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Olly Vitamins is a new supplement brand that combines vitamins, minerals, and herbs into one convenient capsule. The brand’s first product contains 18 ingredients to aid in reducing inflammation and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for general wellness.

The “olly vitamins side effects” is a supplement that claims it can help you lose weight, increase your energy levels and improve your mood. However, many people have reported experiencing negative side effects from the product.

Olly is a supplement company known for its delicious gummy vitamins. They currently offer a variety of supplements, but their gummies remain their most popular item.

In this post, we’ll look into the ingredients in some of Olly’s most popular supplements to see whether they’re likely to work, as well as some healthier and more effective alternatives.

Review of Olly Sleep Gummies

Olly Sleep ingredients list

Olly’s most popular product is a gummy supplement designed to help people sleep better.

The first active component on the list is L-theanine. Because it regulates alpha brain wave activity, this amino acid is often used to induce relaxation. This component seems to be underdosed in Olly Sleep, with just 100 milligrams (mg).

We found three medical studies on l-theanine for sleep (1, 2, 3), with the lowest amount used in any of them being 200 mg/day, which is twice the level used in Olly Sleep. We haven’t found any evidence that 100 mg of l-theanine is useful for sleep, so we’ll assume this is an underdose.

The second component is 3 mg of melatonin, which has been shown in medical tests to be an effective amount for promoting sleep. Melatonin is the most researched and non-toxic sleep supplement.

The third component, chamomile extract (17 mg), seems to be severely underdosed based on medical study. There isn’t a single research on chamomile extract for sleep that uses a dosage lower than 200 mg, and even that is 11 times the amount in Olly Sleep.

Passionflower extract is the fourth component on the list, and at 17 mg, it looks to be substantially underdosed. One study on passionflower extract for sleep utilized the smallest quantity we could find, 60 mg, and the researchers even said, “The dosage of passionflower extracts [in this study] was rather low, compared to commercially available products, which typically comprise 250-900 mg of passionflower.” We may deduce that this chemical is useless owing to its low dosage.

Lemon balm extract is the last component, at a quantity of 16 mg. The most widely acknowledged medical study on lemon balm extract for sleep improvement used 600 mg, which is 3800 percent more than Olly Sleep. We couldn’t uncover any evidence that it’s useful for sleep at such a low dosage as the one in this product.

Because Olly Sleep is a gummy product, it has added sugar, and we don’t advocate supplements with added sugar for health reasons (even though the amount in this product is relatively low).

Overall, we discovered that, although the substances chosen are well-studied for aiding sleep, the dose is problematic. Except for melatonin, which can be purchased far cheaper and used alone, every component in Olly Sleep is drastically underdosed based on medical studies. We don’t recommend this product, and we don’t think it’s any better than taking 3 mg of melatonin on its own.

Review of Olly Stress Gummies

Olly Stress ingredients list

Goodbye Stress is Olly’s second-most popular product, and it promises to help consumers “remain peaceful.” GABA, l-theanine, and lemon balm extract are the sole active components in this supplement.

GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps the body cope with stress. Olly Stress Gummies contain 50 mg of it. The effective dosage range of GABA for stress reduction was 2.01 mg – 100 mg, according to a detailed study published in the Frontiers in Neuroscience Journal, therefore this substance should be beneficial.

The second component is 50 mg of l-theanine. According to one medical evaluation, this seems to be severely underdosed: “Our results show that supplementation of 200-400 mg/day of l-theanine may aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety…”

The last component is lemon balm extract, which is dosed at 75 mg, which looks to be severely underdosed. According to Examine, the lowest active supplementary dosage of lemon balm seems to be 300 mg, based on a study of over ten research.

This is a subpar formulation with the same flaws as Olly Sleep: useful components at inadequate levels (with the exception of GABA). This product is not recommended, and it also includes needless added sugar, which may be hazardous to one’s health.

Review of Olly Vitamins

Olly is a retailer of gummy multivitamins for men, women, and children.

Multivitamin usage is not related with any favorable health outcomes on a community level, according to medical data, so paying for a health product that already has little value on average and adds extra sugar seems senseless.

We know that additional sugar is bad for people’s health, and these items are likely to provide little benefit on average, therefore we don’t suggest them. It’s a waste of funds.

While we feel the goods we’ve previously assessed are at least somewhat likely to be successful for their stated label claim, we don’t believe these products will be advantageous to any particular purpose.

Review of Olly Probiotic Gummies

Olly Probiotics ingredients list

Probiotic Tropical Mango, Probiotic Bramble Berry, and Extra Strength Probiotics are Olly’s three stand-alone probiotic candies.

The probiotic dosage in the first two items is 1 billion colony-forming units (CFU). For any health advantage, this seems to be underdosed. A medical analysis of probiotic studies found that a dosage of 10 billion CFU was the most beneficial.

Only 6 billion CFU are included in the Extra Strength Probiotics.

These items all have more added sugar than the Olly’s products we previously examined, with the standard strength versions having 4 g added sugar.

We don’t endorse any of these goods since we don’t think they’ll help your stomach. Eating traditionally fermented foods like sauerkraut or Greek yogurt, as we noted in our probiotic review post, is the healthiest and most cost-effective method to receive probiotics.

Review of Olly Hair Vitamins

Olly Hair ingredients list

Olly offers Ultra Strength Hair Softgels, a hair health and growth product.

Keratin, one of the structural proteins of hair, is the principal active component, containing 150 mg. We couldn’t discover any evidence that this is an effective dosage. We found just one research that showed keratin supplementation enhanced hair quality, and it employed a dosage of 500 mg.

The two additional active components, amla extract and silica, have no evidence to support their usage.

Olly Ultra Strength Hair Softgels do include biotin, which is well-dosed and shown to help maintain hair quality, but this is a poorly-formulated product overall. It is not recommended for usage.


Olly creates items that are poorly formulated and include unneeded sugars. Every product we looked at had one or more compounds that were either underdosed or didn’t have any clinical evidence to support their inclusion in the formulation.

We don’t endorse any Olly products since we feel you can obtain the same results for a lot less money with other chemicals that have better clinical evidence.

Melatonin alone is far less expensive than Olly Sleep, because it was the only component with an effective amount. Lemon balm alone should be more beneficial than Olly Stress Gummies at a dosage of 600 mg.

Avoiding multivitamin gummies with additional sugars is better for your health than taking Olly Vitamins, and getting your probiotics from whole foods like Greek yogurt without extra sugar is better for your gut than taking Olly Probiotics.

Finally, we prefer OIly Ultra Strength Hair Softgels over keratin supplementation alone at an effective level of 500 mg.

If you want to improve your health, save your money and avoid any goods sold by this firm. If all you want is a sweet snack, this is the brand for you, since it’s evident that flavor and branding take precedence over effective formulae.

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Do OLLY gummies work?

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Are OLLY vitamins FDA approved?

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Are OLLY vitamins all natural?

A: I am not sure what you mean by natural, but Olly Vitamin is a brand of supplements that are all natural.

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