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In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to have a DNA test done in order to identify health risks as well as potential issues that might be passed down through the generations. However, despite extensive research on using oral DNA testing kits before conception and during pregnancy, there are still some obstacles we need to overcome.

The “oral dna labs covid test” is a product that tests for the presence of oral bacteria. It can be used to determine if you have gum disease or any other oral health issues.

Summary of Oral DNA Labs

Oral DNA Labs is a firm that specializes in detecting oral health issues. Read on to learn more about Oral DNA Labs in our review!

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Oral DNA Labs is one of the few firms that focuses on detecting dangerous bacteria in the mouth that might cause health problems. The findings have satisfied a number of oral health firms. It’s tough to obtain evaluations outside of the company’s website since it’s not sold by third parties.

Christina Swords, Ph.D., edited the piece.

7 Takeaways from Oral DNA Labs’ Review

  1. Eden Prairie, Minnesota is the location of this event.
  2. Clinical laboratory testing to identify inflammatory and oral disorders is one of the services offered. 
  3. Costs range from $125 to $250.
  4. Perform quality testing and deliver accurate findings as a consequence of your efforts. 
  5. How to order: The Oral DNA test kit may be ordered straight from the company’s website. 
  6. Healthcare providers, patients, and researchers are the intended customers. 
  7. Complementary Items: Nebula 30X Whole Genome Sequencing is a DNA Test that may be used to figure out what causes disorders genetically. It accurately decodes 100 percent of your DNA.

Introduction to Oral DNA Labs

Oral DNA Labs’ objective is to “use salivary diagnostics to assist healthcare professionals treat, heal, and inspire oral health.” Oral DNA Labs is a specialist diagnostics firm that specializes on inflammatory and oral illnesses. It was founded in January 2008.

Oral DNA Labs homepageOral DNA Labs collaborates with dentists to identify illness.

A group of devoted healthcare and laboratory professionals formed Oral DNA Labs. Brian Carr, the company’s current CEO, has been in charge since its founding in 2008. Between 2003 to 2007, he was the Founder/Chairman/CEO of American Esoteric Laboratories, Inc.

It is well-known for its contributions to personal healthcare. Their website is divided into three sections: providers, patients, and research. The patient portion will be the subject of this review. 

The supplier section explains how providers may be included to the company’s directory and benefit from the company’s experience. Researchers may use the contact form under the research section to contact the firm tomorrow. 

They are recognized for offering great customer service and consultations in addition to providing novel diagnostic testing. They assist healthcare practitioners in detecting illness and risk factors early on, when therapy is more effective.  

Oral DNA Labs and Their Science

Oral DNA Labs is a company that sequences the genetic material of microorganisms in your mouth. These sequences are used to detect dangerous bacteria and assist your oral health care physician in developing individualized treatment or preventive measures. Oral infections may raise the risk of systemic disorders including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and rheumatoid arthritis, in addition to foul breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. 

Some conditions associated with oral healthOral diseases are diseases that affect one’s oral health.

The business also monitors gene markers linked to increased inflammation, which is a key contributor in periodontitis severity (gum disease). Some tests may detect high-risk strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) linked to mouth cancer. The HPV virus is the major cause of oropharyngeal malignancies, according to The Oral Cancer Foundation, making HPV testing highly recommended among adults. HPV infections are linked to 65 percent of oral malignancies. The following are some of the company’s testing options:

  • HPV OraRisk
  • HSV Type 1 and Type 2 OraRisk
  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea OraRisk
  • Candida OraRisk

The fact that these tests are non-invasive diagnostic instruments allows oral healthcare practitioners to discover diseases at an earlier, more curable stage is one of its advantages. 

Putting the Oral DNA Labs Test to the Test

There are two parts involved in Putting the Oral DNA Labs Test to the Test. 

To begin, go to the company’s website and place an order for a saliva sample kit. You’ll be asked to provide the quantity of kits you want as well as your shipping address for delivery.

The delivery is free, and you’ll have all of the materials sent to your house so you don’t have to go to their lab. 

A simple mouth rinse collection kit is available from Oral DNA Labs. As a result, you don’t need to choose a kit depending on the sort of test you’ll do. 

