Cialix Review

Cialix is a supplement that claims to enhance the opportunity of getting pregnant and achieving pregnancy. This product includes L-Carnitine, Taurine, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E among other ingredients. It comes in powder form and can be found on Amazon for $32 per box.

Cialix is a male enhancement supplement that promises to improve penis size as well as testosterone levels. There are a lot of comparable products aimed at guys, and most of them, including Libido Max Red, have questionable components and haven’t been tested.

It’s worth noting that Cialix seems to have recently rebranded from “Cianix,” since evaluations under that name mention the same components and promises.

We’ll explain why we think Cialix is a bad, unscientific, and probably deadly product in our Cialix review.

On the website, there is no information on the dosage of the ingredients.

Cialix doesn’t have a Supplement Facts panel or any ingredient dose information on their website, something we’ve never seen before. They do so on Amazon since it is a condition of selling there.

This is a significant red flag straight away since, in our view, there’s no logical reason for a corporation to hide this crucial information on its own website other than to deceive.

Review of the Formulation

Cialix Supplement Facts label

Cialix is a customized combination containing 1,489 mg of active ingredient. Prop mixes are terrible for customers because they don’t let you to know the exact amount of each component; just the total dose, as we covered in greater detail in our analysis of Alpha Brain ingredients.

Prop mixes are avoided by high-quality supplement firms who value their clients, and each active ingredient’s amount is openly published.

Epimedium, often known as horny goat weed, is the first component included in the prop mix. In a rat research, supplementing with icariin, the active ingredient in horny goat weed, raised testosterone levels, although the dose was 900 mg for a 150-pound male. Given the Cialix prop blend’s total dosage of 1,489 mg and the presence of seven additional components, this is most certainly underdosed.

Eurycoma longfolia, often known as tongkat ali, is the second constituent in this product. In one study, this substance was demonstrated to boost T in males with a testicular problem but not in healthy participants, which is encouraging in testosterone research. The dose was 200 milligrams.

Another research revealed that tongkat ali boosted T levels in stressed people, although the dose was substantially larger than Cialix’s full prop mix (which contains other components). The research employed a dose of 2000 mg/kg, or 180,000 mg for a male of average weight in the United States.

Sarsaparilla root extract is one component that we don’t understand. We haven’t seen any study that has tested this botanical for testosterone enhancement, so we’re not sure why it would be included in a testosterone booster.

Overall, we believe this formulation is ineffectual and underdosed.

Claims that are absurd

When a supplement firm makes demonstrably ludicrous and unprovable claims, it’s always a negative indicator. You should stay away from this product since it promises to improve penis size. We haven’t seen any medical evidence that botanical supplements may enhance penis size, and Cialix doesn’t give any.

There is no public team.

Legitimate products usually have a public team behind them, but Cialix does not. There is no mention of any team members on their site or Amazon listing, which is somewhat unsurprising due to the Claims that are absurd their product makes which opens them up to liability.

We recommend that consumers ask themselves whether they should be taking a supplement which even the founders don’t want to publicly associate themselves with. Most of the supplements making outlandish claims tend to have There is no public team. members listed.

There will be no testing.

Given how shady this organization already seems from the aforementioned reasons, it’s no surprise that they don’t provide any test results demonstrating that their goods perform or that they’re clean and appropriately labeled.

Supplement firms who do not disclose independent testing should be avoided, in our view, since supplement companies in the United States do not have to go through a pre-approval procedure. This implies that a corporation may be selling items that have been tainted with a toxin like lead, and customers would only learn about it afterward.


Whoever is manufacturing this substance, regardless of whether they name themselves Cialix or Cianix, isn’t paying attention to the composition, health claims, or safety testing.

Exaggerated claims with no supporting evidence, prop mixes designed to confuse the user, and a complete absence of research demonstrating the items are safe are all included in this product targeting male libido and testosterone.

We advise people to stay away from this firm. We feel it is not only useless, but perhaps hazardous as well. Companies that make such bold and baseless marketing promises while keeping any team members hidden from public view are untrustworthy.

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