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Medishare is a supplement company based out of the UK. Their product line includes five supplements they say can improve your health and wellness: Immune Boost, Brain Power, Heart Health Probiotic Complex, Liver Support and Bone Strength. They are one of many companies to offer these types of products on their site with a wide variety of options for specific diets or conditions like gluten intolerance or anemia. It’s hard to imagine how much potential there is for this type dietary support in 2018 as more people become aware that it may be beneficial to have these kinds of supplements available without having to make multiple trips across town every time you need them.,

The “medishare nightmare” is a supplement that has been around for years and has had mixed reviews. It was originally developed to help people with diabetes, but it is also marketed towards other medical conditions.

Summary of the Medishare Review

Medishare is a network of people that help one other pay for medical expenditures. In our Medishare review, we go over everything you need to know.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.



Medishare is a health cost-sharing ministry that helps people pay for unforeseen medical expenses. Some customers say it saves them money compared to insurance, while others say it’s difficult to get claims authorized and they don’t like the underlying limits.

Christina Swords, Ph.D., edited the piece.

7 Takeaways from our Medishare Exam

  1. Melbourne, FL is the site of Medishare.
  2. Healthcare sharing ministry’s products
  3. Member information is only shared with the member’s consent or for the purposes of delivering their service.
  4. How it works: Apply online, open an account, show your card at the service provider’s office, and Medishare will assess your eligibility for discounts and sharing.
  5. Fees: $176 ($50 application charge + $120 new member cost (individual/family) + $2 one-time membership fee for establishing your sharing account); Monthly costs range from $100 to $955. Depending on the yearly amount paid before shares may be utilized, the age of the family, and the size of the household
  6. Positive feedback on the whole.
  7. Complementary products: Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. (DNA test that decodes 100% of DNA and provides the ability to explore health-related genetic traits)

Introduction to Medishare

Medishare (Medi-share) is a health-care sharing ministry run by Christian Care Ministry, Inc. This is a Medishare is being reviewed. (Medi-share). Members of Medi share pool their financial resources to pay for each other’s qualified medical expenditures, with the purpose of making everyone in the community healthy. 

Dr. E. John Reinhold launched Medishare in 1993. The program is run by Christian Care Ministry, a non-profit organization situated in Melbourne, Florida. Over 400,000 people have joined Medishare, according to the government, and more than $2.6 billion in medical bills have been pooled and reduced. 

Medishare isn’t the same as health insurance. Members share their cash directly with other members each month via an online portal, unlike conventional health insurance companies that depend on a pool of members’ funds. Fund sharing is always done on a voluntary basis. 

Not all medical issues qualify for sharing. Members must be Christians who belong to a church and subscribe to the church’s ideals in order to join Medi-share. Conditions that occur as a result of behaviors that are inconsistent with such principles, such as the use of illicit drugs or alcohol, or extramarital sex, are not eligible for sharing. 

Despite the fact that this portion is not insurance, it complies with the Affordable Care Act. As a result, members are not subject to insurance regulations. 

Christian Medishare is present in all 50 states of the United States. A thorough examination of the disclosure is necessary. The ministry has made public information on an individual’s liability for state-mandated medical costs. To qualify for an exemption from insurance regulation, the following states need a notification for Medi share. Despite the fact that Medishare is not the same as insurance. and so does not qualify for such exemptions, CCM has chosen to make these exemptions public. You may go at the disclosure requirements for your state: KY, MD, PA, WI – All Other States.  

The Genetic Basis for Disease Prevention

Many illnesses have a hereditary component to them. That is, specific regions of your genome may increase your chances of contracting a disease. You may discuss your risk with a medical practitioner and take preventive actions to lower your chances of acquiring illnesses after you know your genetic composition. 

Programs like Medishare do not cover genetic counseling. Genetic testing sites like Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. allow you to explore your genome and learn about your disease risk with their online platform. Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. is not a diagnostic company and changes to your lifestyle should be discussed with a licensed medical provider. Knowing your disease risk allows you to make healthy decisions that can lower your medical bills and make a program like that even more Cost-effective.

