Vegamour review

Vegamour is a plant-based supplement that promises to give you all the nutrients your body needs. This review shows what it has in store.

Vegamour is a supplement that promises to help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and improve your mood. This product has received mixed reviews from users on social media. Read more in detail here: vegamour reviews reddit.

Summary of the Vegamour Review

Plant-based, vegan, organic hair care products for hair, brows, and lashes are available at Vegamour. Check out our Vegamour review to learn more!

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Vegamour is a well-known hair growth serum made entirely of organic and natural materials. It’s a little pricey, but it’s safe to use, and many people say it works for them.

7 Things We Learned From Our Vegamour Review

  1. Los Angeles, California is the location.
  2. Hair health and wellness items
  3. Prices range from $24 to $272.
  4. Results: Created to aid in the prevention of hair loss.
  5. How to purchase: You may buy any of the company’s items on its website or through third-party distributors like Amazon.
  6. This product is for those who wish to improve the appearance of their hair, lashes, and brows.
  7. Complementary Items: The Nebula 30X Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test is designed to find unusual genetic mutations. It decodes 100% of your DNA with great precision.

Introduction to Vegamour

Based on scientific research, Vegamour is a hair wellness brand that supplies individuals with clean solutions that efficiently boost hair and scalp health. They do this by combining sustainably obtained, plant-based components with cutting-edge molecular research.

The company states that its mission is to “advocate the use of thoughtfully sourced, plant extracts in creating superior wellness & beauty products that neither harm the beautiful people who use them or the planet we all share.” Therefore, they make suitable Products for the Hair from organic plant extracts.

Home page of VegamourHome page of Vegamour

Their products are completely vegan and free of hormones and pollutants like artificial scent and propylene glycol, which are often found in hair growth treatments. Vegamour goods have no negative side effects due to their natural components. Mung bean, red clover, curcumin, and Nicotiana benthamiana are some of the natural constituents in the growth serum.

Vegamour’s CEO and co-founder, Daniel Hodgdon, is a Georgetown University graduate. Since March 2016, he has been the company’s CEO, and he has worked tirelessly with others to build breakthrough hair wellness technologies. Daniel is also a member of the Southern Botanica GmbH advisory board.

This hair wellness startup made $6 million in revenue in its first six months of operation. It has grown into a multimillion-dollar hair restoration company that made $8 million in 2017 and is on target to make $10 million this year. Hundreds of thousands of individuals utilize their goods. “Vegamour is the fastest-growing hair growth firm,” says the company’s CEO.

Vegamour makes various products, each serving different purposes. Some of the products of this hair wellness brand include Volumizing Serum by vegaBROW, 1st Combo Plan, Ultimate Lash & Brow Kit, GRO Hair Serum, GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum, GRO Hair Foam, GRO+ Advanced Hair Foam, Dry Shampoo by GRO, and Vegamour’s GRO advanced Hair Serum (3 Pack), etc.

Vegamour Science: A Review

What exactly is included in the formulas?

Vegamour hair, lash, and brow solutions are meant to provide the appearance of longer, denser, and healthier hair, lashes, and brows. Their treatments are manufactured from natural plant extracts and are designed to reactivate dormant hair follicles. The re-growth time of your hair will be accelerated with such healthy stimulus.

Products by Vegamour are made of phyto-active formulas that inhibit the DHT production, the hormone responsible for hair loss. The phyto-actives address both the symptoms and underlying causes of visible hair thinning & fallout. 

General overview of Vegamour ingredientsThe components in Vegamour are effective, plant-based, and safe.

The Vegamour hair serum is designed for those who have thinning hair as a result of certain drugs. It’s also safe for expectant mothers, ladies with alopecia, and those going through menopause. People are more prone to thinning hair during these times, and this firm offers a trustworthy treatment.

In 90 days, the business claims to have reduced hair loss by 76%.

What isn’t covered?

The formulations are devoid of prostaglandins, gluten, parabens, toxins, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. Phthalate, castor oil, PEG, and petrolatum are also absent. 

