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HexClad is a new supplement designed to help you improve your mental health. It boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters associated with happiness, contentment, and overall mood enhancement.

HexClad is a supplement that claims to help with weight loss, inflammation and joint pain. The product has been the subject of complaints from customers.

HexClad is a cookware firm that claims to offer the greatest goods on the market because to advanced technology. The business claims that its goods combine the advantages of stainless steel, cast iron, and nonstick pans in one package.

We’ll look at the materials used in HexClad in this article to see whether they’re likely to be safer and more effective than ordinary frying pans.

Is Using Regular Pans Dangerous?

The majority of frying pans sold in big-box stores are “non-stick,” which means they have synthetic chemical coatings on the cooking surface that prevent food from sticking to the pan.

Although this technology is handy, there is a growing body of medical evidence that it is hazardous to human health. According to a recent medical research, non-stick cookware has considerable toxicity risks owing to the chemicals employed, and that newer non-stick materials aren’t always safer than older ones.

Another study looked at 60 years of medical research on fluorinated chemicals (which are used as non-stick chemical agents) and found that there isn’t nearly enough safety testing to demonstrate that they are safe for consumers. Fluorinated chemical usage was labeled as a “social and scientific concern” in the research.

We’re not claiming that normal non-stick pans are inherently dangerous, but they might be, and there’s no need to use them when there are non-toxic alternatives.

Review of HexClad Materials

HexClad materials list

According to its website, HexClad’s basis is made up of two layers of steel that are sandwiched between two layers of aluminum. These are, in our view, excellent materials to utilize.

For good reason, stainless steel is one of the most popular cooking materials: it’s heat resistant and generally non-toxic. Some medical study suggests that stainless steel cookware may leach nickel, but the amounts shouldn’t be a concern in non-nickel-sensitive people, according to the researchers.

As we noted in our Dr. Squatch review, aluminum may be harmful to your health when absorbed by the body, but the aluminum in this device is coated with stainless steel, so it shouldn’t leach into your food.

HexClad does not specify if the aluminum is anodised or not. This is a procedure that prevents metal from leaching into meals and is always recommended in cookware.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE), often known as Teflon, is the non-stick chemical component used on HexClad pans. On commercial pans, this is the most prevalent non-stick coating. It’s quite effective, but its safety is in doubt.

PTFE looks to be quite safe at room temperature. In a research on rats, PTFE was used as a food supplement and no harm was found.

However, some study suggests that when PTFE is heated to high degrees, the gases from the material may be dangerous. A industrial worker died from PTFE inhalation, according to a case study published in the European Respiratory Journal. Another research discovered that when PTFE is heated to exceptionally high temperatures, it may induce lung toxicity.

It’s worth noting that both warning studies focused on PTFE exposure at levels that are unlikely to be reached via cooking. However, since we haven’t found any clear research or evaluations confirming this substance is safe, we don’t endorse it, particularly when there are safer alternatives.

We feel that PTFE is a safer alternative to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is utilized in nonstick cookware coatings.

All of the HexClad items, including pans, woks, and pots, seem to be made using the same technology and materials. As a result, our basic observations apply to all of their goods, not just the pans.

Overall, we would not suggest this product owing to the materials utilized and the company’s lack of transparency on material details (like whether they use the safer anodized aluminum, and the fact that PTFE is not listed on their product pages but a separate FAQ page).

What Would We Recommend in Its Place?

Cast iron pans, in general, are considered to be the safest option for cookware. They’ve been around for millennia and seem to be the least harmful cookware material known.

Cast iron pans are largely constructed of iron and steel, and due of the effects of fat heated on the cooking surface over time, they are inherently non-stick.

Cast iron pans with no additional synthetic non-stick coating are recommended.

One interesting feature about cast iron pans is that low quantities of iron leaching may be good to human health. Iron is a necessary mineral, yet many individuals are iron deficient (particularly women). Medical studies have shown that cooking with cast iron pots improves iron levels.

Cast iron pans are not healthier than standard pans, according to a prevalent fallacy propagated mostly by food blogs authored by persons with no medical qualifications. They contend that a little increase in iron consumption has no health advantages.

What these publications fail to mention is that cast iron is a healthier option not because of the increased dietary iron, but because it is free of dangerous additive coatings. Because cast iron is inherently non-stick, there’s typically no need for manufacturers to add potentially hazardous non-stick additives.

HexClad is a supplement that promises to help with weight loss. What makes it different from other supplements, is the fact that it’s made of all natural ingredients and it doesn’t have any side effects. Reference: what is hexclad made of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HexClad really safe?

A: The HexClad is made from 100% medical grade silicone. Its been used in hospitals and clinics for decades.

Is HexClad made in China?

A: No

Do professional chefs use HexClad?

A: There is no specific answer to this question.

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