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GenoPalate is a new company that makes it possible to get your DNA tested for health and fitness. GenoPalate has been doing well on social media, but does the product live up to the hype?

The “genopalate review reddit” is a product that promises to help you lose weight. The product has been reviewed by many users on the website Reddit, with some reviews being positive and others negative.

Summary of the GenoPalate Review

Geneticists evaluate GenoPalate! GenoPalate claims to be able to assist you improve your nutrition based on DNA testing findings.

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GenoPalate is a nutritional genomics startup that provides affordable diet advice based on DNA.

21 September 2021

7 Takeaways from our GenoPalate Analysis

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America
  2. DNA testing kit and DNA data upload are the two products available.
  3. Dietary advice based on DNA data research, according to reports
  4. Data on DNA is not accessible for download.
  5. Customer data will be anonymised and shared.
  6. Data upload is $40, and the DNA kit is $150.
  7. Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. (Whole Genome Sequencing with weekly updated reports (including diet), data exploration tools, and sophisticated ancestry reporting) are some alternatives.

Introduction to GenoPalate

GenoPalate is a nutritional genomics firm that claims to be able to assist you improve your nutrition and discover food intolerances based on the findings of genetic testing. It’s a Milwaukee-based firm that offers individualized nutrition advice based on its ability to analyze DNA data.

GenoPalate is, for the most part, one of numerous DNA interpretation sites that have surfaced in recent years. The firm in this scenario specializes in nutritional analysis and diet demands based on DNA. This firm focuses on daily dietary requirements for folks who want to upload DNA for health reasons.

The firm was formed in 2016 by Dr. Sherry Zhang, Dr. Paul Auer, and nutritionist Matt Edwards. Dr. Zhang graduated from Marquette University with a degree in molecular biology and went on to study obesity and metabolic health. She started the firm while working as an assistant professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin.   

Putting the GenoPalate DNA Test to the Test

So, where do you begin? Customers may get their nutrition information in two ways. The first option is to upload raw DNA data from 23andMe or Ancestry DNA testing services. They may also acquire a GenoPalate home DNA testing kit if they choose. 

Reports from GenoPalate are provided in PDF format, which may be printed.Reports from GenoPalate are provided in PDF format, which may be printed.

Analyze GenoPalate’s raw data upload

One of the places where you may upload raw DNA data is GenoPalate. You must first get your DNA testing results from the 23andMe or Ancestry websites before you can submit them. Then, using your GenoPalate login, submit the Raw Data Text File to the GenoPalate website.

Raw DNA data from sources other than 23andMe and Ancestry will not be allowed to be uploaded. In 1-3 weeks, results based on existing data will be available.

Investing in a DNA testing kit

Customers will supply a saliva sample if they buy a DNA testing kit. GenoPalate uses a third-party facility to examine DNA, and the results of these DNA testing will be available in 4-6 weeks. Customers obtain their DNA result through an online account after uploading their raw data or doing the GenoPalate test.  

Examining GenoPalate Reports

This firm uses its reports to try to answer the question “Why Eat For Your Genes?” by analyzing a user’s nutrition profile.

The reports look at the regions of your genome that are associated with diet. If a beneficial health result is linked to individualized genetic composition, it then provides science-based suggestions. The following are some of the highlights of the report: 

  1. Intake recommendations for 23 nutrients, including vitamin and mineral levels.
  2. The 85 most nutritious items to include in a meal plan tailored to your specific nutritional requirements.
  3. Lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, alcohol intolerance, and caffeine intolerance.

A sample report is available on their website. Saturated fat, carbs, protein, and calcium are among the nutrients listed. Your suggested foods are then divided into 16 categories, including fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and cheeses, according to the research.

Based on your DNA test, the report proposes 85+ items, creating a genetic line of health foods for you. The example report is broken out as follows:

  • A genetics crash course. The article starts by detailing the genes that GenoPalate looks at and how they relate to food processing.
  • Your Foods = Your Genes + Nutritional Science This section of the report is all about your DNA. The report includes information on the genes that were examined, the proportion of the population that have your genotype, and dietary recommendations.

GenoPalate looks at genetic polymorphisms that have been connected to food intake. From GenoPalate review.GenoPalate looks at genetic polymorphisms that have been connected to food intake.

  • Your Foods = Your Genes + Nutritional Science The final section of the study explains why some meals are recommended over others. GenoPalate recommends foods based on all of the nutritional data obtained.
  • Your Foods = Your Genes + Nutritional Science The report’s last section includes a list of items to consume, separated into 16 categories. The suggestions are based on a review of hundreds of meals and a matching of you with the food that best matches your genetic profile. 

