UMZU Floracil50 Review: Is It Worth It?

After a few years of research and development, this new supplement claims to help you lose weight fast. However, there are some red flags with the product that might make us second-guess whether or not it’s worth our time and money. Our dietitian weighs in on what she thinks about UMZU Floracil50 Review: Is It Worth It?

The “floracil50 ball size before and after” is a supplement that claims to help people lose weight. Our dietitian has reviewed the product, and has found it to be worth the money.


  • It’s convenient since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.
  • Some strains of ingredients may help with digestion.
  • High CFUs, which may be more useful in certain cases.
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days


  • It’s possible that it’ll upset your stomach.
  • Not every claim is supported by research.
  • Immunocompromised people may not be able to use it.
  • On the website, there is very little information on the ingredients.

What Is Floracil50, and How Does It Work?

Floracil50 is a high-potency probiotic supplement manufactured by UMZU.

The bacteria in the probiotic strains are freeze-dried and maintained to ensure that they reach your stomach for optimal absorption.

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that dwell in the gut and are said to promote gut health and immunity.

They promote a healthy microbiome, which is the bacterial population in our bodies that performs a variety of activities.

Floracil50 is a supplement that helps to rebalance gut flora and prevent diarrhea.

Each dosage of Floracil50 includes 50 billion colony-forming units, or CFUs. The CFU count is a measurement of the supplement’s efficacy as well as the amount of live bacteria it contains.

A typical probiotic supplement comprises 1–10 billion colony-forming units (CFUs). As a result, Floracil50 is regarded as a high-potency probiotic when compared to others.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, two of the most prevalent probiotic bacteria, are included in Floracil50.

Ingredients Evaluation

Many of Floracil50’s bacterial strains have been studied extensively. Floracil50 is a supplement that comprises a formula that incorporates numerous distinct strains, but the doses for each one are not listed on the supplement label.

One thing to keep in mind while researching probiotics is that probiotics respond differently depending on the strain. Results from trials examining comparable strains may not necessarily applicable if the individual strain has not been studied. 

Probiotics’ ability to minimize antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) in children and people up to the age of 64 is the subject of the most study.

In fact, certain strains have been shown to lower AAD by up to 51% in this group.

When Lactobacillus strains were administered within two days after commencing antibiotics, a research found a decrease in diarrhea.

Floracil50 contains the bacteria Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus, which may help people with constipation.

The advantages of using Floracil50 for general immunity and individuals who are not on antibiotics are less evident. For several cases, optimal doses have yet to be determined.

Each strain in Floracil50 serves a distinct purpose:

Lactobacillus casei is a kind of lactobacillus.

A strain with potential health advantages ranging from dermatitis to cancer, but not specific to the product’s claims.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a kind of probiotic bacteria.

One of the most prevalent strains found in probiotic foods like as yogurt.

A modest animal investigation revealed that it has the potential to boost immunity. However, whether or not this applies to people is debatable.

Lactobacillus plantarum is a kind of lactobacillus.

It’s been shown that this strain causes less intestinal distress. It has the potential to help those with digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome.

Lactobacillus reuteri is a kind of lactobacillus.

According to a 2018 scientific review, a strain that may be useful in lowering intestinal inflammation.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is a kind of lactobacillus.

This strain, according to the producer, suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria.

It has been well researched and may have the ability to boost immunity as well as prevent stomach illnesses and diarrhea.

Bifidobacterium infantis is a kind of Bifidobacterium.

This strain is especially beneficial to newborns, as its name suggests.

It’s unclear why it’s included in an adult supplement unless the adult is pregnant or nursing.


Bifidobacterium longum is a kind of Bifidobacterium.

This is a bacterium that may aid in the development of a more balanced gut microbiome.

Breve Bifidobacterium

A bacterial strain that has been examined in the context of numerous children’s disorders.

There was no study on this strain in adults that I could uncover.

Conclusion on Benefits Claimed

Based on the current studies, the following is our summary of the available evidence regarding the stated advantages of UMZU Floracil50:

Intestinal health is improved. Evidence of Moderate Strength
Reduces the growth of harmful microorganisms Evidence of Moderate Strength
Aids in the prevention of diarrhea Evidence of Moderate Strength

Safety, Dosage, and Side Effects

One capsule of UMZU Floracil50 is taken once a day with a meal.

It is classified as an extra-strength probiotic supplement since it includes 50 billion CFUs of probiotic strains.

According to the National Institute of Health, however, a larger CFU count does not always imply greater efficacy.

The efficiency of the strains themselves is more crucial. In fact, for some individuals, having a high potency might create gastric problems.

After beginning this product, the most frequent adverse effects mentioned are digestive problems, such as bloating and gas.

