The lower calorie amount during the first week of the commercial program was aimed to produce an early bigger initial weight reduction in order to encourage compliance and continuing weight loss with this program,” the researchers said. This essentially means that we increased the chances of Nutrisystem participants succeeding so that our findings would be good.

We couldn’t discover any research on Nutrisystem’s long-term success, but we don’t think the diet is likely to be beneficial in the long run due to the calorie restriction (for the base package of three meals and one snack).

Extreme diets may be helpful for weight reduction in the short term, but long-term adherence might be difficult. When individuals feel hungry for lengthy periods of time, they often abandon their diets and begin overeating. According to a medical evaluation, the great majority of weight lost using weight reduction regimens was regained.

We think Nutrisystem might be beneficial for a short-term weight reduction regimen, but adherence over months or years would be difficult.

Alternatives That Are Better For You

We feel that dietary modifications are the most cost-efficient, healthful, and successful method to reduce weight long-term, as we note in practically every article assessing a weight reduction program or product.

Because dietary fiber consumption is connected with weight loss in a dose-dependent way, eating a whole-foods, high-fiber diet may be particularly helpful for weight loss. This indicates that the more fiber you consume (within reason), the more weight you will lose (on average; no dietary intervention works for everyone).

The fact that fiber helps you feel full without adding calories is one of the reasons why it might help you lose weight. Because of the fiber, eating 1,500 calories of quinoa and salad is significantly more difficult than eating 1,500 calories of pizza. Fiber is scarce in the processed, unhealthy pizza lunch.

The “nutrisystem reviews 2020” is a company that offers weight-loss plans. The company has been around for decades. The company offers products that are both healthy and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of Nutrisystem?

A: The major disadvantage is that you cannot eat the foods you want to. You will only be able to choose from a limited number of items, and if those options do not suit your needs or tastes then this plan may not work for you.

How much weight can you lose in a month on Nutrisystem?

A: Nutrisystem is a weight-loss program that helps to decrease the amount of processed sugar in your diet. It offers healthy meals, grocery shopping for those who cant afford it and support group meetings where participants learn how to better manage their food intake. The goal with this program is to help you lose one pound per week over 12 weeks

How much does Nutrisystem actually cost?

A: While a lot of people think they are spending around $200 on the program, in fact thats not what youre actually paying for. Youll be giving up your old meal plan and being charged more than double (usually over $400) to have access to all the food menus and plans available through their website.

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