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Umzu is a supplement you can buy online that promises to help make your workouts easier. The company claims their product will increase the amount of muscle growth, decrease recovery time and improve overall performance.

The “umzu reviews reddit” is a review site that has been around for 10 years. It provides information on different supplements, and has a great community.

Umzu is a growing supplement company with excellent marketing. Their marketing materials are spotless and effective, but their supplements are less so.

In this post, we’ll look at the Umzu Redwood and Umzu Testro X formulations. We’ll also go over their “Thermo Diet” diet plan. We’ll explain why we think Umzu is pricey and poorly constructed in general.

Formulations that are only available to a limited number of people

Most of Umzu’s products, especially their best sellers, are Formulations that are only available to a limited number of people. This means the company creates a unique blend of compounds rather than selling a single vitamin or herb.

If you’ve read our Neuriva review, you’ll know what we think about Formulations that are only available to a limited number of people: if the supplement company hasn’t funded clinical trials of their unique blend, there is no proof it works. Mixing together different individual compounds that may be effective for various health goals doesn’t necessarily translate to an effective blended product.

Umzu hasn’t paid for any clinical research and hasn’t published any evidence that their goods work.

Testing that hasn’t been published

Supplement manufacturers must provide test results demonstrating that their products are low in heavy metals and correctly labeled. In the United States, this is not needed, but without it, supplement users have no way of knowing if the items they’re taking are safe or hazardous.

The FDA required 800 different supplement companies to return their goods in 2020 due to quality control difficulties.

Consumers have no clue what they’re purchasing since Umzu doesn’t disclose any test results for its items. At the absolute least, any credible supplement firm would publish in-house lab studies, if not independent lab tests, demonstrating the label accuracy and safety of each batch of their products.

Review of Umzu Redwood

Umzu Redwood Supplement Facts panel

Umzu Redwood is one of their best-selling items, having the advantage of “increasing your nitric oxide production.”

Horse chestnut is one of the active constituents, however it isn’t principally a nitric oxide precursor to our understanding, despite its historic usage for circulatory benefit. There are a few medical studies that suggest the side advantages of increased nitric oxide with horse chestnut consumption, but none at the amount seen in Umzu Redwood.

We don’t think they have any evidence that horse chestnut at 250 mg is helpful for raising nitric oxide levels since the “Learn More” button beneath their horse chestnut extract section only reloads the same page at the time we’re writing this.

Umzu Redwood also includes 300 mg of garlic, which is good for decreasing blood pressure and promoting nitric oxide generation but is underdosed in their product. According to medical study, the effective dosage of garlic for circulatory benefit is at least 600 mg and preferably above 1 g.

If you’re seeking for garlic supplements supported by research, Kyolic makes aged garlic extract supplements and sponsors scientific studies to prove they perform.

A substance called casein hydrolysate is another underdosed component in this product. Although some preliminary study suggests it may be helpful to cardiovascular health, the levels employed in medical trials are far greater than those found in Umzu Redwood. Their own website refers to two casein hydrolysate study articles that use dosages that are eight times greater than the 12 mg in Redwood. It’s as though they merely looked for random trials that included this substance without checking dose.

Overall, l citrulline at 8 to 10 g daily is a powerful nitric oxide precursor that is far better established in medical literature and is much less expensive than Umzu Redwood. Redwood costs $40 for just 30 servings, but bulk citrulline powder costs less than Overall, if you’re looking for a potent nitric oxide precursor which is much more established in medical literature and factors cheaper than Umzu Redwood, consider taking l citrulline at 8 to 10 g daily. The cost of Redwood is $40 for only 30 servings, and you can get bulk citrulline powder for less than $0.5 per 9 g serving..5 per 9 g serving.

Review of the Umzu Testro X

Umzu Testro X Supplement Facts panel

Another of their popular products is Umzu Testro X, which promises to help “increase your body’s capacity to create testosterone.”

Zinc and magnesium are two minerals having a daily value (DV) in the formulation. Both can help to maintain healthy testosterone levels, but there is no proof that either mineral enhances testosterone levels in healthy persons who aren’t lacking in the minerals.

Mineral supplements should not be used on a whim, but rather to correct deficits discovered by testing. Taking 136 percent of the daily value of zinc in a supplement would provide no benefit and may even cause damage to someone who is already deficient in zinc.

L-leucine, l-theanine, inositol, glycine, and black pepper fruit extract are among the five substances in Testro X that make no sense for a testosterone supplement. According to our study, none of these chemicals are utilized (or even evaluated) for testosterone enhancement.

Umzu characterizes l-theanine as “relaxing” and inositol as a “small chemical structurally related to glucose that is important in cellular signaling” in their component breakdown. I suppose when there’s no evidence that a component should be included in a secret recipe, you simply publish random data instead of proof that it works.

The other three components (ashwagandha, coleus forskohlii, and boron) have been studied in early research for testosterone enhancement with minimal benefits and, in our view, are suitably dosed. Because boron is a mineral, a blood test is recommended before supplementing.

Testro X costs $54.95 for a one-time purchase, which we believe is too high considering the lack of scientific evidence that this mineral and herb mix truly boosts testosterone levels. It’s around $2 per dish for no guarantees.

Review of the Thermo Diet

The “Thermo Diet” is a silly and unscientific diet advise website on Umzu. “It improves energy flow throughout your body,” it says.

Random inclusions and exclusions are used in the diet regimen. Potatoes are edible, while peanuts are not. Eggs are safe to consume, but mint tea is not.

Unfortunately, supplement and pharmaceutical businesses continue to overcomplicate nutrition advice with completely unscientific practices. The only method to lose weight consistently is to eat meals (preferably complete, unprocessed foods) at a calorie deficit. It won’t help if you avoid mint tea because Umzu told you to.

One medically established technique to make dieting simpler is to boost dietary insoluble fiber, which promotes the sensation of fullness, as we discussed in our critical Plenity weight loss supplement review. Because of the fiber differential, eating a huge salad will make you feel more satisfied than eating the same number of calories in fries. This strategy might be preferable than removing items at random based on the “Thermo Diet.”

“Umzu Review” is a supplement that has been getting rave reviews on Amazon. Users are reporting an increase in their size of the balls and more energy. The product has also been endorsed by celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Ariana Grande. Reference: umzu reviews bigger balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is UMZU a legit company?

A: Using the search bar is a good way to find out.

Is UMZU FDA approved?

A: UMZU is not FDA approved.

Does UMZU have side effects?

A: Unfortunately, UMZU has no known side effects.

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