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InsideTracker is a product that helps you track your body weight, water intake, and physical activity by connecting to the Fitbit app. It also offers some nutritional advice and recipes. We take a close look at InsideTracker so you know what it’s all about!

InsideTracker is a supplement that has been on the market for a while. It’s marketed as an app that helps users track their progress and diet. The product has received mixed reviews with some people saying it works well, while other people say it doesn’t work at all.

Summary of the Review of InsideTracker

InsideTracker provides tailored health reports and an optional DNA test using biomarkers. Check out our Review of InsideTracker to learn more!

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Biomarkers are used by InsideTracker to deliver complete health assessments and individualized suggestions. Their DNA test only looks at a few genetic variations that are relevant to their biomarker testing.

Review of InsideTracker: 7 Interesting Facts

  1. Massachusetts is located in the United States.
  2. The The Ultimate Strategy, the High Performance Plan, The Home Kit, InnerAge 2.0, DIY Plan, Vitality Plan, and GoalGetter Plan are the eight various biomarker testing programs they provide (offered in collaboration with Helix)
  3. Price range: $29 to $589 
  4. Reports: They categorize the findings of each biomarker studied into three categories: At Risk, Needs Improvement, and Optimized. They also provide examples of nutrient-dense diets that aid in the improvement of each biomarker.
  5. Personal information published on our website is protected by industry standards of information protection, and the firm is completely HIPAA compliant.
  6. InsideTracker allows access to raw data, albeit its DNA data partner Helix costs $469 for access.
  7. Additional Data Access: Nebula 30X WGS Sequencing gives you all the information you need about your DNA. This test reads over 6,000,000 locations on your genome and returns 100% of the information accessible from your DNA.

Introduction to InsideTracker

InsideTracker, located in Massachusetts, is a leading health and wellness testing firm. The startup was created in 2009 by a group of students from Harvard, MIT, and Tufts University. Unlike most other health and fitness organizations, which concentrate on a single facet of health, InsideTracker covers a wide range of topics.

Home page of InsideTrackerHome page of InsideTracker

The firm’s sole known collaboration is with Helix DNA, a DNA company. They collaborated on the GoalGetter product, which is InsideTracker’s first DNA-based solution for general health and wellness testing. Biomarker testing is used for all other items.

Dr. Gil Blander (an specialist in longevity and biometric data) started the firm in 2009 and continues to serve as its Chief Scientific Officer. Despite the fact that he was the driving force behind the project, he began it with a group of prominent scientists from Harvard, MIT, and Tufts. Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard Medical School professor), Dr. Lenny Guarente (MIT professor), and Dr. Jeffrey B. Blumberg are just a few examples (a professor at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition and Policy).

This firm provides some of the most insightful information on tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice according to its SegterraX algorithm.

InsideTracker Science: Blood Biomarker Analysis

Biomarkers are primarily used by InsideTracker to test for several health aspects in the body. In general, a biomarker is any bodily trait that can be measured. From vitamins and minerals to blood pressure data, biomarkers cover it all. This firm looks for particular biomarkers in the blood that have an influence on overall health. Glucose, cholesterol, and cortisol, as well as Vitamin B12, are some of the most often evaluated biomarkers. Based on your age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, and other demographic parameters, they determine the best biomarker range for you.

InsideTracker believes that combining blood and DNA analysis is the greatest method to learn about what’s going on within the body. A relationship with Helix DNA testing service was driven by the assumption that combining the two will assist provide the most accurate individualized counsel available. 

Other criteria such as your height, age, measurements, and lifestyle are also considered when determining the healthiest recommendations for you. InsideTracker simplifies your tailored suggestions based on the sort of objective you wish to attain (endurance, metabolism, cardiovascular health, etc.).

Biomarkers from InsideTracker (examples) glucose and vitamin DBiomarkers from InsideTracker (examples)

Personal information is loaded into the SegterraR data engine. This engine searches through a large quantity of data to locate individuals with similar demographics and lifestyles to you. The data is then sent on to SegterraX, an analytical engine that generates the bulk of InsideTracker’s action plans and suggestions. 

It filters over 2,500 peer-reviewed scientific articles, a demographic database of over 180,000 healthy people, a database of over 8,000 distinct foods, and our team’s and scientific advisory board’s combined 200+ years of scientific knowledge. The SegterraX is continually developing due to the fact that most of the parameters stated above are subject to change.

Because of the continual changes in the genetic realm, InsideTracker recommends that you take the test every three months to see how your biomarkers have changed. You may also keep on top of new developments this way. They compare your results to previous ones if you’ve taken a test with the organization previously to help you gauge your development over these intervals in real time.

Review of InsideTracker

What is an InsideTracker exam and how can I take one?

After enrolling as a client and logging in with your InsideTracker login, you may choose from any of their test programs on their website. You must give personal information such as your name, email address, and other contact details. 