Medishare is being reviewed.

Medishare is a Christian organization that collaborates to share the financial difficulties of excessive medical bills. Medishare is a Christian organization that collaborates to share the financial difficulties of excessive medical bills. 

Medishare is a Christian organization that allows members to share the financial burden of medical expenditures. Members pick a monthly share amount via their Medishare login, and that share is matched with another member’s qualified medical costs each month. Members can see whose bills they are paying each month thanks to the online public portal’s transparency.  

Members vote on the guidelines, which are made public. The members have decided to publish these guidelines. They go through the program’s qualifications as well as how Medishare makes it easier to split medical bill payments. 

Medishare is being reviewed. Process

What is Medi Share and how does it work? The Medishare program requires potential members to apply online or over the phone and pay a one-time $50 application fee. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST, customer assistance is accessible. 

Application forms include a health history questionnaire and Testimony & Commitment Form. If approved, the member pays a one-time $120 new member fee in addition to the $50 application fee (does not apply to Senior Assist members). 

Members then open an individual sharing account with America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU), Medishare’s financial partner, where they will share bills and deposit their monthly split money. A $2 one-time membership charge is required to set up your sharing account. If you want to get your statements by mail rather than email, there is a $2 monthly administrative cost and an extra $1 monthly print statement fee.

Members give their member ID cards to their medical care provider after getting medical services to receive discounted pricing. The provider delivers the bill to Medishare, which negotiates further savings and assesses if the cost is suitable for sharing among members. The provider will then charge the patient for the amount owed.

It should be emphasized that Medishare is designed to help members with unforeseen medical expenditures. Doctor’s appointments, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, medications, maternity, well-child care, and adoption charges are all examples of expenses. Other costs, such as well-visits, normal medical treatment, such as vaccinations and vaccines, and preventive care, are not eligible for reimbursement. Pregnancies and unborn infants have several exclusions. 

Medishare is being reviewed. Cost

Medishare is being reviewed. Household Contribution Percentage and Monthly Share Payments

Members may select between $1,000 and $10,500 for their Household Contribution Percentage (AHP). An AHP is analogous to a deductible in insurance. It is the yearly amount that a household will pay to its medical expenditures before becoming eligible to share bills with other family members. 

With a $75 administrative charge, members may alter their AHP at any time. 

Members pay into their account a monthly “share” depending on their age and the number of members in their home. The price of a share is equal to the cost of health insurance. These monthly contributions, which operate as monthly premiums, are used to pay for the medical expenditures of other members. 

For families, Medishare provides seven AHP options:

  • a thousand dollars (individual only)
  • $1,750
  • $3,000
  • $4,250
  • $5,000
  • $8,000
  • $10,500

Medishare is being reviewed. Monthly Share for Individuals and Families

Members are eligible for the Health Incentive, which may save a family up to 20% on their monthly share payments. Both the head of home and his or her spouse (if applicable) must apply separately and fulfill the requirements within 30 days of each other to qualify. Individuals must meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

  • Fill out the online health questionnaire.
  • Blood pressure should be less than or equal to 121/81.
  • Men should report an abdominal circumference of less than 38″ and women should report a circumference of less than 35″. (women)
  • If your BMI is between 17.5 and 25, you should report it.

Members of the community may use the online calculator to enter their information and determine their monthly share amounts. Members of the community may use the online calculator to enter their information and determine their monthly share amounts. 

