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Nature’s Formula boasts a bevy of top-notch ingredients with an emphasis on one-a-day formulas, which are designed to work together for maximum effect. Whether you’re looking for digestive support or healthy fat loss, Nature’s Formulas has an option that will suit your needs.

Nature’s Formulas is a supplement company that offers biofit, which is their flagship product. The company was founded in the year 2007 and has been in business for over 10 years now. The company has been offering supplements to people who want to improve their health and fitness since then. Read more in detail here: nature’s formulas biofit.

Curcumin180 is the primary product of Nature’s Formulas, a supplement firm. Their website makes bold health claims that are both unsupported by research and misleading. In our perspective, they falsify customer evaluations and behave themselves in a generally deceptive way.

In this study, we’ll look at Nature’s Formulas’ health claims as well as other potentially misleading material on their website.

There is no public team.

You should not trust a corporation that releases no information about who is behind the company as a consumer. If a corporation had certified medical specialists on staff, they would be delighted to offer that knowledge since it increases customer confidence. For your own safety, especially with consumable items, you want to be sure that the folks who make them are authentic.

Testimonials that aren’t true

Nature's Formulas testimonials image

Nature’s Formulas features a Testimonals page featuring plagiarized bogus headshots from all over the internet. For example, a bogus testimonial from user “Steve Alldis” may be found on a German website linked here. This is highly unethical, and it’s almost certainly illegal. You should steer away from a corporation that is thus manipulative.

There will be no social media.

The Twitter link in the bottom of Nature’s Formula’s website leads to the page of an individual called Demetrice Etheridge, not to a corporate page. We have no idea what’s going on at this moment.

Perhaps this is the originator, however Demetrice’s bio link leads to a faulty website named “Proven Health Science,” which produces a 404 error.

The Instagram link in their footer goes to “Proven Health,” an account with one follower and no postings.

Health Claims That Aren’t True

Curcumin180 health claims image

In their promotion, Nature’s Formulas claims that their “Curcumin180” product is “180x more effective.” That is untrue, incorrect, and, of course, uncited. Bioperine, they say, boosts absorption by 180 percent.

According to medical study, bioperine or black pepper extract increases curcumin bioavailability substantially, although not nearly 180 times. That’s a ridiculous bogus allegation with no foundation in reality.

Nature’s Formulas doesn’t seem to realize that absorption doesn’t always equate to efficacy. It’s deceptive and untrue to claim that their product is 180x more effective (they don’t even specify what they’re comparing it to). This product does not outperform regular turmeric extract with black pepper or bioperine by 180 times. In reality, there’s no evidence that it’s any more effective.

Testing Claims That Are Most Likely False

According to Nature’s Formula’s website, its products are tested for quality and purity by an independent third-party laboratory. We believe this is implausible since they don’t publish or even report on any of these experiments. Why wouldn’t you share the findings of independent testing with customers if you spent so much money on it?

Because independent testing is costly, most supplement firms do not do it. If they did, they’d be glad to share it since it gives them an edge in the marketplace.

Section on Deceptive Research

Nature’s Formulas states that they “operate with” prominent research institutes to generate their formula tions under the “Scientific Proof” title. There is no confirmation that this is the case, and it’s more probable that they study the data published by these institutes and base their formulations on it.

This strategy has nothing wrong with it, but a supplement firm that links to a Harvard study article on one of its product sites isn’t “affiliated with Harvard.” It’s a deceptive way of describing the connection since there isn’t one.

Nature’s Formulas Review is a company that sells supplements. They provide reviews on their products, as well as other information about the product. This review will cover the Nature’s Formula for Healthy Living. Reference: nature’s formula for healthy living.

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