Caraway Cookware Review

The first thing that you will notice about Caraway Cookware is the simple yet effective design. The skillet, grill pan and deep fryer are all made of carbon steel with a non-stick surface for easy cleaning. Even though it’s not really an essential accessory to have in your kitchen, having these three pieces can make cooking more enjoyable than ever before.

Caraway cookware is a popular cooking product that has been around for over 40 years. It is made from aluminum and stainless steel, which makes it very durable. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

Caraway Cookware creates ceramic-coated cookware and bakeware, which is considered to be safer than commercial cookware materials. The company’s website emphasizes its cookware’s “non-toxic” characteristics, referring to it as “clean kitchenware.”

We’ll look at the formulation of Caraway goods in this article to see whether the health claims are supported by scientific data.

We have no association with Caraway and do not get pay for pushing sales of their goods, unlike virtually all of the prominent Caraway review articles, allowing us to stay objective. Our findings are solely based on medical research.

Is Ordinary Cookware Toxic?

Many people have illusions about cookware, owing to strong marketing initiatives by newcomers to the industry like Caraway. The sheer amount of cookware alternatives might be overwhelming for consumers (ceramic, cast iron, non-stick, etc).

The most crucial thing to remember when shopping for cookware is that most conventional non-stick goods emit fumes that are harmful to people. Medical study has indicated that the synthetic chemicals used as non-stick skillet coatings represent a danger to human health, as we covered in our previous assessment of another cookware business named Hexclad.

The above-mentioned research indicated that the alternatives to typical non-stick compounds were not proven to be any safer. So just because a cookware manufacturer says their product is “PTFE-free” on the label doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe.

We don’t think non-stick cookware poses a significant danger to human health, but because there are non-toxic alternatives, it makes sense to avoid them wherever feasible.

Is Caraway a Better Option?

Caraway cookware health claims

Caraway promises to utilize “ceramic non-stick,” however this term has no meaning. Their pots and pans have a ceramic coating on the outside, but they claim to utilize a “mineral-based coating” to generate the non-stick effect.

Because the manufacturer doesn’t say what chemicals are used to make this mineral-based coating, customers (and researchers like us) have no way of knowing whether it’s safe or not.

Caraway also says that their coating is “free of PTFE,” a common non-stick ingredient that has been linked to health problems in humans. Medical experts haven’t discovered that PTFE alternatives are safer, as we mentioned in the medical report linked above.

Caraway’s webpage claims that they provide “excellent cookware, free of chemicals,” which is an unscientific and just dumb claim. Given that it is formed of matter, their cookware very definitely contains chemicals.

Water, food, and the ground we walk on are all made up of chemicals. Some chemicals are safe to consume, while others are harmful.

Caraway cookware isn’t any safer than regular non-stick cookware, in our opinion. We also strongly oppose certain of Caraway’s health claims and unscientific remarks on their website. This seems to be a corporation solely focused on marketing and uninterested in sound science.

Alternatives That Are Better For You

Cast iron pans are recommended since they have a naturally non-stick surface. The reaction of lipids cooked on iron causes this.

Since the non-stick coating layer is included in the majority of medical studies on the safety issues of cookware, utilizing a cookware device without this layer appears rational. Cast iron has been used for thousands of years and isn’t a new innovation with no long-term safety records.

Cast iron pans are quite costly, but if properly cared for, they may survive for decades, if not lives.

One curious piece of study on cast iron pans is that they drain a little bit of the mineral over time, and medical research suggests that this impact may be good to human health. The connected research showed that a minor increase in iron intake from using cast iron pans benefited participants’ nutritional status.


We don’t advocate Caraway cookware, and we haven’t discovered any scientific evidence that their method is safer than traditional non-stick pans. Caraway hasn’t released any original scientific research or linked to any clinical trials to back up its health claims.

We advise customers to steer clear of firms who make health claims but refuse to disclose the components or materials utilized in their products. This is dishonest and insulting to the customer, in our view.

Because cast iron is inherently nonstick, it is an excellent cookware choice for health-conscious customers. This implies that most cast iron pans are free of the toxic, synthetic non-stick coating that is regarded to be responsible for the majority of contemporary cookware’s health hazards.

Finally, most of the top Caraway cookware reviews are quite good, and they just accept Caraway’s word for it that their products are non-toxic and safer than normal cookware, despite the lack of evidence.

Consumers should read affiliate marketing disclosures carefully, especially if they come from reputable health publications. If a website can profit from selling you anything, it’s doubtful that they’ll give it a bad review. This is hazardous to you as a consumer, and you should be aware of it. Affiliate offers, in our opinion, render evaluations practically useless since they are inherently biased.

Caraway Cookware vs All-Clad is a comparison review of two popular cookware brands. The review includes pros and cons of each product, as well as the results from user reviews. Reference: caraway cookware vs all-clad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Caraway pans worth it?

A: The Caraway pans are not worth it for the following reasons. They often break and fall apart, they dont work well with all doughs, the coating can be peeled off easily by a spatula or some other utensil without damaging your cooking surface in any way, and if you cook foods that contain more fat than water (such as oil-based dressings) then these will soak up too much oil from them which may cause food to stick on one side of the pan while being cooked.

Is Caraway cookware really non-toxic?

A: Yes it is. Caraway cookware does not contain lead, cadmium or mercury and has no VOCs associated with them as they are made from 100% recycled materials.

Is Caraway cookware made in China?

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