The number of people applying in a home and their age are used to compute monthly share amounts. Members who are interested may use the online calculator to compute their monthly shares. For candidates who reside in Philadelphia, PA, here are some examples: 

A 29-year-old man or woman:

Household Contribution Percentage Standard Monthly Dividends Monthly Healthy Share
$1,000 $314.13 $286.13
$1,750 $340.77 $307.77
$3,000 $262.50 $237.50
$4,250 $213.12 $192.12
$5,500 $183.15 $166.15
$8,000 $153.18 $135.18
$10,500 $115.44 $99.44

A 29-year-old married couple with no children:

Household Contribution Percentage Standard Monthly Dividends Monthly Healthy Share
$1,750 $584.97 $530.97
$3,000 $436.23 $399.23
$4,250 $341.88 $309.88
$5,500 $288.60 $262.60
$8,000 $214.23 $194.23
$10,500 $139.86 $124.86

A 29-year-old married couple with at least one child:

Household Contribution Percentage Standard Monthly Dividends Monthly Healthy Share
$1,750 $954.60 $815.60
$3,000 $746.72 $633.72
$4,250 $616.05 $527.05
$5,500 $517.26 $441.26
$8,000 $371.85 $318.85
$10,500 $256.41 $216.41

Medishare is being reviewed. Monthly Share for Seniors

Individuals 65 and older with Medicare Parts A and B have the option of joining Medishare.

The program is known as Senior Assist. 

The following medical treatments are eligible for sharing under the Senior Assist program:

  • copayments 
  • deductibles 
  • hospitalization 
  • Care in a skilled nursing facility 
  • urgent care in a foreign nation

Seniors’ monthly share payments start at only $70 per month.

  • $70 per month for those aged 65 to 70.
  • $85 per month for those aged 71 to 75.
  • $95 per month if you’re 76 or older.

Medishare is being reviewed. Monthly Share for Medishare Groups

Employers may create Medishare groups for themselves and their workers, and they will be billed as a group.

Medishare is being reviewed. Medical Visits

Members of Medishare are urged to choose a Medishare medical provider from their network. A $35 provider fee is charged for physicians and hospitalizations, and a $200 provider fee is charged for emergency department treatment. These fees must be paid even if the AHP is not attained, and the AHP does not apply to these installments. 

Community members are encouraged to establish a provider in the preferred provider organization (PPO) to benefit the most from the discounts in the Medi-Share program.Members of the community are urged to join a preferred provider organization (PPO) to take advantage of the Medishare program’s savings.

Members may opt to utilize a medical practitioner who is not a member of the preferred provider group, but their invoices will not be eligible for reductions. 

Medishare is being reviewed. Telemedicine

MDLIVE gives Medishare members access to telehealth physicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members log in to the member center, choose a provider from a list depending on their location, and schedule an urgent phone or video consultation. This is a non-emergency service. The doctor may examine your symptoms, make a diagnosis, and provide medicines for you. 

MDLIVE is Medishare's 24/7 telemedicine program where community members can consult with a doctor at any time from the comfort of home. MDLIVE is Medishare’s 24-hour telemedicine platform, which allows community members to consult with a doctor from the comfort of their own homes at any time. 

Medishare is being reviewed. Dental, Vision, and Auditory Discounts

Through the Careington network, Medishare members may save anywhere from 20% to 60% on most dental services. Routine oral examinations, limitless cleanings, and significant procedures such as dentures, crowns, and root canals are all covered in the Medishare rate. 

The Superior Vision discount program saves members between 5% and 30% off the retail price of eyeglasses. Exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and LASIK are all discounted for members at over 40,000 participating provider locations. 

Hearing aid savings ranging from 30% to 60% are available to Medishare members from over 5,000 network providers countrywide.

Medishare is being reviewed. Privacy

Medishare normally does not share member information with anybody outside of Christian Care Ministry, Inc. without consent, according to their privacy policy. Christian Care Medi-share has the right to share information with partners that offer services on behalf of members. 

Medishare protects personal and financial information online using standard security features including a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) (SSL).

Other Medishare User Experiences

Medishare has a mix of positive and negative feedback. 

Medishare received a poor rating from Healthsharing reviewers. The most common complaint was that the corporation refused to pay. Customers have posted these reviews. 

“I believed this would be a wonderful choice since I wanted economical healthcare,” says a review dated August 1st, 2020. I’m in good health and had never been in the hospital until the end of last year. Medical expenses totaled around $60,000. Medi-share declined to pay because of a fraudulent claim of a pre-existing ailment. I spend my days assisting individuals who have suffered significant trauma, and now I’m likely to have to file for medical bankruptcy.”

