Found Weight Loss Medication and Coaching: Expert Review

Today, there are many ways to lose weight and some new ones keep coming out. It can be hard to know which is best for you so a dietician has come up with an expert review of the most popular diets on the market today.

The “what medications does found weight loss use” is a dietitian’s expert review for the product. The review will tell you what medication to take, if any, and how it can help you lose weight.


  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Accountability and assistance are provided on a regular basis.
  • Encourages long-term weight reduction


  • Transparency on program specifics and drugs is lacking.
  • There is a scarcity of research to back these assertions.
  • There are no Registered Dietitians on the team.
  • The health screening process is insufficiently comprehensive.

What Has Been Found?

Found is an online weight reduction membership service for those who want to lose weight in a holistic way.

The program includes personalized coaching, as well as a medical assessment and, if necessary, prescription weight reduction drugs. These drugs are FDA-approved, according to reports.

Found promises that by changing one’s food and lifestyle, one may lose weight quickly and permanently.

How Does It Work?

Weight-related issues like as heredity, hormones, metabolism, and gut health are all addressed in the Found program.

Your virtual health coach, a Facebook network, and a recipe site for meal inspiration provide frequent assistance to keep you on track.

The approach focuses on five key aspects of weight loss:

  • Eating With Intention
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Stress
  • Sleep

I instantly observed a lack of clarity on the facts of what would be included with the health coaching, medical screening, and any prescription medicine contents as I browsed the whole website.

It mentions having access to a health coach, but it’s unclear if you’ll get particular diet plans, activity programs, or resources.

It’s alarming that you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, particularly when it comes to taking a prescription drug.

As a result, I chose to enroll in the Found program.

The first step in joining up with Found is to take a short questionnaire. It inquires about your demographics, genes, medical history, weight-loss attempts in the past, and general objectives.

A quiz may be a useful first screening tool, however Found’s quiz did not seem particularly comprehensive to me.

It didn’t, for example, ask for blood tests, which is necessary to see whether you have any deficits or medical issues that might affect your strategy.

A unique strategy is suggested for you based on your quiz answers. The RX Path, which involves prescription medicine, and the Wellness Path, which does not, are the two main “paths.”

Every prospective member receives an initial medical consultation from a board-certified physician. The purpose of this appointment is to go through your medical history and see whether you require prescription medicine. If this is the case, the RX Path will be given. 

RX Path:

  • Weight-loss medications on prescription
  • Checking up on your drug tolerance on a monthly basis is a good idea.
  • Medical consultations are held once a month.
  • Personalized nutrition and exercise program
  • Personal health advisor
  • Access to a select group of people

The FDA has authorized all of Found’s weight reduction drugs. The sorts of drugs that are administered are not specified on the website.

A mutual choice between you and your doctor determines the sort of medicine you will be given. Each individual receives a different sort and dosage of medication.

To ensure continuous tolerance, there are monthly medication check-ins with the medical practitioner.

If you have any concerns or queries in the meanwhile, you may contact us through an online patient portal at any time, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Path to Health:

  • Personalized nutrition and exercise program
  • Personal health advisor
  • Access to a select group of people

Prescription drugs and access to medical professionals are not included in the Wellness route. If you don’t qualify for weight loss medication, you’ll be allocated to this plan.

Both programs offer access to a health coach on a regular basis to help you stay on track and motivated.

The Found program lasts a year and is designed to help you achieve your health and fitness objectives in little steps.

As a Registered Dietitian, I like that this program takes a holistic approach and considers all factors that influence weight and metabolism.

Weight reduction that lasts is tough to attain if you don’t look at the big picture.

Scorecard of Found

A nutritionist assessed the Found program objectively based on the following criteria:

Evidence-Based: 4/5
Simple to Follow: 3.5/5
Customization: 5/5
Sustainability: 5/5
Accountability: 4/5
Safety: 4/5
Price to Value Ratio: 3.5/5
Overall Score: 4.1/5


Begin Your Weight-Loss Journey With Found Weight Loss

To find out which plan is ideal for your weight reduction objectives, take the Found questionnaire.

Medical Advisory Board

Money-back guarantee for 30 days

My Experience with the Found Program and Coaching

My personal experience with Found has been better than I had anticipated when I first joined up.

