Factor Meals Review: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

People who want to lose weight often turn to supplements claiming they can boost metabolism and increase fat loss. There is a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of these products, but this review will break down some key aspects for those looking for an honest perspective on whether or not it’s worth trying out.

Factor Meals is a new meal replacement shake that is made with healthy ingredients. It has been designed to help you lose weight, and it has the potential to be one of the best meal replacements on the market. Read more in detail here: factor meals review 2021.


  • Meals that are ready-to-eat
  • Registered nutritionists created and approved the recipes.
  • Accountability was established.
  • Suitable for a variety of diet regimens
  • Meals are wholesome.


  • Expensive
  • Some foods have a lot of salt in them.
  • Doesn’t teach you how to cook for yourself
  • Because of the risk of cross-contamination, this might be a problem for those with food allergies.

What is Factor Meal Service and How Does It Work?

Factor, previously Factor 75, is a subscription-based meal delivery service that brings freshly cooked, healthy meals to your home.

“Healthy Eating, Made Simple” is Factor’s motto.

Factor’s meals are all freshly prepared from scratch, not frozen, and are reported to last up to 7 days in the refrigerator.

The meals are delivered once a week, and orders must be received by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. CT, one week before delivery. You may also choose to postpone and skip up to four weeks of delivery if necessary.

Registered dietitians compose the meal recipes, which are delivered completely cooked and ready to heat in the oven or microwave.

As the need for both quick and healthful meals grows, these sorts of delivery services are becoming more popular.

There has been some study that shows meal delivery services like Factor may help people eat healthier.

You may pick from 4 to 18 single-serving meals each week, depending on the plan. To minimize boredom, there are over 20 dietitian-designed weekly meal alternatives to pick from.

You begin by choosing your own meals based on your own tastes, dietary limitations, and allergies.

You may opt to have Factor staff build your meals going forward once you’ve chosen your first meal choices to save time. Your meals are chosen based on your eating habits, preferences, and dietary restrictions.

Diets and preferences that Factor meals may accommodate include:

  • Keto
  • Plant-based
  • Low-calorie
  • Low-carb
  • Paleo
  • High-protein
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Spicy

There seems to be a fair range of menu alternatives when evaluating all of the various menu options.

Many of them are strong in fiber and protein, both of which are essential for a healthy and enjoyable meal. However, some of them include a lot of sodium.

Packages for Nutritional Coaching

A 20-minute complementary nutrition coaching session with a certified dietitian is also available via Factor to get you started on the right track.

In addition, if you want further assistance, they offer two paid nutrition coaching alternatives.

Complimentary 20-Minute Consultation

You will talk with one of Factor’s trained dietitians during this free 20-minute conversation.

You may read each registered dietitian’s profile and philosophy on Factor’s booking page to see who would be the greatest match for you.

You may then choose that nutritionist and schedule a free conversation to discuss your nutrition concerns and health goals, as well as get recommendations for the best Factor meals to meet your objectives.

Nutrition Coaching Package for One Month

The following services are included in this premium nutrition coaching package:

  • With the opportunity to communicate through chat, you may have your own personal health coach.
  • Dashboard for Digital Diets
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions for a month
  • Logbook of Virtual Food
  • You will get access to Factor’s “Back to the Basics” course, which will walk you through the fundamentals of nutrition and wellbeing.

The monthly fee for this bundle is $139.99.

Nutrition Coaching Package for 3 Months

This paid nutrition coaching plan contains all of the same services as the 1-month package, but for a monthly cost of $99 instead of $199. They are more cost-effective since you are committing to a longer period of time.

Signing up for this higher level of assistance and Accountability will help you get the most out of this program and design a plan that is more tailored to your specific requirements.


Factor is a fresh food delivery service that also provides nutrition counseling to help you eat healthier.

Many of their meals are nutritious and well-balanced, however others are heavy in salt and may not be good for those who suffer from heart disease.

Scorecard for Factor Meals

A nutritionist assessed the Factor meal service objectively based on the following criteria:

Evidence-Based: 4/5
Simple to Follow: 5/5
Customization: 4/5
Sustainability: 4/5
Safety: 4/5
Price to Value Ratio: 3.5/5
Accountability: 5/5
Overall Score: 4.2/5

Is It Effective for Weight Loss?

Factor claims that their approach makes healthy eating stress-free by delivering fresh, ready-to-eat meals to your home. It will be much easy to eat healthily if you do this.

While their meals aren’t created expressly for weight reduction, they do offer low-calorie selections with 600 calories or fewer.