Part-time Money and DoughRoller editors awarded MediShare far better scores, owing to the cheaper expenses compared to insurance and the convenience of the application procedure.  

On their website, previous and present users may leave reviews of Medishare.On their website, previous and present users may leave reviews of Medishare.

On the Medishare website, you may read member reviews. 

Medishare is being reviewed. Pros and Cons


  • Cost-effective
  • An alternative to the Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act
  • Due to a growing medical issue, membership cannot be discontinued.


  • Medishare is not the same as insurance.
  • If a claim is not paid or the ministry goes bankrupt, there is little to no legal protection. 
  • Restrictions imposed on the basis of one’s lifestyle and pre-existing medical problems
  • There will be no contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA).

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.

In the final part of our Medishare review, we will take a look at Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics..

At Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics., our goal is to empower you to discover more about your genome, including your genetic risk to disease. By knowing your risk, you can take preventative steps that reduce health care costs. These changes can benefit members of cost-sharing programs such as Medishare. A healthy lifestyle tends to reduce the number of medical visits, thereby lowering monthly out of pocket costs while reducing the frequency of medical bills. 

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. offers the most comprehensive genetic testing through whole-genome sequencing. With our new 30x Whole Genome Sequencing service, we determine 100% of your DNA. 

You may look at specific genes, find relevant mutations, and look for genetic variants. Your sequencing data may also be seen on your own computer. Data access, weekly reports, ancestry analysis, and exploration tools are also included in the results.

As a client, you get access to the Nebula Research Library, which gives you access to hundreds of attributes and curated research papers, enabling you to keep on top of the most cutting-edge research as it emerges, including health research and what it means for you and your DNA.


Medishare is a healthcare cost-sharing ministry in which members pay a monthly share to help pay for the medical expenditures of other members. Patient protection and low-cost treatment are provided by the firm. This service is beneficial to people who have significant health-care bills and are often subjected to unanticipated medical treatments. Christian Healthcare Ministries, Liberty HealthShare, and Samaritan Ministries are all alternatives to Medishare. 

Sequencing your genome may help you understand how your genes impact your health and allow you to adopt preventive actions that will eventually lower your health-care costs. Customers may use this risk data to determine if a cost-sharing program is appropriate for them or their family now or in the future.  

Medishare is not an insurance business, despite the fact that members are excluded from the individual mandate under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is mentioned in 26 United States Code 5000A(d)(2)(B). If the ministry goes bankrupt or your payments aren’t paid, you have no legal recourse. Routine check-ups, vaccines, and preventive treatment are not eligible to be shared since it is created for unexpected, heavy medical expenditures.

Do you think our Medishare review was helpful? More reviews may be found on our site, as well as our comprehensive guide to the best DNA test kit and other home testing. These articles, in particular, may be of interest to you:

You may also learn more about Christian Healthcare Ministries (as little as $78 per unit, per month), Liberty HealthShare (as low as $199 per month depending on plan and age), and Samaritan Ministries (as low as $100 per month based on age and family size) ministry-based health care cost communities.

Medishare is a supplement that has been around for a long time. The reviews on the website are generally positive, but they do have some negative reviews as well. Reference: medishare reviews bbb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Medi-Share legit?

A: Medi-Share is a legitimate company that provides products and services to health care providers. They are currently engaged in the process of becoming licensed with Medicare, so they may be able to provide you with insurance coverage for your prescriptions without having to pay out of pocket.

What does Dave Ramsey say about Medi-Share?

A: Medi-Share is like a health insurance plan. The only difference is the government gives you money for doing it, so there are no premiums to pay and no bills to worry about.

What is the downside of Medi-Share?

A: One downside is that the medical bills are not a deductible item, so you will have to pay for them in full. Another downside is that theres no guarantee of cost-free emergency services should it come into contact with one which may be more expensive than insurance provided by your employer and Medi-Share covers all expenses up to this point.

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