The Wellness Path was allocated to me based on the results of my Found questionnaire.

I had a wellness plan sent to me within 5 minutes of finishing the survey, at a cost of $49 per month.

I downloaded their app, which has the communication and materials for health coaching.

The next day, I started receiving daily texts from my Personal health advisor, beginning with a Found Wellness Guide of what to expect from the program.

Their materials pleasantly surprised me, since they were much more comprehensive than the first quiz.

The following is a list of the contents of the Found wellness guide:

  • A month-by-month schedule of what to anticipate
  • Meal plans examples
  • Guides on grocery shopping and nutrition
  • Plate maker and portion calculator
  • a handbook to movement
  • Beginner a handbook to movement
  • Victory tracker that isn’t scaled
  • Ideas for meals
  • FAQ’s

The instructions were useful and gave non-judgmental general advice on what to eat more of and what to eat less of.

I loved how many of the materials could be used by a wide range of individuals and did not impose dietary limitations.

I particularly appreciate the Victory tracker that isn’t scaled, as I use a similar tool with my weight loss clients.

It’s crucial to celebrate your non-scale victories during your weight reduction journey because they keep you motivated even when the scale refuses to move.

On weekdays, I’ve been getting daily text messages from my coach, in which she checks in with me and sets tailored objectives for me. There are no phone calls made. Text is used for all communication.

Prioritizing self-care, being more attentive, and minimizing stress are just a few of the suggestions she’s made thus far.

She assists me in setting precise objectives and then follows up with me the following day to ensure that I am on track.

On Wednesdays, she also reminds me to keep note of my non-scale wins as well as my weight.

Although the health coach is not a dietician, she is kind and seems to really care about my success in the program.

Foods to Eat and Stay Away From

In the Found program, there are no hard and fast restrictions about what you can and can’t consume, but certain behaviors are encouraged.

The Found program has 10 key nutrition rules or philosophies:

  1. Avoid “Fast Carbs” like soda, white bread, and crackers, which digest fast and leave you hungry.
  2. Sugar added to coffee, soda, sweets, pastries, and desserts should be avoided as much as possible.
  3. Don’t be afraid of fat — in moderation, healthy fats like olive oil, almonds, avocados, and seeds may help you feel full.
  4. Increase your fiber intake by eating more whole foods including beans, whole grains, seeds, fruits, and veggies.
  5. Eat less often and for shorter periods of time – snack less and prevent mindless or distracted eating.
  6. Listen to your body – emphasizes intuitive eating and the importance of just eating when you’re hungry.
  7. If you feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon, forgive yourself, give yourself grace, and move on.
  8. Limit hyper-processed foods, such as morning cereals, snack bars, and ready-to-eat side dishes, which are high in fat and sugar.
  9. Create a healthy atmosphere at home, restrict snack items in the house, and put nutritious snacks in the front and center of your mind to make new habits easier.
  10. Hydration – The majority of the time, you should consume water as your beverage of choice.

Can It Assist You in Losing Weight?

Found participants are stated to drop 5% of their body weight in six months and 10% in eight months while effectively maintaining their weight loss.

This is a healthy pace of weight reduction and one that is more likely to be maintained.

A slower pace of weight reduction like this frequently results in less muscle loss and a better body composition.

However, there is no genuine data to back up this number provided by Found, and there are no formal scientific studies on the program to confirm its weight loss success.

The Found concept emphasizes healthy lifestyle modifications and long-term weight reduction.

It encourages you to concentrate on developing one new habit at a time and to congratulate yourself on your progress.

This is how I work with my clients, and it’s typically the most effective method for long-term weight reduction.

It is less daunting to concentrate on one behavior at a time, and it helps you to integrate each habit into your life so that it becomes routine.

When you attempt to alter everything at once, as many conventional weight reduction regimens do, you’re setting yourself up for long-term failure.

There is a lot of Accountability and support provided in the form of a Personal health advisor and Facebook community.

Accountability is a key component of any effective weight reduction program, and the Found program has it in spades.

Having the support of like-minded individuals might help you stay motivated and on track.

For individuals who qualify, the program also provides FDA-approved drugs that may help with weight reduction.

They do not, however, disclose which FDA-approved drugs they utilize. As a result, clients have no way of knowing what kind of medicine they’ll be taking ahead of time.


