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Thrive Market is a wellness-oriented, online store that offers high-quality supplements at discounted prices. Here’s what you need to know about this new market and its competitors.

Thrive Market is a company that offers a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, and healthy food. The company has an extensive review on Reddit. Read more in detail here: thrive market review reddit.

Thrive Market is an online marketplace for health food manufacturers that promotes itself as the most cost-effective method to buy healthy goods. On Thrive Market, you may get a broad choice of items to be delivered to your home, from fresh to frozen to packaged.

In this post, we’ll look at how much money you can save (if any) by signing up with Thrive Market. Most other reviews concentrate on the reviewer’s favorite goods, but since the key value proposition of Thrive Market is cost savings on high-end health food brands, we want to objectively examine that to determine if a Thrive Market membership is worth it to our readers.

We’ll look at how much money you may save by eating healthier meals.

Review of Packaged Food

Jerky, dried fruit, chips, and other types of packaged food are examples. Because it’s simpler for them to keep this sort of merchandise, here is where you’ll get the biggest bargains on Thrive Market.

We’ll highlight a few randomly picked examples of popular goods to estimate cost reductions for this category at Thrive Market, which includes hundreds if not thousands of packaged food items. We’ll choose a brand and see how much it costs to buy the identical item on Amazon.

Because in-store pickup isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, we won’t include any goods exclusively accessible on Amazon via Whole Foods Market. We simply want to compare shipping costs since that’s how most people use Amazon and Thrive Market. All pricing on both sites are current as of the writing of this article.

Bars of Unbelievable Dark Chocolate Coconut

  • $5.83 on Amazon (per-unit cost for pack of 6)
  • Thrive costs $4.99. (14 percent cheaper)

Chickpea Pasta Banza Rotini

  • $5.19 on Amazon (per-unit cost for pack of 3)
  • Thrive costs $3.49. (33 percent cheaper)

Honey that is really raw

  • $17.70 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $12.99. (27 percent cheaper)

Sunrise Vanilla Crunchy Cereal

  • $5.87 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $3.79. (35 percent cheaper)

16.9 oz. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil (oz)

  • $12.76 on Amazon (per-unit cost for pack of 2)
  • Thrive costs $9.99. (22 percent cheaper)

Real Salt from Redmond

  • $8.99 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $7.49. (17 percent cheaper)

On Thrive Market, the average cost reductions are 25%.

We think it’s very remarkable that Thrive can provide such significant cost reductions over Amazon, with discounts on every single popular product we looked at, particularly when several of the Amazon goods were bulk priced. This is the best-performing category on Thrive Market.

Meat & Seafood Review

Meat and fish are available for delivery at Thrive Market. Because Amazon does not transport meat or seafood, we’ll have to compare it to Amazon Whole Foods offers in this area. This is an inaccurate comparison since, owing to the high expenses of temperature-controlled transportation, delivered meats can never compete on price with those bought in-store.

1 pound grass-fed beef (Lb)

  • $7.49 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $12.49. (67 percent more expensive)

1 pound organic boneless chicken breast

  • $6.99 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $6.50. (per-unit cost for pack of 2) (7 percent less expensive)

1 pound of wild-caught sockeye salmon

  • $15 on Amazon
  • $24.41 Thrive (63 percent more expensive)

On Thrive Market, the category average is 41% more costly.

Buying fresh and frozen meat and seafood on an online-only marketplace is, unsurprisingly, more costly than in-store. Thrive Market provides nice alternatives for individuals with a lot of discretionary cash who desire convenience, but buying meat and fish in-store will always be cheaper.

Review of Frozen Foods

Thrive has a large selection of frozen goods, including pizzas, breakfast items, veggies, and more.

Similar to the Meat & Seafoods comparison, Amazon only offers frozen foods through their Whole Foods partnership so it’s somewhat of an unfair comparison, but still can provide useful insight.

Amy’s Margherita Pizza (Amy’s Margherita Pizza)

  • $8.99 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $7.49. (17 percent cheaper)

Sweet Potato Fries Alexia

  • $4.79 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $3.99. (17 percent cheaper)

Because Amazon and Thrive don’t sell the same frozen produce brands, we’ll compare products with the same amount but different brands.

10 oz. Frozen Spinach

  • $3.69 on Amazon (non-organic).
  • $2.99 for Thrive (organic) (19 percent cheaper)

32 oz. Frozen Strawberries

  • $7.99 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $10.79. (35 percent more expensive)

10 oz. Frozen Peaches

  • $2.99 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $4.29. (43 percent more expensive)

On Thrive Market, the category average is 5% more costly.

