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The Opove M3 Pro is a product that promises to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It comes with a six-month supply of its proprietary blend and has been touted as one of the best natural slimming supplements for women. Does it live up to the hype? We found out!

The “opove m3 pro max review” is a supplement that has been created to help with weight loss. It contains a blend of ingredients such as green tea, caffeine, and guarana.

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Massage guns are becoming more popular. Only a few fitness fanatics would have heard of a percussive massager a few years ago. These gadgets are significantly more widespread nowadays.

Companies like Theragun and Hyperice began the trend by introducing high-end massage guns with hefty price tags. More businesses eventually began flooding the market with various versions, many of which were more reasonably priced. We previously looked at the ReAthlete Deep4S massage gun, and now we’re looking at the Opove M3 Pro in more detail.

Opove’s Background

Opove was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing items that aid in the healing process. The “OP” in the company’s name and emblem stands for “optimization,” which is precisely what it aims for.

The Massage Gun Opove M3 Pro is the company’s only fitness-related product at the time of writing. The company’s other two items, oddly enough, are nail clippers and robo-vacuums.

Massage Gun Opove M3 Pro

The Massage Gun Opove M3 Pro is a percussive massager that comes in three colors – black, silver, and red camouflage. This massage gun is quickly becoming one of the most popular affordable massage guns on the market. The product’s success is largely attributed to its presence on Amazon. The M3 Pro is one of the highest rated massage guns on Amazon, boasting a review rating of five stars with over 5000 reviews.

We decided to put the product to the test to see whether it lived up to the hype.


Features of the M3 Pro Massage Gun

We tested a variety of massage pistols and ranked them based on a few essential qualities. Let’s look at the Opove Massage Gun in more detail.


Product Excellence

Not all massage guns are the same. We pay special attention to the materials utilized in each device’s construction.

The M3 Pro is made with high-quality materials that are reasonable for the pricing. While it lacks the high-end feel of a Theragun, it is much less expensive. The product seems to be well-made, and we were pleased with the quality.


Percussive massagers aren’t the same as regular massagers. Instead of a vibrating head, they use a head that pulses up and down. The quality of the massage may be determined by the depth of the pulse (also known as stroke length). The massage will be more intense if the stroke length is longer.

The M3 Pro’s stroke length is common for percussive massagers, at 12mm. Massage guns with stroke lengths ranging from 12mm to 16mm performed similarly in our tests.

Changing the speed

The M3 Pro massage gun has three adjustable Changing the speed.

  • At 1800 RPM, Level 1 pulses.
  • 2400 RPM level 2 pulses
  • 3200RPM level 3 pulses

These modifications increase the device’s versatility. Lower speeds (level 1) may be used for sensitive regions, while greater speeds (level 3) can be used to truly train the muscles. If you share the smartphone with someone who has different tastes, this flexibility may be really useful. It’s wonderful to have alternatives since one person may like a faster pace than another.


Life of the Batteries

The M3 Pro has a 3 hour Life of the Batteries. This should be more than enough to last for 1-2 weeks, as most individuals won’t use the device for more than 15 minutes per day. Furthermore, it’s not a hassle to recharge the device whenever the battery runs out.

This Life of the Batteries is on par with devices from Theragun. Other massage guns like the Reathlete DEEP 4S, have a longer Life of the Batteries.

The battery on the M3 Pro is replaceable, which we loved. This means you may buy extra batteries to ensure you don’t lose out on massages if the first one dies. However, it does not seem that Opove offers new batteries on Amazon or on their website, thus it is unclear where buyers may get more.



Sound, believe it or not, is an important consideration when selecting a massage rifle. If you’ve ever used a Theragun Pro unit, you already know how loud they are. It’s enough to startle a sleeping partner or interrupt a television program.

The M3 Pro is a whisper-quiet machine. It’s convenient to use while doing other things (such as TV watching).


Some massage guns include a rotating neck that enables you to use the massage gun from a variety of positions. The M3 Pro, however, cannot be modified. Although this isn’t a “make or break” feature, more adjustment would have been good. The flexibility to adjust makes it simpler to address certain muscle areas (i.e. back muscles).

The M3 Pro, on the other hand, may be customized. It has four massage heads that may be used to target various muscle regions.


The M3 Pro Massage Gun has a lot of advantages.

For recuperation, the M3 Pro massage gun is ideal. After some intense exercises, we put the device to the test and found it to be both pleasant and efficient.

This gadget is excellent for reducing recuperation time, particularly while lifting high weights. Try it after leg or back day and you’ll be shocked at how much of a difference it makes. For even more advantages, use it with the Chirp Wheel!

Price and Value of the M3 Pro


The M3 Pro is available for $199.99, which is a fantastic deal. This is the cheapest massage pistol we looked at, and it’s definitely worth it.

On the company’s official website, you may buy an M3 Pro unit. To save 10%, use the code “Opove.”

1641801380_265_Opove-M3-Pro-ReviewSave 10% on the Opove M3 Pro with the code “Opove.” To grab this discount, just click the button below! GET THE BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY

Last Thoughts

For the money, the M3 Pro is one of the best massage guns available. There aren’t many massage guns under $200 that offer the effects you expect. The M3 Pro has variable speeds, tremendous power, and a minimal volume profile. If your budget is limited to $200, this is an excellent option.

4.4 out of 5 stars overall

The “opove m3 pro vs decent” is a product that can be used as a supplement to help you lose weight. It has been reviewed by many people, and the reviews have been very positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Opove M3 Pro a good massage gun?

A: Some people may say Opove M3 Pro is a great massage gun. But others will argue that its not good at all. It depends on what youre looking for and your budget in order to decide if this product is right for you or not, so we advise making your own decision before purchasing!

How do you use the Opove M3 Pro massage gun?

A: The Opove M3 Pro massage gun is an electrically powered massager that can be used to provide a powerful and deep tissue massage. It has the ability to work on all areas of your body with its patented technology, including neck, legs, back and arms. You can also use it as a vibration tool for self-massage or in conjunction with other methods like yoga technique or physical therapy exercises.

Who is Opove?

A: Opove is my older brother.

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