Active is a proprietary blend of various vitamins, minerals and herbs. It was created by Dr. Gregory Shores in his home lab after years of research on how to optimize the body’s natural ability to fight off disease and support healthy cell growth.

Active is a synonym for “vital”. It also means “in action” or “doing work”. The word active has been used to describe the human body, plants, and animals.


  • It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days
  • Ingredients have been thoroughly investigated.


  • The efficacy of ingredient dosages is debatable.
  • High-priced
  • There will be no third-party testing.

What Is Active-PK, and How Does It Work?

Active-PK is a nutritional supplement that promises to aid with weight management, increased energy, and decreased harmful appetites.

In principle, it does this by activating a protein known as AMPK, also known as your body’s metabolic “master switch.”

AMPK is a protein that plays a key role in energy generation and metabolism.

It may, in particular, aid in the reduction of fat accumulation around the abdomen.

As we become older, this enzyme has been proven to decrease.

If Active-PK aids the body in producing more of this enzyme, it may result in more energy, less cravings, better thinking, and a smaller waistline.

LCR Health, a nutraceutical firm situated in Los Angeles, California, created this supplement.

Dr. Rand Mcclain, a regenerative and sports medicine specialist, is the company’s creator.

As a health care provider, I like the fact that this product was developed by a doctor and that multiple research papers are acknowledged on the website.

2 capsules of Active-PK, taken once a day with meals or on an empty stomach, is the recommended dose.

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Ingredients Evaluation

There are three main elements in Active-PK:

  • Leaf extract from Gynostemma pentaphyllum
  • Dihydrate of quercetin
  • HCL of berberine

1. Leaf extract from Gynostemma pentaphyllum (450 mg)

The plant Gynostemma pentaphyllum is also known as “Southern Ginseng.” It might be involved in the activation of the AMPK enzyme.

Many metabolic activities, including those involved in fat breakdown, may be activated as a result of this.

This plant may help people with diabetes improve their insulin sensitivity. By activating AMPK, it may also help to maintain a healthy metabolism.

This aids the body’s capacity to burn fat for energy rather than storing it.

Participants in a small randomized controlled experiment in 2013 were given 450 mg of gynostemma every day for 12 weeks.

The findings indicated that individuals who used gynostemma extract lost more weight and had less fat mass than those who took a placebo, with no noticeable negative effects. This was the first research to show these findings.


While the initial study’s findings are encouraging in terms of their ability to cause weight reduction, bigger studies are required to establish gynostemma’s efficacy.

2. Dihydrate of quercetin (100 mg)

Dihydrate of quercetin is one of many health-promoting plant compounds called flavonoids.

Quercetin may be present in a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, and red wine.

I would doubt the necessity for it as a supplement since it is plentiful in many meals.

Some research has shown that quercetin has both It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. properties.

A 6-week trial was undertaken in which subjects received a quercetin supplement of 1000 mg per day for 6 weeks.

Even at a dosage ten times that of Active-PK, there was no change in energy, weariness, or sleep quality.

It’s also likely that flavonoids like quercetin are more efficient when paired with other nutrients found in food than than when taken as a stand-alone supplement.


I don’t believe a quercetin supplement is required if you eat a well-balanced diet.

3. HCL of berberine (100 mg)

HCL of berberine is a compound found in several plants that has many potential health benefits.

It also seems to activate AMPK, which helps to better regulate metabolism.

Berberine was shown to help people lose weight and increase insulin sensitivity over the course of three months in a 2012 research. Blood sugar levels improve when insulin sensitivity improves.

However, the majority of the benefits were shown at dosages of roughly 500 mg three times per day, which was substantially greater than the Active-PK level of 100 mg twice per day.


While Berberine as an ingredient has shown promise in terms of supporting a healthy metabolism and blood sugar regulation, the level in Active-PK may not.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the existing studies, the following is our summary of the available evidence regarding the stated advantages of Active-PK:

Assists with weight loss Evidence of Moderate Strength
Increases energy levels Evidence of Moderate Strength
Aids in the reduction of cravings Evidence of Moderate Strength

Safety and Side Effects

Although Active-PK is made up of natural components, this does not ensure its safety.