Due to transportation, we should anticipate most fresh and frozen items to cost cheaper in-store than online. Several frozen goods are less priced on Thrive Market, despite the fact that the category average is higher.

Review of Supplements

Because Amazon is the world’s biggest supplement shop, they have a larger assortment of supplements than Thrive Market. Thrive’s collection has become better with time.

16 ounce Great Lakes Collagen

  • $25.99 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $23.99. (8 percent cheaper)

Turmeric Supreme, Extra Strength 120 Capsules by Gaia Herbs

  • $29.06 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $29.99. (3 percent more expensive)

Ultimate Omega 1280 milligrams, Nordic Naturals (mg)

  • $59.46 on Amazon
  • Thrive: $59.49 (<1% more expensive)

180 Count Quantum SuperLysine Plus

  • $15 on Amazon.39
  • $11.49 for Thrive (25 percent cheaper)

14.1 oz. HealthForce Truly Natural Vitamin C

  • $49.95 on Amazon
  • $46.50 Thrive (7 percent cheaper)

7.3 oz. Garden of Life Green Superfood

  • $28.97 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $32.19 per month (11 percent more expensive)

On Thrive Market, the average category is 4% less expensive.

Thrive Market or Amazon may be the most cost-effective alternative depending on the supplements you consume. Thrive looks to be significantly less expensive overall.

Review of Personal Care Products

Thrive Market and Amazon both feature a large selection of natural personal care items.

32 oz. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, Unscented

  • $19.50 on Amazon (per-unit cost for pack of 2)
  • Thrive costs $13.99. (28 percent cheaper)

8 oz. EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer

  • $11.45 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $6.99. (39 percent cheaper)

24 oz. Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo

  • $14.99 on Amazon
  • $15.79 Thrive (5 percent more expensive)

Two 6 oz bottles of Babo Botanicals Mineral Sunscreen

  • $29.05 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $27.49. (5 percent cheaper)

0.25 oz. W3LL PEOPLE Concealer #2

  • $22.99 on Amazon
  • Thrive costs $20. (13 percent cheaper)

18 count Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons

  • $6.77 on Amazon (per-unit cost for pack of 2)
  • Thrive costs $6.29. (7 percent cheaper)

On Thrive Market, the average category is 15% less expensive.

Thrive Market does well in this category, and it’s evident that it’s the better choice for saving money on packaged goods, whether they’re food or personal care items.

Other Thrive Advantages

We haven’t addressed some of the other noticeable advantages that come with a Thrive Market membership since this post has been about apples-to-apples pricing comparisons across companies.

For a few product categories, Thrive Market carries a house brand (similar to Whole Foods 365) that is less expensive than the main brands.

For example, they offer a 2 pound bag of rolled oats for $4.99, which is less than any Amazon equivalent we could discover when shipping is included in, and a box of four 1 liter coconut water beverages for $15.99.

Thrive also offers considerably more freebies, such as free product samples with every sale and even bigger rewards, such as a free package of items worth $45 when you join up. The effective cost of food bought is reduced as a result of these.

Thrive’s auto-ship savings are higher than Amazon’s, with a norm of 10% vs Amazon’s 5%.


As a cost-effective method to acquire health items, we propose Thrive Market. Aside from the meat and seafood comparison, Thrive offered a 10% discount on all other categories we looked at. It’s a particularly fantastic choice for those who buy a lot of packaged goods and personal care items online.

For people without easy access to retail health food shops, Thrive may be an excellent fresh and frozen food alternative, although purchasing in-store for these categories is often more cost-effective.

The yearly membership price for Thrive Market is just $59.95, so it will save customers who spend $50 or more per month on healthfoods and personal care goods online an average of 10% every year.

Thrive performs a better job of gamifying the purchasing experience than Amazon, making it more enjoyable with freebies and large referral prizes, as well as a superior user experience (UX) on their website.

To date, this is the first online health food marketplace that we have endorsed.

Thrive Market is a company that offers a variety of supplements at a discounted price. The “thrive market shipping cost” is the total cost it takes to ship your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is thrive marketing legit?

A: Yes, it is! Ask them any question and they will answer you with a detailed response.

Is Thrive Market owned by Amazon?

A: Thrive Market is owned by Thriven, a company based in Canada. Amazon has no ownership stake or financial interest in this marketplace.

Can you shop on thrive without a membership?

A: There is no way to shop on thrive without a membership.

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