GenoPalate provides a list of recommended foods. The food is broken down into 16 categories, such as fruit and vegetables. From GenoPalate review.Foods from a variety of categories are recommended by GenoPalate.

Dietary suggestions from GenoPalate are reviewed.

This firm looks at genes that are known to have an influence on your diet. They give dietary recommendations based on studies that discovered links between genetic composition and the foods they prescribe. This area is designed to assist consumers in making healthy grocery store choices.  

In the fruit category, for example, raspberries were suggested above nectarines in the sample study. The sample report’s genetic profile also revealed that a high-fiber, high-folate diet was required.

Raspberries have a high fiber content and a moderate level of folate. Nectarines, on the other hand, have a moderate quantity of fiber and a low level of folate. As a result, raspberries were suggested.

Similarly, depending on a hereditary propensity to vitamin and mineral deficits, particular foods were prescribed (folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin A and low levels of sodium). Chicken liver, veal, ostrich, and turkey breast are some of the suggested meats that have high quantities of these nutrients.

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, supper, and other meals are also included in the reports.

Cost Analysis of GenoPalate

GenoPalate features two distinct buying choices. The DNA testing kit and report will set you back $150. Customers who choose the 23andMe or Ancestry upload options pay $40 for the report alone.

Discount coupons for GenoPalate may be found on websites like Customers should be cautious since these offers are not always legitimate.

GenoPalate’s Privacy Policy is being reviewed.

GenoPalate harvests DNA from saliva samples obtained by the client using their testing kit in a third-party lab. The DNA testing kit is barcode-registered, separating the customer’s identity from the test results. The information is additionally protected by encryption.

For 10 years, third-party labs will keep genetic information and DNA samples. Customers may at any moment withdraw their permission to research and biobanking. The data and DNA sample will be removed within 90 days if this is the case. 

As long as the data is recognizable, GenoPalate promises that it will not share consumer genetic data with other parties. They maintain the right to share genetic information with government and law enforcement officials, as well as professional consultants.

The data is also shared with successive business owners if the firm is bought. GenoPalate may potentially exchange genetic information after it can no longer be traced back to an individual. 

Genetic Data in Its Natural State

GenoPalate does NOT allow customers to download Genetic Data in Its Natural State for examination using other tools or websites.

In the News: GenoPalate

GenoPalate has not received much attention in the national press or periodicals. The firm has been featured in Milwaukee media throughout the last several years, including podcasts and newspapers. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article on it in 2018. The journalist tells how her DNA test advised her to eat elk and passion fruit in her story.

The Chicago Tribune, for example, cautions readers that heredity is just one piece of the healthy eating jigsaw. There may be more considerations to consider while selecting a diet.  

The firm made news in December 2020 when it announced the completion of a $4 million Series A fundraising round. Dr. Sherry Zhang, GenoPalate’s creator and CEO, was interviewed by food tech magazine The Spoon earlier in 2021 about the history, present, and future of DNA-based nutrition.

Reviews of GenoPalate

Is GenoPalate a genuine company? Is GenoPalate effective? What is the precision of GenoPalate? There are just a few GenoPalate reviews online, and they are mostly negative.

With 27 reviews on Amazon, the firm has a 2.4 out of 5 star rating, while Trustpilot offers it a 3.7 out of 5 star rating with over 250 reviews.

Additional ratings may be found on DNA Weekly, where an expert awarded GenoPalate a 9 out of 10 rating in January 2021. 

On their website, GenoPalate also features client testimonials. Many customers praise GenoPalate for allowing them to target certain diets without having to assume what is best for their body.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Nutritional suggestions tailored to your genetic profile
  • Reasonable cost
  • You may use GenoPalate to upload 23andMe and Ancestry data, or you can buy a genetic test through GenoPalate.
  • The report is easily accessible via an internet account.


  • One of the smallest DNA testing sites, with less reviews than other genetic testing firms.
  • Other than 23andMe and Ancestry, I’m unPossibility of uploading raw DNA data files from genetic testing services.
  • It is not possible to get GenoPalate’s raw DNA data.
  • It does not provide a free genome analysis or DNA testing service.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. distinguishes itself from GenoPalate and other genetic testing companies through its commitment to customer needs. Specifically, Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. focuses on privacy, comprehensive reporting, and personal control over your data.

