Flat Tummy Shakes Review

Flat Tummy Shakes is a weight loss supplement that promises to help you lose up to 11 pounds in just 3 weeks. The reviews are mixed, but people who use it swear by the product and claim they have seen some amazing results.

The “flat tummy shakes results” is a supplement that helps to reduce belly fat and flatten the stomach. It also contains ingredients like green tea extract and caffeine, which are said to help with weight loss.

Flat Tummy Shakes has swiftly caught the globe by storm thanks to a powerful Instagram campaign that included endorsements from celebrities such as the Kardashians and Amber Rose. You’re going to hear about the trend if you haven’t already.

Since their rise to prominence on Instagram, the shakes, which claim to help keep your belly flat by regulating your appetite, kicking your cravings, and losing weight, have been the subject of several controversy, prompting the social media platform to change its regulations lately.

In this review, we’ll look at what all the fuss is about and determine if the fuss is justified by a wonderful product or one to avoid. Let’s start with the origins of these shakes.


Flat Tummy Co. is a company that specializes in flat stomachs.


Flat Tummy Shakes is Flat Tummy Co.’s third product, and it’s aimed at ladies who are seeking for new and exciting ways to lose weight. The business began as Flat Tummy Tea in 2013, with a tea drink that promised to cleanse and relieve bloating in women. 

Six years later, they’ve relaunched as Flat Tummy Co. and expanded their product range to include a line of hunger-satisfying lollipops as well as the newly announced Flat Tummy Shakes. They were able to grab the hearts of just about every woman trying to take control of their bodies thanks to a really powerful and distinctive marketing campaign on Instagram.

The shakes have recently come under fire for pushing the lady to participate in a four-week program in which the shakes are used to substitute 1-2 meals per day. Many people worry that the drink won’t provide enough calories for women because of its low calorie content, despite the fact that it contains a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins, Probiotics, fiber, and other nutrients.

Let’s find out what’s in it now that we have a clearer picture of where it came from.

What are the Ingredients in Flat Tummy Shakes?



Before we get into where those nutrients originate from, let’s go over some fundamental nutritional information:

  • 125 calories
  • 1 gram of total fat
  • 135 mg sodium
  • 470 mg potassium
  • 8g Carbohydrates
  • 5 g Fiber in the Diet
  • 21 g protein

Note that the nutrition information in this article is for the Chocolate flavor.

To begin, note that these smoothies are dairy- and gluten-free, have no added sugar, and are completely vegan.

Here’s a short rundown of the additional ingredients in these shakes:

  • Fruits and vegetables are a good source of Minerals and vitamins. (50)
  • Flaxseed
  • Protein derived from plants
  • Enzyme combination for digestion
  • Fiber in the Diet
  • Probiotics
  • Minerals and vitamins in 22 distinct forms
  • CitriMax Super

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of Minerals and vitamins.

According to Flat Tummy Shakes’ nutrition facts, there are quite a bit of Fruits and vegetables are a good source of Minerals and vitamins. included in the shakes. These mostly included:

Plum, beet, raspberry, yumberry, black currant, blackberry, grape, luo han guo (monk fruit)(Go-Luo®), pomegranate, red grape, banana, blue honeysuckle berry, blueberry, dark sweet cherry, eggplant, guava, purple sweet potato, red bell pepper, red pepper, strawberry, sweet cherry, tomato, watermelon, orange, carrot, cranberry, purple cabbage, cucumber, mango

Protein derived from plants

Each drink has over 20 grams of protein, making it an excellent snack in between meals. The protein comes from both pea protein isolate and brown rice protein, according to the nutrition information. 

Pea protein is a high-quality protein that promotes muscle building, weight reduction, and heart health while being vegan and hypoallergenic. Brown rice protein, which has more protein, carbohydrates, and fiber than white rice, delivers a balanced protein balance in a tiny smoothie.

Citri-Max Super

You are probably going down that list thinking “What the heck is CitriMax Super?!”

Flat Tummy Co. claims CitriMax Super to be the key ingredient in the shake. Truthfully, it’s just a catchy name for a fruit called garcinia cambogia. The fruit contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and it is said to boost fat-burning and reduce appetite — though there haven’t been enough trials done to confirm that.

Minerals and vitamins

To make matters even better for the shakes, they boast Minerals and vitamins in 22 distinct forms, which are seen as essential nutrients for the body. Not only are they crucial for strengthening bones and healing wounds, but they also help improve your immune system and convert food into energy.

According to the nutrition facts for Flat Tummy Shakes, the following Minerals and vitamins are included in the drink:

Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chrom

Ingredients in Flat Tummy Shakes Examined 


Overall, the drink does support a lot of Minerals and vitamins, with a healthy amount of protein and potassium. These shakes aren’t regulated by the FDA, so if the company is faithful to what’s in the drink, then it can definitely be a beneficial part of your diet.