Because sample collection has a considerable influence on the saliva test outcome, it must be done correctly. You may receive the erroneous result if the sample is not properly collected or becomes contaminated. The sample collection should be done in the following sequence, according to the company’s instructions:

  1. VIGOROUSLY SWISH & GARGLE ALL 5 mL of saline solution for 30 SECONDS
  2. EXPECTORATE into the collecting tube using the funnel.
  3. REMOVE the top from the preservative vial and pour the contents into the collecting tube.
  5. PRINT “Patient Name” & “DOB” on barcode label; AFFIX lengthwise onto collection tube
  6. SAMPLE PACKAGING FOR RETURN SHIPPING: Place the collection tube in a plastic bag; place the bagged sample(s) in the box(es); shut the box and secure it with an adhesive strip. Keep at room temperature until you’re ready to ship.

The testing company's sample collection processInstructions for collecting samples

After you’ve gathered the sample, go to oraldna.com on the company’s website. There’s an opportunity to CREATE and SHIP a test order there (s). 

Fill out the form provided and send your sample to the firm. Please keep in mind that your sample must be received by the firm within 21 days after the collection date. 

When your results are ready, the firm will inform you. You may get your test results by going to their website. 

Reports from Oral DNA Labs are examined.

Oral DNA Labs provides a wide range of tests, including the ones listed below. On the company’s website, you can see sample reports for each test.

MyPerioID and MyPerioPath

MyPerioPath aids in the detection and measurement of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Gingivitis and periodontal disease are caused by some of the microorganisms. The firm may provide microbiome data and propose the most effective periodontal care using this test. 

The kind and concentration of the microorganisms causing the illness, classed as high risk through low risk pathogens, are among the details included in microbiome studies.

Oral DNA Labs sample report on identifying bacteria An example of a pathogen identification report

It also highlights which infections are present and how they are linked to various conditions or disease kinds. This information may assist patients and their physicians in focusing on specific health issues or developing a dental hygiene regimen that is consistent with the patient’s overall health objectives.

Oral Labs DNA sample report on Oral diseases are diseases that affect one's oral health.A sample health-related concern report

The MyPerioID test assesses a patient’s risk of acquiring significant gum infections, such as inflammatory periodontitis. There are two tests: one that evaluates interleukin-1 gene (IL-1) genetic variations and the other that examines interleukin-6 gene variants (IL-6). In the presence of oral bacteria, some genotypes in the IL-1 gene increase the risk of severe inflammation. 

Some genotypes have been shown to be more common in people who develop moderate to severe chronic periodontitis and aggressive periodontitis than in those who do not have periodontal disease.

Genotype identification in an Oral DNA labs reportGum disease has a risk factor that has been established.

If you are at a greater risk, the information in MyPerioID may help you and your dentist develop a dental care and disease prevention strategy. 


The OraRisk category of tests may be used to evaluate the presence or risk of a number of oral diseases. It does this by sequencing oral microorganisms and determining if any are present. Clinicians can identify the optimal course of therapy by using one or more of these tests. Some Candida strains, for example, are resistant to common fungicides. Knowing which one is present will assist in determining which treatment option should be used initially.

  • OraRisk Caries: identifies 3 types of harmful bacteria known to cause cavities: Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus sobrinus & Lactobacillus casei
  • HPV OraRisk: identifies a total of 51 types of oral HPV
  • Candida OraRisk: identifies all common species of the yeast, Candida
  • OraRisk HSV: detects “shed virus” unique to current viral illnesses or outbreaks to identify HSV1 or HSV2.
  • OraRisk CT/NG: oropharyngeal STD tests for Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and/or Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG). These illnesses may be asymptomatic or only cause minor pharyngitis, yet they are nonetheless contagious.
  • OraRisk COVID-19 RT-PCR: SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Detection

In the reports, the kind and danger level of each found microorganism are listed, followed by a description of the findings. You may also obtain information on the signs and symptoms of relevant disease categories, risk factors, and graphical representations of oral infection patterns, depending on the test. 

Identification of harmful microbes in an Oral DNA Labs reportIdentification of microbes

One Celsus

If you wish to know whether you’re prone to genetic inflammation risk, the One Celsus is right for you. It evaluates the 8 most common genetic markers related to the inflammatory response. It is the most comprehensive oral inflammation test offered by this company.

  • Interleukin 1 genotype composite
  • Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is a kind of interleuk
  • Interleukin 17 A is a kind of interleukin that is produced by
  • Beta-defensin 1 is a kind of defensin that is produced by the
  • CD14
  • TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor)
  • Composite genotype for Toll-Like Receptor 4
  • Matrix metalloproteinase 3 is a kind of matrix metalloproteinase.

Inflammation risk provided in an Oral DNA Labs reportIdentifying gene markers linked to the risk of inflammation

Costs of Oral DNA Laboratories

Oral DNA Labs tests range in price from $125 to $250. This is less expensive than other firms that provide comparable services.