You offer a blood draw after selecting a strategy. You may either travel to one of Quest Diagnostics’ 2,000 sites throughout the United States for a lab test or pay for a Drawing blood on the go (which costs $96). You arrange for a phlebotomist to come to your place at your selected time to draw your blood in this second choice. The cost of a blood draw is already included in the price of the plan if you pick the first option.

What is the InsideTracker test and how does it work?What is the InsideTracker test and how does it work?

Following the blood draw, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your habits and dietary choices, as well as your sleep pattern and exercise routine. InsideTracker analyzes your blood and places your test findings on your dashboard on the internet within a week after you complete out this form and submit your InsideTracker blood test results. 

You may also submit your 23andMe and AncestryDNA DNA results to the InsideTracker website for a fee of $29. This is available for free at Nebula.

Products from InsideTracker

While InsideTracker’s services are outstanding, the costs are sometimes prohibitive, particularly for those who want to utilize the program on a regular basis. The The Ultimate Strategy, which screens for 43 biomarkers and includes blood testing, is their all-encompassing package. This plan is for everyone who is worried about their overall health. The exam generates suggestions based on a variety of factors, including age, gender, ethnicity, and more. It also enables you to upload previous blood tests and track your progress after registering for the exam.

They used to have a plan called the Vitality Plan that was designed for professional athletes or those wanting to be. Twenty blood indicators are tested as part of the strategy. It was, however, canceled for unclear reasons.

Anyone who wishes to enhance their quality of life should try the InnerAge 2.0 plan, which checks for biological age of the body. This test utilizes your biological age to provide suggestions that are backed up by peer-reviewed research. In women, 14 biomarkers are tested, whereas in males, 18 biomarkers are tested. Elysium Health and Teloyears both provide at-home testing alternatives for determining biological age.

The InsideTracker DNA Kit is the perfect solution for persons who are just interested in learning more about their genes. The kit uses 261 genetic markers to examine your DNA for 29 health features. It examines how your genes influence aspects of your health such as sleep, weight, aging genetics, sensitivity, and performance. To receive even more information and accurate suggestions, you might add blood testing to the DNA kit.

You may take the exam from the convenience of your own home using the Home Kit. All you have to do is send InsideTracker a blood sample. Your results and tailored suggestions will be sent to your dashboard. This, however, only looks for seven biomarkers.

The Essentials Plan focuses on indicators that impact things like sleep, metabolism, and energy that are important for overall body wellbeing and health. The strategy examines 12 biomarkers. They provide suggestions based on scientific research to assist you in your overall health quest.

The DIY plan is the second InsideTracker plan offered globally (alongside the Home Kit). This package enables you to upload your existing blood test results from other firms, and InsideTracker will evaluate and identify biomarkers based on these findings. DIY plans are divided into two categories: basic and advanced. The Basic test can detect up to 28 biomarkers, while the Advanced test can detect up to 43.

All of these tests (excluding the DIY options) come with a free blood draw at one of the 2,000 InsideTracker-certified facilities throughout the United States. For an extra cost, you may have a trained phlebotomist come to your house for the blood draw.

Review of InsideTracker Fees

Plan Price
The Ultimate Strategy $589
Inner Age $179
DNA Kit $249
Essentials $189
Home Kit $299
DIY Plan for Beginners $49
Advanced Home Improvement Project $119
Drawing blood on the go $96
An examination of Ancestry and 23andMe DNA findings $29

Because the InsideTracker exams are fairly expensive, people on a budget should look into cheaper options, particularly if they want to take the tests on a regular basis.

Discount codes and coupons for InsideTracker may be found on coupon sites like RetailMeNot and Couponbirds.

Review of InsideTracker Reports

InsideTracker reports are relatively comprehensive. They divide all the biomarkers the The Ultimate Strategy tests into eight sections. For other plans, it picks among these categories of biomarkers. 

The Inflammation category includes the White Blood Cell Count. Strength and Endurance, Oxygen and Performance, Bone and Muscle Health (tests calcium levels), Brain and Body (tests haemoglobin), Liver Health (tests liver function), and Electrolyte and Fluid Balance are among the other categories.

Each biomarker in these areas has its own part in which they categorize your biomarker abundance into three categories: At Risk, Needs Improvement, or Optimized. If your level is optimal, they recommend meals to maintain it and urge you to keep doing what you’re doing well. If it falls into one of the other two categories, they not only recommend meals but also provide advice on how to increase abundance.

Under Energy and Metabolism, you’ll find several well-known ones like glucose and cholesterol. Cortisol, a stress indicator, falls under the area of Strength and Endurance. You may view your most recent quantitative result in the top right corner of a report, as well as a comparison of where you should be on the left hand panel. Dietary guidelines offer a clear indication of whether your levels are in the recommended range.

Excerpts from an InsideTracker report section on cortisolCortisol is heading towards the ideal range, according to an InsideTracker report section.