This is true of many probiotics, but it’s especially true with a high-dose pill like Floracil50.

After a few days of adapting to the supplement, these stomach issues usually subside.

My worry is for people who are immunocompromised, such as those with cancer, leaky gut, diabetes, or who have had an organ transplant.

This is because some studies have shown that probiotics including strains like those found in Floracil50 increase the risk of infection and sepsis.

As a result, I would not suggest it to anybody with a weakened immune system or to anyone who is pregnant.

I would recommend talking with your primary care physician for specialized advice before using any supplements.

Dietitians’ Picks for the Best Probiotics in 2022


Floracil50 is priced at $44.95 per month for a 30-day supply. You may, however, save 15% by signing up for their subscribe-and-save service.

This product is only available via the company’s website and cannot be bought elsewhere.

There is a Money-back guarantee for 60 days return policy if you’re not happy with your purchase.

This cost is somewhat equal to the usual probiotic cost.

However, if you’re just taking it for general health reasons and don’t have any stomach troubles, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Floracil50 is available on Amazon.

Alternatives are compared

There are hundreds of probiotic supplements on the market, all of which contain a variety of strains of varying sorts and quantities.

Floracil50 has a greater potency of 50 billion CFUs, compared to 1–10 billion in many other probiotic supplements.

Align and Bio Complete 3 are two more probiotic-rich supplements. Prebiotic fibers are also included in Bio Complete 3, but not in Align.

While Floracil50 has a variety of bacteria strains, Align and Bio Complete 3 only have one.

Align only contains one specific strain called Bifidobacterium longum is a kind of Bifidobacterium. infantis 35624 that is not present in many other probiotic supplements.

Multiple studies, on the other hand, have backed up the claims for digestive health.

Align costs about $43–$47 per month, which is comparable to Floracil50. At $69.95, Bio Complete 3 is the most costly of the three.

There is some evidence to back up the claims of all three products, but the majority of the studies are minor.

While multiple studies support the strain in Align, not everyone may need that strain for their health.

As I suffered with bloating and indigestion, I took Nature’s Way Probiotic Pearls (1 billion CFUs), a probiotic.

While I haven’t seen any negative side effects, I haven’t observed many advantages to taking them.

However, I have previously experimented with greater probiotic dosages of over 30 billion CFUs. I discovered that they were far more likely to upset my stomach.

If your body isn’t acclimated to taking probiotics, I recommend beginning with a smaller amount, such as 1–5 billion CFUs, and gradually increasing your dose over time.

If I were to propose a probiotic, I would look for one that has been independently confirmed. Member’s Mark 10 Strain Probiotic, for example, is USP validated.

It may also be more likely to deliver a broader variety of advantages if there is a greater diversity of strains present.

Final Thoughts

Because each person’s microbiome is distinct, probiotic strains react differently to them.

Furthermore, since this product has a greater dosage, it is more likely to induce gastric problems.

Because it’s an extra-strength medication, I’d recommend it only if you’ve been on antibiotics for a long time and your body has accustomed to taking probiotics at a lesser level.

I enjoy the fact that the website has hundreds of study papers. None, however, have been done particularly on the Floracil50 combination of components.

I would avoid using this supplement if you are presently pregnant or immunocompromised.

Otherwise, if you’re thinking about trying it, I’d recommend checking with your healthcare physician first.

A Message from Our RD

As a Registered Dietitian, I constantly emphasize the importance of eating a balanced diet.

If you want to enhance your digestion, eating foods that include both prebiotics and probiotics is the best way to go, with less negative effects.

On the contrary, I would minimize additional sugars in your diet, such as processed baked goods, flavored yogurts, muffins, donuts, or sweetened drinks, which might feed undesirable microorganisms.

If dietary modifications alone aren’t enough to resolve any digestive concerns, I’d recommend taking a supplement that has both prebiotics and probiotics.

Floracil50 isn’t my first pick since it solely includes probiotics and hasn’t been third-party evaluated.

I would consult with your medical practitioner or a trained dietician to find the appropriate product for your requirements based on your specific symptoms.


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UMZU Floracil50 is a diet supplement that promises to help you lose weight. Our Dietitian has reviewed the product and found it to be worth it for users who are looking for a natural way to shed pounds. Reference: floracil50 study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Floracil50 give you bigger balls?

A: Floracil50 is a prescription medication for treating androgenetic alopecia, an autoimmune disease. In laymans terms it will not have any effect on your penis size.

What is Floracil50 good for?

A: Floracil is a chemical that can be used as an anti-fungal agent. It is often found in liquid soap and other lotions, where it appears to work by killing fungi on the skin surface.

How long does UMZU take to work?

A: We dont know how long UMZU takes to work, but it usually lasts from 5 – 8 hours.

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