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To some, Liquid IV is the best liquid electrolyte to replenish lost minerals and vitamins during exercise. To others, it’s a “miracle supplement” with no benefits at all. Find out what customers have been saying about this product in our review of Liquid IV.

The “liquid i.v. pros and cons” is a product that has been around for a while but is still popular for its versatility and effectiveness. The product comes in many different flavors, such as strawberry lemonade or orange mango.


Liquid IV is an electrolyte powder firm that claims that their products “multiply hydration,” which is a really ridiculously unscientific claim. The firm distributes a range of powder drink mixes with various claims of advantages, such as more energy and better sleep.

We’ll go through why there’s no such thing as a “hydration multiplier” in this post, as well as some of the Liquid IV formulas including Hydration, Energy, and Sleep.

Health Claims That Aren’t True

Liquid IV hydration multiplication health claims

To see why Liquid IV’s claim of hydration multiplication is illogical, we must first define hydration. 

Hydration is simply the act of replacing water lost over the day and maintaining optimal biological function by drinking water or eating water-containing foods like fresh fruit.

There’s no means to “multiply” hydration on Liquid IV’s website, and there’s no explanation of what it would involve; it’s just pseudoscientific marketing nonsense.

Liquid IV is based on an oral rehydration solution used in poor nations to quickly rehydrate patients with severe dehydration, mainly caused by diarrhea (ORS). This is stated on their blog as well.

Liquid IV then refers to a 1994 medical research that found ORS to be beneficial for cholera patients.

We haven’t found any medical data to support the use of ORS if you don’t have cholera or severe diarrhea. Because Liquid IV doesn’t disclose any, we may presume their whole business model is incorrect. Regular, healthy persons should not need a formulation designed for those suffering from acute dehydration or sickness.

“A little-known reality about the human body is that we can drink as much water as we like, but very little of that water really gets absorbed and utilised by the body,” Liquid IV writes in a blog post on ORS. 

This isn’t true, and it doesn’t have a source or reference since it’s made-up rubbish. Liquid IV claims that humans have been drinking water incorrectly for the whole of our existence.

Humans have evolved to hydrate themselves enough from water and food without the need of sweet electrolyte powders for millions of years.

Review of Liquid IV Hydration

Liquid IV Hydration ingredients list

The main product of Liquid IV is hydration. 

Liquid IV Hydration contains 11 g of sugar as the initial component, as well as salt and potassium for electrolytes. We know from medical study that dietary sugar consumption (in excess) is hazardous to human health, and sugar has no helpful impact on hydration outside of acute dehydration circumstances. 

We don’t feel it’s healthy for consumers to consistently consume packages containing 11 grams of processed sugar. Cane sugar that has been isolated has no nutritional value.

Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 are among the vitamins added to Liquid IV Hydration in apparently random proportions. We haven’t come across any studies that imply vitamin supplementation influences hydration status, and Liquid IV doesn’t publish any either. 

“We’ve added Vitamins B and C for an additional health boost,” their explanation blog post simply explains. Why are these vitamins included in a hydration formula if they have no effect on hydration? This company’s claims are utterly unscientific and unfounded.

Overall, we can’t say enough negative things about this product. It’s pricey sugar water that hasn’t been shown to work for average people. We advise people to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Review of Liquid IV Energy

Liquid IV Energy ingredients list

Liquid IV Energy has a recipe that is quite similar to Liquid IV Hydration. 

Matcha tea is a unique ingredient, however there is no dosage information on Amazon or on their website, so we can’t tell whether it’s properly dosed. When a corporation does not disclose the dosage of an ingredient, we believe it is immoral and probably definitely violates FDA labeling requirements. For all we know, this product may contain a single flake of matcha powder.

Regardless, we feel matcha is worthless as an energy component since it’s typically employed for the opposite effect: relaxation. According to medical study, matcha tea has a significant amount of l theanine, an amino acid that produces calm.

Liquid IV Energy also contains guayusa extract, which has been shown in medical literature to have a stimulatory effect, but we can’t tell whether it will be useful in this product since Liquid IV doesn’t disclose the dose.

A large amount of sugar, like the one in this product, may offer energy in the short term, but it’s an inefficient and harmful source of energy in the long run, in our view.

Ground ginger is also used in Liquid IV Energy. We haven’t seen any studies indicating that this substance is beneficial for energy, and Liquid IV doesn’t publish any, so we’ll assume it’s useless. 

Even the description of ginger on their website under the “Liquid IV Energy Blend” banner simply states that it “supports good digestion.” That’s OK, but it still doesn’t explain why it’s in an energy supplement. The formulators at this firm are inept.

We would not suggest this product in general. It’s poorly designed, lacks documented active component levels, and has a significant quantity of added sugar.

Review of Liquid IV Sleep

Liquid IV Sleep Active Ingredients list

Sleep Multiplier is a sleep supplement sold by Liquid IV. 

It has less added sugar (4 g) per serving than the other two items we looked at, so it’s already a winner.

In a special “Sleep Blend,” this medication contains three active ingredients: valerian root extract, l-theanine, and melatonin.

In a medical evaluation, Valerian root extract (spelled wrongly as “velarian” on the Nutrition Facts label) was determined to be a safe and effective sleep aid. Unfortunately, the dosage in Liquid IV Sleep is 175 mg, which looks to be underdosed. According to an Examine study of valerian that looked into various medical research, the effective dosage of valerian is 450 mg.

L theanine is more often utilized for anxiety rather than sleep. There are no medical studies that show it is useful for sleep at the 50 mg level used in Liquid IV Sleep. We’re going to presume that this is also underdosed.

Melatonin is a well-studied sleep aid and one of the most effective sleep supplements. Melatonin in the dosage of 3 mg should enough.

The only properly dosed component in this formulation, in our view, is melatonin, which can be obtained in a far cheaper and healthier form by taking it by itself rather than in a sweet powder with a number of other superfluous additives.

For consumers searching for a natural and nontoxic sleep aid, we would not suggest this product and would instead propose melatonin supplementation alone.


We think Liquid IV makes ludicrous marketing promises to help their goods stand out, most of which are unsupported by research. There is no such thing as a “hydration multiplier,” and there is no proven advantage to taking this product over just drinking water for average individuals.

Because of the additional sugar, these products are virtually probably less nutritious than drinking water alone.

The only medically established value of a product like this is for extreme dehydration or diarrhea, therefore if you have chronic diarrhea, try Liquid IV, but otherwise we don’t see the sense in spending money on any of their products.

In general, liquid IV formulations are inefficient, underdosed, based on dubious health claims, and include a considerable amount of added sugar.

We don’t advocate any of this brand’s items, and we can’t think of any reason why individuals would profit from them unless they’re in very uncommon situations. 

The “does liquid i.v. really work” is a question that has been asked for a long time. Liquid IV Review will answer this question and provide the reader with all of the information that they need to know about this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liquid IV a good product?

A: Based on customer reviews, I would say that Liquid IV is a good product.

Is it okay to drink Liquid IV everyday?

A: No, it is not okay to drink Liquid IV everyday.

What is so great about Liquid IV?

A: Liquid IV is a very special material. It is made up of erythritol and oligosaccharides that are derived from plants like barley, oats, or corn. This makes it more natural to eat than artificial sweeteners like aspartame which have been known to cause adverse reactions such as headaches and nausea in some people with sensitivities even after consumption for only a week or two.

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