To far, no side effects have been documented from gynostemma pentaphyllum. However, the gynostemma dosage in Active-PK is 900 mg overall, which is double the amount used in this study.

It’s currently unclear if consuming greater doses of gynostemma has any negative side effects.

Headaches, stomach problems, and a tingling feeling are all potential adverse effects of quercetin.

Kidney damage and tumor growth encouragement, particularly in estrogen-dependent malignancies, are other serious adverse effects that might occur.

It may also interfere with several prescription drugs, making them less bioavailable.

Higher dosages of 500–1000 mg have been associated with these adverse effects; nevertheless, the long-term safety and optimum dose of quercetin remain unknown.

A 12-week research found that taking 1500 mg of berberine daily had no major side effects, while moderate gastrointestinal problems were likely.

This amount is far greater than the Active-PK suggested daily intake of 200 mg berberine.

It’s impossible to rule out the possibility of gastrointestinal pain as a side effect.

Additionally, if you have diabetes and are already on blood sugar lowering medication, it is advised to speak with your doctor prior to starting HCL of berberine.

Despite the fact that the danger of taking Active-PK is minimal due to the low amount of its related substances, it’s always a good idea to see your doctor before starting any new supplement.

Where to Buy and How Much

LCR Health sells Active-PK directly and via Amazon:

  • When ordered straight from LCR, a one-month supply costs $89.95 at a regular price. One bottle, however, costs $43 when bought via the brand’s Special Promotion website.
  • The pricing is $47.95 if you buy it from Amazon.
  • If you buy at least three months’ worth of merchandise from the manufacturer, you may get a discount.

This product is expensive. A more flexible, Money-back guarantee for 90 days is available from LCR Health compared to only a 30-day guarantee from Amazon.


Alternatives are compared

Active-PK differs from other metabolism boosters on the market in a few ways.

First and foremost, Active-PK contains no caffeine or other stimulants.

This is a more natural source of energy from herbs for a supplement meant to deliver greater energy.

It’s also devoid of dairy and other chemicals.

This product has been third-party evaluated in an independent lab, according to LCR Health. However, I was unable to locate Active-PK on any credible third-party websites.

This supplement is substantially more costly than alternatives containing identical components that are claimed to improve energy and cost between $25 and $35 per month.

The Super Smart AMPK Booster pill, for example, costs $42 per month.

In addition, the Super Smart AMPK Booster has 600 mg of Berberine per serving, compared to 100 mg in Active-PK.

According to the quantity proved to create outcomes in the study, this larger dosage may be more beneficial. (Super Smart AMPK Booster is available on Amazon.)

While both products include substances that may have health advantages, further research on their efficacy is required.

As a result, I would not advise anybody to use metabolism boosters to lose weight.

Special Promotion


Active-PK is a brand that you should check out.

Save as much as 60%

Shipping is completely free.

Money-back guarantee for 90 days

Final Thoughts

The use of Active-PK is typically safe, with a minimal risk of adverse effects.

Part of the reason for this is because the doses of each component are far lower than what has been studied in research studies or proved to create any negative effects.

This might also indicate that the dosage is ineffective and will not provide the desired outcomes. 

Always with your doctor before beginning any new supplement to determine the dangers and advantages of doing so.

A Message from Our RD

Rather than using a pill, I would encourage making healthy lifestyle adjustments to reduce cravings and enhance metabolism.

Healthy habits may be established by a mix of food, exercise, and stress management to increase health, vitality, and lifespan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the real meaning of active?

A: Active is a term that means something is happening or has happened recently. It can also be used to describe an idea, meaning, opinion, etc., thats been in the public eye for some time now.

What is the synonym word of active?

A: The synonym word of active is lively.

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A: The antonym and synonym of active is inactiveness.

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