Prostaglandin is a lipid molecule that exerts hormone-like actions in vasodilation, muscular contraction, and inflammation, and is found in numerous other competitor goods. Bimatoprost is also not included in the recipe. This substance is found in a variety of Products for the Hair. It does, however, have a number of adverse effects, including redness of the eyes and eyelids, impaired vision, persistent darkening of the iris, and eye burning or other discomforts.

Products by Vegamour

There are three distinct types of products: 

  • Hairstyles (increases hair density)
  • a lash (supports natural lash growth, thickness and fullness)
  • Eyebrows (supports natural brow growth, thickness and fullness)

Each item description in their store includes use instructions as well as a list of the product’s main components. 

You may also look through their health items, which include gummy, foam, and soft gel hair supplements, as well as packages that come with product bundles. GRO+ Advanced products, which feature full spectrum hemp infusions, are also available in most categories. 

You can also order any of the Products by Vegamour from their website or third-party websites such as Amazon.

Vegamour’s Price Guides

Vagamour’s prices might be somewhat pricey, however consumers who subscribe to get items monthly can save 15%. At any moment, customers may skip or cancel their membership.

Customers may now save an additional 20% on their purchase by using the Vegamour coupon code found on their website.

Products for the Hair

Hair health products from Vegamour are excellent for thinning and aging hair. They help reduce fallout and clearly enhance the natural hair development cycle, resulting in considerably thicker and fuller hair. The majority of the products may be used on wet or dry hair. The majority of individuals use it on towel-dried hair.

Product Purchase/subscription on a one-time basis
Hair Serum GRO (also available as a 3 pack) $52/$44
GRO Foam for Hair (also available as a 3 pack) $52/$44
Dry Shampoo by GRO $32/$28
Biotin Gummies from GRO (also available as a 3 month supply) $28/$24
Advanced Hair Serum GRO+ (also available as a 3 pack) $68/$58
Advanced Hair Foam GRO+ (also available as a 3 pack) $68/$58
Advanced Gummies GRO+ (also available as a 3 month supply) $68/$58
Shampoo GRO Revitalizing (8 oz) $48/$42
GRO Revitalizing Conditioner is a revitalizing conditioner made by GRO (8 oz) $48/$42

You may try a variety of hair kits that mix different ingredients.

Vegamour Products for the HairVegamour Products for the Hair

Products for the Brow

Suitable for brows that are sparse, thin, or overplucked. They’re completely safe and vegan. Clinically proven to clearly boost natural brow growth, fullness, and thickness, these brow-enhancing solutions are a must-have.

Product Purchase/subscription on a one-time basis
Volumizing Serum by vegaBROW $79.95/$59.95
1st Combo Plan $139.95/$99.95
Ultimate Lash & Brow Kit $149/$124
Advanced Brow Serum GRO+ $88/$78
GRO+ Advanced Lash & Brow Kit $158/$140

Vegamour Products for the BrowVegamour Products for the Brow

Eyelash Extensions

Natural lash development, thickness, and fullness are supported by these eyelash enhancers. They also reduce breakage and spillage.

Product Purchase/subscription on a one-time basis
Volumizing Serum by vegaLASH $79.95/$59.95
1st Combo Plan $139.95/$99.95
Ultimate Lash & Brow Kit $149/$124
Advanced Lash Serum GRO+ $88/$78
GRO+ Advanced Lash & Brow Kit $158/$140

Vegamour lash extensionsVegamour lash extensions

Although these items are deemed natural and safe, it’s crucial to realize that the Food and Drug Administration has not investigated any of the claims. (Copyright 2021 VEGAMOUR – All Rights Reserved) The goods are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.

Privacy Concerns at Vegamour

The Vegamour privacy policy may be found on the company’s homepage, which is linked below.

Vegamour safeguards its customers’ personal information and takes reasonable steps to guarantee that it is not shared with other parties without their permission. 