If you’re attempting to lose weight, it’s equally crucial to keep your calorie intake under control throughout the remainder of your meals.

For example, if you eat Factor meals three days a week but eat unhealthy the rest of the time, you won’t notice a major difference in your weight.

Factor meals may be substantially more nutritious than your current diet. Many of the meal selections at Factor are strong in fiber and protein, which may aid with weight loss.

Many of their dishes, however, are rich in salt, with some containing almost half of the daily recommended amount in a single meal.

If your primary objective is to lose weight, this may not seem like a big deal right now; nevertheless, consuming too much salt over time might raise your risk of developing health issues.

High salt consumption, in instance, may increase your risk of water retention, high blood pressure, and heart disease over time.

As a result, I recommend seeking for Factor meals with a salt content of fewer than 800 mg per serving. This will make it simpler to keep inside the recommended daily sodium limit of 2300 mg.

Aside from user feedback, Factor has no recognized research to back up its claims. However, the nutritional content of the meals, as well as meals with fewer than 600 calories, may help you lose weight.

Nutrition coaching (both free and paid packages) may help you lose weight by allowing you to work one-on-one with an expert who can encourage and advise you.


Factor provides weight-loss help via easy and healthy meal alternatives as well as nutrition counseling.

Many of the meal selections are under 600 calories, and qualified nutritionists are on hand to assist you in achieving your objectives.


Factor_ Is A Great Place To Begin

Factor offers a variety of healthy and simple meal alternatives that are strong in fiber and protein, which may aid with weight loss.

Shipping is completely free.

You’ll save $90 on your first three orders.

Subscriptions may be paused or cancelled at any time.


For someone who values convenience and health above all else, this regimen may be viable. Each week, there are over 20 different food alternatives to pick from, reducing the possibility of boredom.

The extra assistance and direction from professional nutrition coaching may also help you pick the optimal meals for your requirements each week, increasing the sustainability factor.

If you’re on a limited budget, though, this program may be difficult to maintain. The majority of Factor meals start at $11, which is much more expensive than creating a nutritious dinner from scratch.

This expense might pile up over time, making it unaffordable for someone who likes cooking and just wants to prepare healthier meals.


For most individuals who value convenience and health, Factor’s approach is sustainable. If money is a consideration, buying these meals on a long-term basis may be tough.


When you sign up for the Factor meal subscription program, you’ll get a free 20-minute nutrition coaching session.

Dietitians can provide further counseling for a charge of $139.99 per month (1-month option) or $99.00 per month (3-month option).

These meetings are marketed by the firm as a place to get individualized advice on the finest meals and programs to pick from, as well as any nutritional assistance and accountability.

Many other organizations utilize broad “coaches” who lack the knowledge and skills needed to give this sort of coaching, so I like that the help is supplied by qualified professionals.

I would therefore consider the Accountability was established. to be of high quality.


Factor provides responsibility in the form of free and paid coaching packages tailored to your specific requirements.

The premium packages provide consistent accountability, which might help you stick to the meal plan and get the most out of the program.

The Price Is Right

In comparison to other restaurants, the total cost of the meals is a bit high. However, the meals are prepared fresh rather than frozen, which adds another layer of quality and likely improves the flavor.

Depending on your meal package, prices vary from $11 to $15 each meal. The lower the cost per meal, the more meals you purchase each week. There are no additional charges for delivery.

For example, consider the expense of ordering four meals each week vs eighteen:

  • If you purchase 18 meals each week, it will cost you $11 per meal.
  • If you purchase four meals each week, it will cost you $15 per meal.

If you save time and energy and love the flavor of the meals, these rates may be worth it. You can’t put a premium on good health, and eating healthy meals will help you achieve that.


If enhancing your health and gaining more time are top goals for you, Factor will most likely be beneficial. Their dishes are created from scratch using high-quality ingredients and are served hot.


Except for two categories, factor meals are safe for most individuals.

For starters, persons with food sensitivities may be at danger. Cross-contamination with other possible allergies may occur in the firm’s facilities, according to the company.

Second, these meals are not suitable for those who have high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that the majority of the meals are excessively high in salt, including up to 800–900 mg per dish.

If you have high blood pressure, pay attention to the salt level and eat more meals with sodium in the 500–600 mg range. 

Because sodium contributes taste and helps preserve food, it’s tough to make prepared meals extremely low in sodium, but you may add flavor using no-salt seasonings, herbs, and spices.


