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Hydroxycut is one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market today. The newest formula, HydroxyBurn XR, promises to deliver a more intense and longer-lasting fat burning effect. This review will evaluate what this new supplement has to offer consumers at its current price point.

The “hydroxycut reviews before and after” is a supplement that has been around for a while. It is used by people who want to lose weight or just get in shape.

Hydroxycut is a popular weight reduction product in the United States, with over 100 million bottles sold.

In this post, we’ll look at the ingredients in some of Hydroxycut’s most popular products, based on medical research, to see whether they’re safe and helpful for weight reduction. We’ll also discuss some troubling side effects that have been discovered in study investigations.

Toxicity Reports for the Liver

There is a lot of evidence on acute liver harm linked to Hydroxycut usage, which is alarming. Two case reports of people who developed hepatitis quickly after using Hydroxycut were reported in a 2008 medical study. Hepatitis is a dangerous medical disorder in which the liver becomes inflamed, and if not treated promptly, it may have long-term implications.

The analysis could not conclusively prove that Hydroxycut caused the hepatitis since the individuals may have just been ill after taking it, although we believe this is improbable.

The supplement was subjected to a Health Hazard Evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which concluded that “it is extremely probable that exposure to Hydroxycut might induce idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity.” In layman’s words, this indicates the supplement has the potential to injure the liver.

A 22-year-old lady had severe liver harm as a result of Hydroxycut usage, according to a case report published in a medical journal recently. The patient was effectively treated and released, but the research authors underlined the dangers of Hydroxycut usage and even specified the normal symptom length of what they dubbed “Hydroxycut-induced liver damage,” implying that these side effects had a medical standard, which is alarming.

Is Hydroxycut Effective?

Hydroxycut does not seem to be beneficial for weight reduction in clinical trials. That implies there haven’t been any studies done on the product to show it helps people lose weight.

We’ll look at the composition of their most popular product, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut, to see whether the components in it are likely to be successful.

Hydroxycut vitamin and mineral blend

The first portion of the recipe, as shown above, consists only of a vitamin and mineral mix. There is no scientific evidence that random combinations of vitamins and minerals are useful for weight reduction, as we outlined in our Meticore review of a different weight loss supplement business. Manufacturers often include them on Supplement Facts labels without explanation, as seems to be the case here.

Hydroxycut prop blend

The remaining components are a proprietary (prop) combination of 604 milligrams (mg), with three major active ingredients: robusta coffee extract 200 mg, apple cider vinegar 100 mg, and 204 mg of a different sort of coffee extract (seen above).

According to the linked review, Robusta coffee extract may be useful for weight reduction based on medical studies, but there isn’t enough evidence to determine one way or the other. It should be effective, according to a more recent evaluation.

We haven’t found any evidence that suggests that taking 100 milligrams of apple cider vinegar would help you lose weight. This is a very low dosage, 5 times lower than Goli gummies, which we previously examined and found to be underdosed and ineffective.

As we explained in the previous part, 204 mg coffee extract may help with weight reduction. When robusta coffee extract is merely a sort of coffee extract, we find it odd that Hydroxycut mentions these two active components separately on the label.

Plum, baobab extract, and cardamom are the last three components in this prop combination. The overall dosage of these compounds is just 100 mg, or 33 mg on average per ingredient, which is a very low amount. We feel that the dose is so tiny that each of these components is completely useless.

A medical research on baobab extract evaluated its effects on blood sugar response as an example to explain our concept. They used 18.5 grams as a “low dosage” (g). 18,500 mg = 18.5 g This indicates that in this “low dosage” trial, almost 500 times more baobab was utilized than in Hydroxycut.

Unethical supplement producers may often hide a tiny quantity of exotic components in a prop mix in their formulations to make their Supplement Facts panel appear more impressive. That seems to be the situation in this instance.

Because there is minimal evidence on the efficiency of one of Hydroxycut’s components (coffee extract) for weight reduction, we don’t think it will work. The rest of the components look to be severely underdosed.

Review of Hydroxycut Gummies

Hydroxycut Gummies Supplement Facts label

Hydroxycut also offers a gummy supplement that purports to be identical to their Pro Clinical supplement, which we just reviewed.

The majority of this mixture is made up of an even more random mix of vitamins and minerals. Because Hydroxycut does not explain why they picked these nutrients or the amounts, we may presume that this combination will be useless for weight reduction.

The robusta coffee extract, at the same dose as in Pro Clinical, is the sole active botanical component in this product. This substance may help with weight reduction, but there isn’t enough clinical evidence to tell for sure.

This product also includes 5 g of added sugar, the majority of which is corn syrup. We know that too much added sugar is bad and obesogenic based on medical evidence (it’s one of the few things on which almost all physicians agree), so we’re not sure why a weight-loss product would include it.

Hydroxycut gummies are a terrible formulation in our opinion, and we do not suggest it.

Because robusta coffee extract is the sole potentially useful component in this formulation, we urge that people interested in it speak with their physicians about taking it alone. Taking it with a random mix of vitamins and minerals, as well as additional sweets, adds no therapeutic value.

Side Effects of Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut may induce side effects owing to its stimulatory components, in addition to the uncommon but severe adverse effects on the liver that we discussed previously in the text.

Caffeine is 200 mg in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut. While this is a safe dosage for healthy individuals, persons with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disorders may be at risk. We think it unacceptable that Hydroxycut’s product website does not include a notice that customers should see their doctor before using the product.

We also disagree with their website’s “Is Hydroxycut Safe?” page, which claims that the product is safe for healthy people to use.

This is untrue based on the Toxicity Reports for the Liver. Several of the patients who experienced liver injury were previously healthy as detailed in the FDA report.

This is very misleading and maybe harmful marketing. The corporation is well aware of these incidents, yet it doesn’t even identify the danger on a risk page. This alone should be enough to convince any health-conscious customer avoid Hydroxycut.

Also, how can they claim that their product is safe for healthy individuals when it has never been studied for toxicity or long-term safety in a clinical setting?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement that has been around for quite some time. The company claims that the product is safe, but there are many who do not agree with this claim. There are also many people who have experienced side effects from using the product. Reference: is hydroxycut safe 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Hydroxycut to work?

A: Hydroxycut is a caffeine-based product, and will provide some of the effects of coffee without actually being caffeinated. It usually takes 20 minutes to kick in and last 8 hours.

How much weight can you lose in a week with Hydroxycut?

A: According to one study, a person can lose up to 13 pounds in 7 days with Hydroxycut.

Has anyone lost weight with Hydroxycut?

A: Yes. We have seen several people lose weight while taking Hydroxycut, which is why we recommend it to those who are struggling to lose weight and need a quick solution.

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