Your privacy is very important to us.

At Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics., we believe that learning about what your genome can tell you about health and ancestry can be invaluable.  We are also aware of the privacy risks. 

As a result, we’ve created the first privacy-focused personal genomics service, which we’re constantly improving. We remove personal genomics firms as intermediaries between data owners (i.e. customers) and data buyers (i.e. third parties), allowing you to get reimbursed for sharing your data.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. gives you control over your data. If using the GenoPalate DNA testing kit, you will be unable to download the generated data. At Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics., you can download your data at any time, even if you decide to cancel your Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. subscription. 

You may learn more about the significance of DNA privacy by clicking here. 

Whole-Genome Sequencing at 30x

Our goal is to empower our customers to go beyond genetics tests that are offered by companies. For example, while GenoPalate focuses solely on nutrition and diet, Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. provides insights into many other genetic traits. We offer the most comprehensive genetic testing through whole-genome sequencing. With our 30x Whole Genome Sequencing service, we determine 100% of your DNA. 

We think you should be able to study your genome on your own terms. GenoPalate and other DNA analysis websites examine your genes and provide you a single result.

Our genome exploration tools at Nebula Genomes provide you a dynamic experience while exploring your genome. You may look at specific genes, find relevant mutations, and look for genetic variants. Your sequencing data may also be seen on your own computer. We also deliver weekly updates to our users based on the most recent scientific findings.

  GenoPalate 23andMe AncestryDNA Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.
Method of DNA Testing Genotyping using microarrays Genotyping using microarrays Genotyping using microarrays Sequencing of the Entire Genome (30x coverage)
There is information available. Nutrition Health, ancestry, and characteristics  Health, ancestry  Deep ancestry reports, data exploration tools, and weekly updates based on the newest research (learn more)
Possibility of uploading raw DNA data Yes, indeed (23andMe and Ancestry) No No Yes, indeed (23andMe and Ancestry)
Data exploration tools No  Limited Limited  Yes, indeed (learn more)
Data accessibility No Yes, indeed (23andMe format file) Yes, indeed (Ancestry format file) Yes, indeed (FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files)
Cost $100 or $40 ranging from $99 to $199 ranging from $99 to $119 0 dollars, $99 dollars, and $299 dollars 

23andMe vs. AncestryDNA vs. Nebula Genomics GenoPalate vs. 23andMe vs. AncestryDNA vs. Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.

FitnessGenes, GeneFood, and Vitagene are three more DNA testing businesses that are comparable to GenoPalate.

Also, have a look at our evaluations of:

  • 24Genetics ($199 for health tests) is a company that specializes in genetic testing.
  • DNAFit (starting at $189 per month)
  • Everlywell (biomarkers; $49-$399) is a company that specializes in biomarkers.
  • FoundMyFitness (a $25 one-time report or monthly updates and extra rewards ranging from $15 to $250)
  • Genovate (relationship, health, fitness, and ancestry testing for $99+)
  • HealthCodes DNA (custom health, nutrition, and exercise regimens for $249-$799)
  • myDNA (custom exercise, nutrition, and medicine regimens) ($79-$149)
  • Noom (Six-month memberships start at $150)
  • Nutrisystem is a dietary supplement that may help you (personalized diet for weight loss)
  • Irreversibility (gut testing with personalized recommendations)
  • Orig3n ($29 – $150 for different DNA tests) is a company that specializes in DNA testing.
  • Psomagen is a kind of Psomagen (gut health testing)
  • Biomarkers (personalabs; $29-$1324)

The list of firms that provide excellent supplements to help people enhance their health is rather large. Many of them are detailed in the Reviews section of our site. However, be cautious with potentially harmful experimental medications such as SR9009 and RAD 140, which have not been authorized for human consumption. 

Do you think our GenoPalate review was helpful? More reviews may be found on our site, as well as our comprehensive guide to the best DNA test kit and other home testing. Alternatively, have a look at our list of DNA upload sites! You may also learn more about DNA diet testing if you need additional information.

genopalate customer service” is a review of GenoPalate. The product is intended to help users lose weight and improve their health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GenoPalate for real?

A: GenoPalate is a real business. We have been in the phone and online dating industry for over 12 years now, and our company has grown to specialize in mobile apps such as this one.

Does GenoPalate sell your data?

A: No, GenoPalate does not sell your data.

What does GenoPalate test for?

A: GenoPalate is a DNA test that identifies your ancestry by extracting and analyzing your saliva.

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