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Does a special fruit really work? Superbeets is the answer to your question.

The “superbeets pros and cons” is a supplement that claims to help with weight loss. It has been said that it is difficult for the human body to process, which can lead to side effects.

Superbeets is a famous beet powder that promises to deliver the nutritional value of 40 tablespoons of raw beets while also supporting blood pressure. Humann manufactures the supplement, which is available at GNC shops throughout the United States and on Humann’s website.

In this post, we’ll go through the results of a medical research that looked into Superbeets and discuss if we think they’re a better alternative for blood pressure control and general health than beets.

Review of Clinical Trials

Humann sponsored a clinical study for their Superbeets product, which is a hallmark of a high-quality brand. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Physiology, looked at whether Superbeets improved several cardiovascular indicators in healthy older persons.

Researchers discovered that taking Superbeets for four weeks decreased participants’ blood pressure by a modest but substantial amount. Because the participants in the study had blood pressure that was already in a healthy range at the start, it would be fascinating to observe whether this impact would be stronger in hypertensive patients (we imagine it would).

The participants’ reaction to a low oxygen condition following supplementation with Superbeets was also examined, although we don’t believe this is useful in real-world scenarios.

We find it odd that the study’s dosage was 10 grams (g), while the Superbeets label only lists a 5 gram serving size. We’re not sure why the manufacturer chose 5 g as the serving amount since they haven’t released any study demonstrating Superbeets is effective at that size.

Another unsponsored medical research we found tested the blood pressure response to several types of beet products, including Superbeets.

Blood pressure was decreased by a strong beetroot drink and a beetroot flapjack, but not by Superbeets. The trial participants all had normal blood pressure, which we think is an odd study design choice since there’s no purpose in studying whether a product will lower blood pressure in people who already have normal blood pressure.

We will infer that Superbeets is not effective for blood pressure control since the sole trial claiming it is effective for blood pressure regulation was financed by the firm that makes Superbeets, and the contradictory research was unsponsored.

We may reconsider our position if the firm finances another trial on hypertensive patients demonstrating that their medication is useful, but there is presently insufficient clear data to declare that this product decreases blood pressure in our view.

Ingredient Review of Superbeets

Superbeets ingredients

Beet powder and fermented beet powder are the key active elements in Superbeets. Organic beet products have been shown in a medical evaluation to have greater nutritional levels and anticancer activity. It’s bad that the firm employs conventional beets.

Humann does not disclose the dose of any of its active components, which is unusual and may be in violation of the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) labeling rules for dietary supplement producers.

In any case, it is a disservice to customers since it is difficult to determine whether or not the product is likely to be beneficial overall without knowing the dose for each constituent.

Natural apple taste is one element that we don’t agree with. Although this isn’t a major safety risk, we suggest avoiding items that state “natural flavor” as an ingredient since this is an unregulated word that doesn’t specify the chemicals utilized.

Overall, we think this is a relatively safe mixture that may assist enhance overall health for folks who aren’t fond of eating beets. However, owing to the absence of stated dose for (at the very least) the two active components of beet powder and fermented beet powder, as well as the addition of natural flavoring agents, we do not endorse this product.

Ingredients in Superbeets Chews

Superbeets Heart Chews ingredients

Superbeets Heart Chews really publishes the active component dose, making it superior than Superbeets powder in this aspect. “Assistance good blood pressure” and “give circulatory support,” according to the product’s promises.

The beet powder in the chews is 500 milligrams (mg). For any cardiovascular benefit, this seems to be a very modest dosage. While the findings of one medical research on beetroot powder for heart health were favorable, the quantity used was 30 g, which is 60 times the amount in Superbeets Chews.

The Chews also include 150 mg of grape seed extract, which is the only additional active component. This seems to be a beneficial dosage for lowering blood pressure. The same proprietary grape seed extract used in Superbeets Heart Chews was shown to dramatically decrease blood pressure in trial patients in a research published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal.

The systolic blood pressure level at the start was 150 mmHg, but after 12 weeks of daily supplementation with 150 mg grape seed extract, it dropped to 122.

We have concerns about three inactive substances in Superbeets Heart Chews.

Added sugar has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease death in studies, so we think it’s an odd inclusion in a heart health supplement.

Natural flavors are an element we suggest avoiding for the reasons described in the preceding section, and citric acid is a flavor enhancer and preservative chemical that, according to a medical evaluation, may induce inflammatory diseases in certain patients.

While this product may assist heart health in general, we don’t suggest it due to the chemicals and what seems to be underdosed beet powder.

Because grape seed extract is the only ingredient in this product that is effectively dosed at 150 mg, patients should talk to their doctors about taking it alone if their goal is to naturally lower blood pressure, as taking it in a formulation with added sugar and flavorings seems questionable from a health standpoint.

Whole Beets vs. Superbeets

For cardiovascular health, we advocate frequent whole beet intake or beet juice over Superbeets. There is just one company-funded study that claims Superbeets may decrease blood pressure, despite substantial studies on the cardiovascular benefits of whole beet eating.

Beet juice is likely useful for hypertension and lowering cardiovascular events, according to a new meta-review published in the Biomolecules journal.

Another medical research discovered a dose-dependent relationship between beet juice intake and lower blood pressure, suggesting that the more beet juice taken (within an acceptable limit), the lower the blood pressure.

There are several research on the benefits of beets and beet juice for cardiovascular health.

When compared to Superbeets, whole beet or beet juice intake looks to be more effective, less expensive, and includes no problematic added components.

If you don’t like the taste of beet juice, try mixing it with lemon juice for a more bearable acidic flavor.

The “superbeets reviews amazon” is a supplement that has been made to the market. The supplement has been reviewed by many people and has received positive feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do SuperBeets actually work?

A: No, they do not work.

What are the side effects of SuperBeets?

A: There are no known side effects of SuperBeets. However, long term use has not been studied and it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before taking this product. Be sure to take the suggested dosage on the bottle as well or else you will risk overdosing yourself.

How long does it take for SuperBeets to work?

A: In most cases, the effects of SuperBeets can last anywhere from a few hours to up to two days. This will depend on your diet and how well you take care of yourself while using it.

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