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If you’re not familiar, Nutrafol is a supplement made to increase your metabolic rate by 100%. It’s also one of the top selling products on Amazon and has over 25,000 reviews.

The “nutrafol reviews reddit” is a review site where users can post their opinions on the product. The reviews are from people who have tried the product and have given it a rating.

Because pharmaceutical medicines for these diseases can have adverse effects, many people are seeking for more natural remedies for hair thinning and hair loss.

Nutrafol manufactures hair supplements for both men and women, as well as a variety of other health supplements. We’ll look at the components and science behind both Nutrafol Women and Nutrafol Men in this post to see whether they’re likely to be successful.

Ingredients in Nutrafol for Women


The Nutrafol Women’s Supplement Facts label has a lot of information on it. As you’d expect from a product at this pricing, there are a lot of active components. They contain biotin and saw palmetto, two of the hair development ingredients we listed as science-backed natural solutions in our chlorophyll benefits for hair study.

Both of these chemicals have been shown to improve hair quality in medical studies, so this is a positive clue that this is a well-formulated product.

A zinc deficiency has been linked to hair loss in medical studies, hence the formulation contains an effective dosage of zinc. In the related research, patients with decreased zinc levels had higher hair loss, thus this component makes sense.

Solubilized keratin, a protein found in hair, is found in Nutrafol Women. A keratin supplement enhanced hair quality in women in a medical study, including hair loss, hair growth, hair strength, and hair shine.

Horsetail extract, which has been proved in medical tests to increase hair density and quality when coupled with other substances, hasn’t been demonstrated to boost hair growth on its own.

Overall, this seems to be a well-formulated product, and if you’ve read any of our previous product evaluations, you’ll know that we’re often critical of many hair supplement companies due to the prevalence of useless components.

One criticism we have is that Nutrafol Women employs proprietary mixes rather than releasing the specific quantities of each active ingredient, which would be more beneficial to customers. It makes financial sense in their situation, since they’re selling a patented medication that’s been evaluated in medical studies, and they want to keep the specific recipe secret.

This strategy makes little sense for most supplement businesses with a prop mix, such as Novex Biotech, and it comes out as misleading if there are no medical studies behind the product. Because only the dose of the overall blend is disclosed on the Supplement Facts tab, prop mixes enable producers to successfully mask the quantity of individual component.

Medical Trial Review of Nutrafol for Women

Nutrafol Women was the subject of a Nutrafol-funded scientific investigation, which discovered that the supplement boosted hair growth in women with thinning hair.

Only a small percentage of supplement businesses truly provide clinical evidence demonstrating their products function, therefore this is an indication of a high-quality brand. Because it was double-blinded and placebo-controlled, it looks to be a well-designed trial. This implies that half of the participants in the trial will get an inert chemical, while the other half will receive the genuine supplement. Until the study is completed, neither the researchers nor the participants know who received what.

Because it removes any prejudice, this is the top standard for medical studies.

Based on the findings of this research, we may infer that this product is beneficial for female hair loss. That isn’t to say that it will work for every customer; rather, it will work on average.

Ingredients in Nutrafol for Men

Nutrafol Men Supplement Facts label

The components and doses in Nutrafol Men are almost same to those in Nutrafol Women, which is a good thing since the medication for women has been shown to be successful, as mentioned above.

One significant distinction is that in the men’s product, saw palmetto extract is listed as the first component, implying that it is at a larger dose than in the women’s version (prop blends are required to list ingredients in order of dosage).

This makes reasonable, given that saw palmetto is thought to act because of its antiandrogenic properties. Men have much higher natural androgens (steroid hormones) than women, which contributes to men losing hair sooner.

Because men have higher androgens than women, it makes logical to increase the amount of the substance that reduces the androgenic impact on hair in a male recipe against a female formula.

Again, this is a positive clue that the formulators at this firm are knowledgeable about the substances they’re utilizing, which is regrettably uncommon in the hair supplement sector.

Medical Trial Review of Nutrafol for Men

Nutrafol Men’s medical research, in our view, is much poorer than Nutrafol Women’s. To begin with, calling this one research a clinical trial may be misleading since it does not seem to have been published in any scholarly publications.

For a study to be published in a medical publication, there are medical standards and rigorous inclusion requirements. In the actual meaning of the phrase, doing research and publishing it is not a medical trial.

The supplements enhanced male hair growth, according to the research, but we don’t accept the findings since it doesn’t seem to be a legitimate medical trial and hence is prone to severe bias.

We can’t say that Nutrafol for Men is effective since there isn’t enough evidence to back it up. It may work since it has the same chemicals as Nutrafol Women, which has been shown to be successful, but the reasons and biological processes of hair loss vary between men and women, and just because a hair loss solution works for women does not indicate it will work for males.

Side Effects of Nutrafol

Because Nutrafol hair products are developed with efficient amounts of safe botanicals, we don’t feel there should be any worry about side effects. There were no negative effects reported by study participants in the Nutrafol Women clinical trial mentioned above.

Of course, we recommend consulting with a doctor before starting any new supplement because it may interact with other medications, but we believe the risk of side effects with either of these products is very low, especially when compared to pharmaceutical hair loss agents like Propecia, which can have sexual side effects such as decreased libido.

Teamwork is impressive.

When a supplement firm has no published team, which is very prevalent, it’s always a red indicator. If you’re taking a particular dietary supplement, be sure the firm that makes it has scientists engaged in the formulation process.

Nutrafol has an Teamwork is impressive. of scientists from relevant disciplines, including a Scientific Director with a PhD who worked at Harvard Medical School, and a Head of Scientific Affairs with a PhD in Biomedical Science amongst other experts.

We feel that a more experienced team of scientists produces better-formulated goods, and Nutrafol seems to be one of them.

The “nutrafol reviews before and after” is a product that claims to help you lose weight, reduce your cholesterol levels, and improve your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dermatologists recommend Nutrafol?

A: Yes, dermatologists recommend Nutrafol. It is a product that has been shown to reduce the visibility of skin imperfections such as wrinkles and age spots while promoting healthier looking skin.

Does Nutrafol have side effects?

A: There are no known side effects associated with Nutrafol.

Is Nutrafol better than biotin?

A: The most important thing to look at when assessing the health of your hair is whether or not it has been damaged. If your hair has been through a lot and its time for a significant change, then you may want to consider going with Nutrafol as opposed to biotin.

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