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Nootropics Depot is a raw, all-natural and vegan supplement company that offers high quality herbs. The company was started by an ex-marine who has extensive knowledge on nutrition – especially when it comes to nootropics. Nootropic Depot’s supplements are made with unique ingredients like maca root, ashwagandha, turmeric root, bacopa monnieri and various others.

Nootropics Depot is a company that sells nootropics, which are supplements that help improve cognitive function. The company has been in business since 2013 and has a Reddit review of the company.

Nootropics Depot is the most well-known nootropics retailer in the United States, if not the whole globe. They provide a range of cognitive-enhancing supplements (commonly known as “nootropics”), as well as botanical supplements and items in a number of categories, such as dermatology and pre-workout.

In this post, we’ll look at what sets Nootropics Depot apart from other nootropics companies, showcase some of their best-selling goods, explain why we have concerns about some of the products they offer, and conclude why they’re one of the safest places to buy nootropics online.

What sets Nootropics Depot apart from the competition?

The majority of the supplements sold by Nootropics Depot are not in-house blends, but rather high-quality versions of well-known supplement categories. When it comes to a popular supplement like l-theanine, consumers know that Nootropics Depot is likely to offer a version that is precisely dosed and standardized based on medical research.

Essentially, Nootropics Depot’s success is due to the fact that it is operated by individuals that are well-versed in supplement research and are adept at locating patentable and effective products.

Consider a botanical supplement like ginseng to see why this is so essential. Liquids, powders, capsules, raw botanical material, extract material, standardized extract material, and many more ginseng items are available for purchase online.

Most people don’t have the time or inclination to go through all of the medical literature to figure out not only what kind of ginseng to take, but also how much to take.

Because they virtually always offer an effectively dosed and standardized product, Nootropics Depot accomplishes this for you. They simplify the process by allowing customers to choose a broad category (such as ginseng) and trust that whichever ginseng product they purchase from Nootropics Depot will be successful.

Nootropics Depot’s most popular ginseng product is a 200 mg Panax Ginseng capsule, which is an effective nootropic dosage according to medical study. There are no dangerous filler elements in this product, and it employs a proprietary extract called “GS15-4” that has been shown to be more absorbable than ordinary ginseng extract.

This is the level of quality that Nootropics Depot consistently provides for a wide range of botanical and synthetic nootropics, which is why so many customers trust them.

Best-Selling Items

Alpha GPC, at a dose of 150 milligrams, is the best-selling product at Nootropics Depot (mg). Based on medical research (that Nootropics Depot themselves refer to), this dosage seems to be somewhat underdosed, but since it’s a single-ingredient supplement, consumers may simply titrate increase the dose as required.

Caffeine + l-theanine pills, available in two dosages, are their second best seller. The doses supplied are well within the medical reference range from studies, making this combo one of the safest and most effective research-backed nootropics.

L-theanine alone at a dose of 200 mg is Nootropics Depot’s third top product, and this dosage is precisely what is utilized in most medical research on l-theanine.

We don’t need any more instances to conclude that the majority of Nootropics Depot goods are properly dosed and accessible in the most effective form for nootropic impact.

As we said in our Prevagen review, research-backed nootropic products are uncommon in the supplement sector, therefore we applaud Nootropics Depot for their formulations.

Concerns about safety

Some of the nootropics offered on the Nootropics Depot website lack sufficient proof to support their safety.

“Nootropics” is a broad term that refers to any compound that can improve cognitive function, ranging from long-used botanical ingredients like panax ginseng to newer research chemicals with little long-term medical research on toxicity and safety.

Nootropics Depot, for example, supplies coluracetam, a nootropic substance with a dose of 20 mg. This is one of the racetams, a prominent family of nootropic medications that are modestly stimulatory and alter neurotransmitter activity.

We couldn’t locate a single human research that supports coluracetam’s safety, thus we advise you to stay away from it. It makes no sense to take a potentially harmful or poisonous nootropic when there are so many excellent and safe alternatives.

Magnolia bark extract is another botanical ingredient available from Nootropics Depot. While this substance has been used for millennia to alleviate anxiety, its long-term addiction potential has yet to be shown. Because of its capacity to alter GABA in the brain, magnolia bark has the potential to be addictive, according to a 2017 medical literature review. Long-term usage may result in withdrawal symptoms as a result of this.

Nootropics Depot founder safety comments on Magnolia bark posted on Reddit

In response to these worries on Reddit, Nootropics Depot’s creator said that he had personally tried the substance and “stopped cold turkey without any complications,” therefore he judged it safe. This approach of determining long-term ingredient safety is plainly skewed and unscientific.

Only ingredients with comprehensive long-term safety and toxicity investigations should be utilized. The Reddit remark was made two years ago, so perhaps their rules have changed since then, but we believe this is a red sign.

No third-party testing has been published.

Nootropics Depot says that all of its products have been third-party tested, yet the photographs of their items simply show a spec sheet, which is a document that a manufacturer gives that shows what levels of contaminants are expected to be in the completed product, not the actual test results.

We assume they do probably do the third-party testing they claim to because of their membership in the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) and their public cooperation with multiple testing laboratories; it would simply be nice to have verification.

We feel that publishing updated third-party testing findings for each lot of each product is in the best interests of consumers. Consumers have no other method of knowing if the things they’re contemplating buying are appropriately labeled and safe.

They should simply disclose the data if they have it. For the time being, we can’t guarantee with certainty that their items are safe and correctly labeled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nootropics Depot good quality?

A: Nootropics Depot has the best quality of any nootropic in general. They offer some of the top-selling products on Amazon, and their customer service is excellent.

Where is Nootropics Depot based?

A: Nootropics Depot is based out of the United States.

What is the most effective Nootropic?

A: That depends on the user. Everyone is different in what works for them, and some people may show quick results while others take a little longer. Generally speaking though, caffeine will help increase dopamine levels which stimulates the brains pleasure centers. You can also try taking Magnesium citrate or Alpha GPC to help with cognitive function such as attention span and focus abilities.

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