Due to the salt level of many of the meals, factor meals are typically safe for most people – unless you have food allergies or high blood pressure.

You may reduce your salt consumption by selecting low-sodium Factor meals and flavoring them with natural herbs and spices.

How do Factor Meals stack up against the competition?

Freshly and Sunbasket are two more meal delivery services that are comparable to Factor.

These programs all provide ready-to-eat, healthful meals that may be delivered right to your house. Freshly is more like Factor in that all of its meals are prepared, while Sunbasket also provides “meal kits” that must be made by the customer.

Freshly is the cheapest of the three, starting at $8.99 a meal if you buy at least 12 meals per week. Sunbasket and Factor offer identical prices, with meals beginning at $11.

All three services provide a variety of nutritional meal alternatives, including lower-calorie meals for weight reduction, but Factor offers the most diet-specific selections.

Factor also has an advantage over the competition since it is the only program that provides qualified nutritionists with accountability and coaching.

Sunbasket’s meals have been authorized by licensed dietitians, however the company does not have a nutritionist on staff. Registered dietitians are not engaged in the Freshly process.

Freshly and Sunbasket dishes, like Factor, are often heavy in salt. However, since salt adds taste and improves shelf life, it’s not always simple to reduce sodium beyond a certain threshold.


Factor, Freshly, and Sunbasket are three meal delivery services that send freshly cooked meals right to your home.

All three are terrific choices, but I’d go with Factor since it also includes accountability and nutrition coaching to help you achieve your objectives.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • What exactly is Factor?

    Factor is a subscription-based meal delivery business that sends you ready-to-eat, nutritional meals.

  • Is Factor food suited for a variety of diets?

    Factor caters to a variety of nutritional demands and tastes, including keto, plant-based, low-calorie, low-carb, paleo, high-protein, gluten-free, dairy-free, and spicy dishes.

  • Is it possible to lose weight by eating Factor meals?

    Factor’s program isn’t intended to help you lose weight. However, many of the meals are 600 calories or fewer, making them suitable for weight reduction.

  • What are the prices of Factor meals?

    Depending on how many meals you get every week, the price begins at $11 per meal. By purchasing more meals in total, you may save money each meal.

  • Is it possible to miss meal delivery without being charged?

    Yes, you are not charged if you miss up to four weeks of delivery at a time. You must request a skip for the next week by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. CT the previous week.

Final Thoughts

Factor and other meal delivery services might help you save time and effort when it comes to preparing and eating a nutritious dinner.

A registered dietitian and nutrition coach from Factor can help you personalize these meals and adjust them to your specific objectives.

If you want to enhance your nutrition but don’t have the time or inclination to make all of your meals, Factor is a wonderful option.

Factor, a healthy meal delivery service, may help you make better food choices.

Meal delivery services are often recommended to my clients who desire to enhance their nutrition and value convenience. They’re a great alternative to high-calorie, highly processed takeaway.

Whether you’re not sure if it’s worth the money, I’d suggest working with a nutritionist to learn basic meal-prepping techniques so you can practice on your own.

If you’ve established a good meal planning strategy but still need assistance, Factor may be able to save you time and energy while also allowing you to eat healthier more regularly.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Factor Meals

To get the most out of the Factor program, I recommend first figuring out what you want to gain out of it.

Do you just want tasty meals delivered to you that you don’t have time to prepare, or do you have a particular health objective or rationale for selecting certain meals?

Knowing this from the outset will assist you in selecting the best food selections possible.

If you want to lose weight or improve a certain health problem, I suggest spending the time and money to consult with Factor’s certified dietician.

A dietician can assist you in better personalizing your selections and ensuring that your meals are in line with your health objectives.

This will assist you in realizing the full potential of the program and will keep you motivated and involved.


Factor_ Is A Great Place To Begin

Factor offers a variety of healthy and simple meal alternatives that are strong in fiber and protein, which may aid with weight loss.

Shipping is completely free.

You’ll save $90 on your first three orders.

Subscriptions may be paused or cancelled at any time.

The “factor review meals” is a supplement that claims to help you lose weight. It contains ingredients such as green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, and chromium picolinate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Factor meals worth the money?

A: Some factor meal purveyors say their food is worth the money, while others claim its not.

How does the factor meal plan work?

A: The factor meal plan is a subscription based service where users pay $5 per month for access to our meals on demand. We offer four main types of healthy, delicious, and convenient foods:
-Vegetarian Nights (weekdays)
-Soup Days

Has anyone lost weight using factor meals?

A: No.

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