Review of Oral DNA Labs’ Privacy Policies

The company’s privacy review may be found at the bottom of their webpage. The firm is owned by Access Genetics LLC, hence the OralDNA privacy policy is the Access Genetics LLC privacy policy.

The policy specifies how your Protected Health Information (PHI), such as test results, would be used for a variety of purposes, including treatment, payment, healthcare operations, business partners, research, and health supervision. PHI may be used or shared for treatment reasons to specific persons engaged in care, such as doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, and other health care professionals, according to the policy. 

The business complies with HIPAA regulations.

Reviews of Other Oral DNA Labs

There are no Oral DNA reviews accessible on third-party websites since the tests are obtained via the dentist’s office. On their website, Oral DNA Labs includes a number of client testimonials. Here’s what some of OralDNA’s clients had to say about their interactions with them.

“OralDNA has provided me tools to assist me identify the reason, develop the therapy, and guide the maintenance for my patients with periodontal disease,” says Doug Thompson, DDS, FAAMM, ABAAHP, Educator and Founder of the Wellness Dentistry Network. Without OralDNA, I couldn’t customise the illness therapy.”

“I adore OralDNA® Labs salivary testing!” says Kriston Reisnour, RDH, BSDH, CCSH, Dental Program Manager. I believe that having this data has permanently transformed how we can best care our patients.”

“OralDNA Labs’ thorough testing enable me individualize therapy for my patients,” says Traci Warner, RDH, of LifeSmiles Complete Health Dentistry. I’m putting my patient up for a good result by being able to target particular bacteria that are producing the oral inflammatory response. Dental teams play a crucial role not just in the oral health of their patients, but also in their general health!”

“With OralDNA®, our success rate with treating periodontal disease has soared,” says Richard Nagelberg, DDS, International Lecturer, Continuing Education Provider, and Co-Founder of PerioFrogz.com.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics.

The causes of illnesses may sometimes be traced back to your DNA. If you just address the symptoms, you may never get to the root of the issue. A DNA test may reveal previously undiscovered dangers, such as genes related to the risk of inflammation, as well as established risks. 

By performing a comprehensive genetic test, you can obtain information regarding dangerous inflammation risk and much more. Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. offers 30X Whole Genome Sequencing, which decodes 100% of your DNA with very high accuracy. This is why we provide better results than other DNA tests like 23andMe and AncestryDNA that only decode 0.02%of your DNA.

Oral hygiene is one aspect of monitoring overall wellness. Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. can provide information on this aspect, as well as nearly any other question regarding genes and health. With our continuously updated reports, you can keep up with the latest genetic research and how it relates to your unique blueprint.  

Check out these evaluations if you’re looking for additional clinical genetic testing choices from your healthcare practitioner.


  • Ambry Genetics is a company that specializes in genetics (risks of various disease types)
  • the color (risks of cancer, genetic forms of heart disease, and medication responses)
  • Fulgent Genetics is a corporation that specializes in genetics (comprehensive diagnostic company)
  • GeneDx is a genetic test that may be used to (wide variety of clinical genomic tests)
  • Health Benefits of Parsley (holistic medicine and health plans)
  • Genomics of Pathways (DNA tests for various health aspects, may be used in consultation with medical providers)

Included is the status of the carrier:

  • Integrative Genetics (IG) (pre- and post-pregnancy tests)
  • ad vitae (diagnostics, proactive health, and reproductive health)
  • Genetics in Its Many Forms (diagnostics, reproductive tests, and precision medicine tests)
  • Oncology, women’s health, carrier screening, and hereditary cancer are all covered by Sema4.
  • Veritas Genetics is a company that specializes in genetic testing (disease risks and carrier screenings)

Mental well-being:

  • GeneSight is a software program that allows you to see (clinical genomic test for psychotropics)
  • Genomind is a term used to describe a (pharmacogenomic testing for mental health treatment)

Diseases that are uncommon:

Do you think our Oral DNA Labs review was helpful? More reviews may be found on our site, as well as our comprehensive guide to the best DNA test kit and other home testing.

The “oral dna test for periodontal disease” is a review of the Oral DNA Labs oral swab kit. The kit comes with everything needed to get started testing your oral health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an oral DNA test?

A: Oral DNA tests are used to detect the presence of specific genetic markers in bodily fluids such as saliva, blood or urine. The test can be done on a swab that is then placed on top of a paper card with different colored dots for each marker.

What is MyPerioPath?

A: MyPerioPath is a website that allows you to track your dental health and predict the future of oral disease.

How much for a DNA test?

A: If youre in the US and want to get a DNA test, it will cost between $169-$499.

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