Pros and Cons of Vegamour


  • Ingredients that are vegan and cruelty-free
  • There are no Vegamour side effects.
  • It is available for purchase straight from the company’s website as well as via third-party websites.
  • There are several alternatives to pick from.
  • It has received positive feedback, indicating that it is successful.


  • It takes anywhere between 30 and 90 days of consistent usage to see a noticeable effect.
  • It is necessary to continue utilizing in order to maintain the effects.

Vegamour’s Other Reviews

Is Vegamour effective? One of the company’s most popular items, Vegamour GRO Hair Serum, has 64 Vegamour hair serum reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. 

Many Vegamour hair reviews have reported similar findings, noting that the product performs as intended and that the hair grows as promised. Customers who gave the product a lower star rating said it did not work for hair growth and that the consistency was strange. 

On Reddit, Vegamour reviews are harsher, with more people claiming that the product did not work for them.

The bottom line, like with most commercial goods, seems to be that outcomes will vary. Those who put the hair serum to the test, according to the company’s website, had favorable outcomes.

You may also use Instagram to see what others are saying about the items. 

Vegamour before and after resultFrom their website, a Vegamour before and after hair outcome.

In the News: Vegamour

Due of pandemic-related hair loss, sales of Vegamour Hair Growth Serum have increased.

Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, doctors have seen a surge in hair loss and thinning. As a result, individuals, particularly women, are seeking for a solution. Over 52,000 women purchased Vegamour hair growth to battle pandemic-related hair loss, resulting in a 500% increase in sales. They seem to prefer this medication due to its efficacy. 

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics.

Hair loss and thinning may be caused by a variety of circumstances, both external and internal. Use of harsh chemical colors and shampoos are examples of external influences, whereas genetics is an example of internal ones.

Hair loss and thinning may be inherited from one’s parents. You can adopt a good strategy to get rid of your hair if you know why it falls out. You should, however, undergo a DNA test to see whether your thinning hair and hair loss are caused by heredity!

At Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics., we offer 30X Whole Genome Sequencing, a DNA test that decodes 100% of your DNA with extremely high accuracy. This test is perfect for the discovery of rare genetic mutations. After testing every strand of your DNA, we provide reliable results that are more comprehensive than what you’ll get from other DNA tests like 23andMe and AncestryDNA that only reads 0.02% of your genetic makeup.

We respect our customers’ privacy, so you may start your adventure of discovery with us without putting your most sensitive information at danger. We also have a Nebula Research Library that sends us weekly news on the most recent scientific breakthroughs and DNA exploration tools.

You may also be interested in the following hairstyles:

  • Capillus Capillus Capillus Capillus Cap (laser filled caps to stimulate hair follicles)
  • Maintains (prescription strength hair loss treatment)
  • Nutrafol is a kind of nutraceutical (supplements for hair growth and thickening)
  • Vivisection (supplements for hair growth and thickening)

Other items that may aid in the reduction of outward indications of aging include:

  • Arbonne is a French cosmetics brand (a catalog of aging well products)
  • Curology is a branch of medicine that deals with (personalized acne treatment)
  • Plexaderm is a kind of Plexaderm (reduces wrinkles for short term effect)
  • SeroVital is a SeroVital product (reduces signs of aging)
  • Yoga Makes You Sweat (yoga instuctional videos for weight loss)

Other tests and substances that might help you age gracefully include:

Do you think our Vegamour review was helpful? More reviews may be found on our site, as well as our comprehensive guide to the best DNA test kit and other home testing.

The “vegamour reviews allure” is a supplement that is designed to help you lose weight. It contains green coffee bean extract, which has been shown to reduce fat in the body. The product also includes raspberry ketones and apple cider vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vegamour effective?

A: The verdict is still out on this one.

Is Vegamour a hoax?

A: No, Vegamour is a real bakery in the Netherlands.

Does Vegamour have side effects?

A: No, Vegamour is a natural food supplement that does not have any side effects.

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