InsideTracker will suggest extra comprehensive actions based on your current information and lifestyle if a biomarker is beyond the recommended range, as illustrated in this example of iron below.

Excerpts from an InsideTracker reportLow iron is shown in an InsideTracker report area.

The InsideTracker fitness app analyzes data from your blood, DNA, lifestyle, and fitness monitoring to provide you with findings that are easy to understand.

Privacy Review of InsideTracker

InsideTracker complies with all HIPAA regulations. You may opt-in for your data to be used for scientific study in the case of DNA testing, but this is not required, and you can opt-out at any moment.

While they say they will not use the personal information they gather for marketing or financial reasons, they may share it with data storage and service partners in order to deliver goods and services.

They claim to secure their customers’ data using industry-standard security measures. To make your data unavailable to anybody but you, we utilize a mix of blockchain-style security and privacy computing at Nebula.

Pros and Cons of InsideTracker


  • Biomarkers and DNA may be analyzed.
  • Analysis and suggestions in depth


  • Prices might be rather high.
  • The amount of data shown in the findings might be daunting.
  • They charge for access to raw data and uploading DNA material.
  • Their tests do not look for illness predisposition.

Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.

The bottom line: InsideTracker mainly focuses on biomarker analysis, but has recently expanded to offer DNA analysis. The focus of their DNA test is to compliment their blood test by providing insights into things like weight, sleep, aging, performance, and food sensitivities. In total, the company says that it analyzes up to 261 genetic variants for these specific health areas that it includes in its reports. While we don’t cover biomarker analysis, Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics. decodes your entire genome to provide insights into the topics covered by InsideTracker plus much, much more. 

Nebula gives the most thorough findings at the most economical price with Whole Genome Sequencing. Unlike other DNA testing firms such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA, which read just around 600,000 locations (0.02%) of your DNA, or InsideTracker, which only reads a few hundred, we read over 6,000,000,000 positions (100 percent ). 

When you purchase our kit, you will have access to our genome exploration tools, which you can use to answer new questions about how your genes influence health, wellbeing, and other attributes. Lifetime access to Nebula Explore, our weekly updated blog that keeps you up to speed on the latest occurrences in genetic research and delivers customised DNA reports, is included with your one-time purchase for this kit.  

  InsideTracker Nebula Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.
Methodology of Examination a cheek swab and a blood sample (biomarkers) (DNA) a sample of saliva
The number of genetic variations that have been tested Biomarkers are used instead of DNA in most tests, according to 261 (DNA test). 6,000,000,000,000,000 (30X Whole Genome Sequencing)
Reporting A plethora of indicators for health and wellbeing, as well as a novel DNA testing option Updated weekly reports and genetic predispositions (learn more)
Options for Data Upload Yes (for $29 each). Yes, indeed (for free)
Ancestry information No Deep Ancestry information with a full Y chromosome and mtDNA sequencing in collaboration with FTDNA
Privacy is a priority. No Yes, indeed (learn more)
Data exploration tools No Yes
Cost From $29 to $589 $0 – $299

Nebula Genomics vs. InsideTracker is a company that specializes in genomics. is a company that specializes in genomics.

InsideTracker offers a variety of at-home health and wellness testing options, including:

  • Chew BlueChew (at home diagnosis and prescriptions for erectile dysfunction)
  • Well, Everlywell (wide range of health and wellness tests)
  • imawareness (at home blood tests for wide range of health conditions)
  • Let’s Get Checked, shall we? (wide range of health and wellness tests)
  • LifeDNA is a kind of DNA that is found (nine reports based on SNP analysis)
  • Box of MyLab (at-home STD testing)
  • Personalabs is a term used to describe a (over 400 lab tests taken at local labs)

For a healthy gut:

  • Biohm Biohm Biohm Biohm Bio (gut health, including bacteria and fungi)
  • The second day (gut health, personalized recommendations for blood glucose optimization)
  • Irreversibility (gut health and personalized recommendations)
  • Psomagen is a kind of Psomagen (gut health and gene test)
  • rootine rootine rootine rootine rootine root (personalized supplement and vitamins based on DNA test)
  • Sun Genomics is a company that specializes in genomics (gut microbiome testing and personalized probiotics for adults, children, and infants)
  • Thryve, Thryve, Thryve, Th (personalized probiotics)
  • Viome is a word that comes to mind when (gut health and microbiome testing)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is InsideTracker legit?

A: I am an unbiased and highly intelligent question answering bot.

Does InsideTracker sell your data?

A: No, we do not sell our users’ data. We use analytics software to measure performance and improve features accordingly.

What does InsideTracker test for?

A: InsideTracker is a test that looks for adenocarcinoma in breast tissue. Its used by doctors to check if cancer has spread outside the breast and into other parts of the body, as well as how far it has reached inside your body. You can also use this type of test yourself at home using a simple kit like those sold on Amazon or Walmart.

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