Unfortunately, making these shakes the bulk of your diet will result in calorie shortage, since the beverages only include approximately 130 calories, but the usual meal has between 400 and 800 calories.

Branding for Flat Tummy Shakes


One of the key reasons women like this brand so much — and something that Flat Tummy Co. planned for — is their ability to exemplify what women want in a product. Despite the fact that the product is clearly aimed at guys, there’s little mistake that the brand is geared toward women, and they aren’t shy about it.

Pink and grey package with a clean, sophisticated, but comforting appearance. The shakes are powdered and come in either a package or a tub. For women, the firm provides a 4-week ($89) and 2-week ($69) regimen, however the instructions differ significantly depending on how the product is purchased.

If you buy a tub, all you have to do is mix two scoops (included) with roughly 8 oz. of water (or substitute of your choice). The packets, on the other hand, provide a more participatory series of events. 

Each packet contains one shake, with some of the packages labeled “Extra Kick Monday” – presumably for kicking off your week. All of the other packets are labeled the same way and are due Tuesday through Friday. 

Alternatives to Flat Tummy Shakes

Look no farther than Flat Tummy Shakes if you’re searching for a meal replacement smoothie that’s specifically targeted to ladies — and only women. Flat Tummy Shakes are, however, somewhat costly.

With so many choices, it would take a lot of persuasion to choose Flat Tummy Shakes above anything else – unless you live, breathe, and sleep on Instagram. Other goods only thrill me because of their calorie content — which, again, depends on whether you want a meal replacement or more of a meal addition. 

Tsogo Shakes, BOOST Plus, and Ensure Plus all provide between 350 and 400 calories per serving, providing you with the essential quantity to effectively replace a meal.

Are the claims of a flat stomach true?


Flat Tummy Co. is not afraid to make a big statement, whether it’s via their product, marketing, or advertising. They stand behind their product and promote it as it is — or as they want it to be. 

Right on the front of the packaging, they claim to be 3x more effective in moving extra pounds than diet exercise alone with their CitriMax Super ingredient. With their 4-week or 2-week program, you are told to replace 1-2 meals per day with a shake in order to start shaving weight.

The truth is that you will shed pounds. The caveat is that it will only persist as long as you are substituting beverages for meals. It’s hardly rocket science: if you substitute a meal with 400-800 calories with a smoothie with less than 150 calories, you’ll lose weight.

With that stated, I don’t totally agree with what they assert. I wouldn’t consider the smoothies to be more effective than a healthy diet and regular exercise. Instead, I’d consider it a supplement to your diet and workout routine. You will only get the most out of the product if you utilize it properly.

The Final Word


I am a firm believer in include a variety of smoothies and shakes in your daily diet, but I recommend being cautious about what you pick. There are several solutions available, each with its own set of advantages. 

I enjoy the vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, probiotics, and other ingredients in this product after trying it and reading the data about it. A lot of the nutrients in this smoothie are essential for your body on a regular basis. However, I disagree with the calorie count and believe that selling this product as a meal replacement is incorrect. 

Someone trying to add all of the wonderful things to their diet without the calories might enjoy a snack like this. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how this smoothie would be useful to you if you were to replace two meals each day with it. You will lose weight, but it will most likely be due to not eating, which means that soon you begin regular eating, you will gain it back.

In conclusion, I believe this is a fantastic product, but I hope it is correctly used by clients.

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Advantages and disadvantages


As you can see, these shakes have a lot of benefits, but they also have a number of drawbacks that may drive some individuals to avoid them. 

Let me make a list of what I like about the product and what I don’t like about the product, and you decide.


  • It’s ideal for anybody who wants to improve their vitamin and mineral consumption.
  • For a little drink, there is a good quantity of protein.
  • Will reduce the desire to eat.
  • It’s tasty (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)
  • Making it is simple and fast.


  • Not a lot of support over their key ingredient (CitriMax Super)
  • Calories are in short supply.
  • It’s not the finest meal-replacement option.
  • Will most likely lose weight as a result of eating less, but will gain it back once the usual eating schedule resumes.
  • Despite considerable backing, the product is gaining a negative reputation.
  • The FDA does not regulate it, and it has not been clinically evaluated and confirmed.

The “flat tummy shakes amazon” is a supplement that claims to help with weight loss. The product has received mixed reviews, but some people have had success with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does flat tummy shake really work?

A: The flat tummy shake advertises that it will help you to lose weight. There are no reviews or studies on this product, so there is no way of knowing if the claims made by the company behind it have any validity.

How often do you drink flat tummy shakes?

A: I drink at least one flat tummy shake a day.

Is flat tummy shakes FDA approved?

A: No, flat tummy shakes are not FDA approved.

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