Through its tools and Accountability, the Found program may offer you that additional push to take action toward your weight reduction objectives. There are, however, no direct trials that show it to be useful for weight reduction.


Begin Your Weight-Loss Journey With Found Weight Loss

To find out which plan is ideal for your weight reduction objectives, take the Found questionnaire.

Medical Advisory Board

Money-back guarantee for 30 days


Found is a long-term program since it is flexible and does not need a significant time commitment.

It doesn’t have any rigid eating requirements, and the most of its aspects are realistic.

Furthermore, the program pushes you to alter one new habit at a time, making each practice simpler to maintain over time.

The diet rules are flexible in that no items are fully eliminated. Instead, they promote healthy eating habits while while providing a wide range of alternatives.

A recipe site with healthy food ideas is also available, which is updated on a regular basis.

Having a lot of Ideas for meals on hand can make a program more sustainable, as it breaks the monotony.

It also makes meal planning easier and saves you time from having to look for recipes on your own.

Although the diet recommendations are more generic and allow for a wide variety of possibilities, they may be tailored to your specific requirements with the help of your health coach.


Found is a weight-loss regimen that is versatile in terms of what you can and can’t consume, making it likely to be easier to stick to over time. Those searching for more precise advice or those with medical issues, on the other hand, may not have enough customizability to fulfill their demands.


Found members get support and responsibility in a variety of ways.

First, you are assigned to a Personal health advisor for the duration of the program.

The amount of responsibility is strong at first, with practically daily communication with your coach.

Regular text messages have been beneficial and encouraging, but not to the point where I feel like I’m being overwhelmed.

As you develop freedom and grow more comfortable with your new routines, communication becomes less frequent.

A private Facebook network for members-only is also accessible to give further help.

This is a secure place to ask questions, get comments, discuss your triumphs and struggles, and connect with people who share your objectives.

It was especially useful when I had to weigh myself every Wednesday for weigh-in Wednesday.

Knowing I had to do it kept me responsible and made me reflect on my decisions in the lead-up to it.

Text, email, or a private Facebook group are used to offer all accountability. There are no coaching calls or face-to-face meetings available.

If you feel that you need to work with someone in real time, the amount of responsibility in Found may not be sufficient.


Found offers ongoing online accountability and support to keep you on track and inspired. If you’re seeking for more direct 1:1 coaching, though, this program may not be enough to keep you involved.


Found’s Wellness Path looks to be safe in general. Rather than a restricted diet, it emphasizes long-term, sustainable adjustments.

This well-balanced weight-loss strategy is typically safe and unlikely to generate any negative side effects.

Because the approach emphasizes balance rather than restriction, it might be especially beneficial for those who are attempting to mend their relationship with food or who wish to quit dieting.

However, if I hadn’t signed up for the program myself, I wouldn’t have known much about what I was getting myself into, since the Found website is lacking in information.

My main issue is the lack of public information on the RX Path, including what the medical consultation comprises and what drugs are offered.

As a result, you may want to invest in the program before determining whether or not the drug is good for you. Even though a medicine has been authorized by the FDA, it might still have negative effects.

The drugs are carefully dosed and given by Board-Certified doctors to reduce the possibility of negative effects. The physicians also visit with Found members on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to tolerate their medications.


Found’s Wellness Path is largely regarded as a safe and long-term program. The RX Path employs FDA-approved weight reduction drugs that are recommended by a doctor, adding an added layer of control and safety.


The Found program is marketed as being both inexpensive and open to everyone. The price begins at $24.75 a week, according to the website.

The Wellness Path without the medicine, which I was recommended, costs $49 per month. 

The RX Path’s beginning price is $99 a month, which corresponds to the website’s initial cost of $24.75 per week. However, depending on the kind of drug administered, the charge may be more.

To get an accurate cost for your plan, you’ll need to go through the first medical assessment to find out what, if anything, you’ll be given.

If you are prescribed the RX Path, choosing a six-month RX plan rather than paying month to month will save you 50% on your subscription. The greater the savings, the longer a member commits.

The Found software is exclusively available for purchase on the company’s website and cannot be obtained from any other source.

The Wellness Path is reasonably priced for what you receive – a personal coach, texts, tools, and a Facebook network. Other applications, on the other hand, provide greater value for a comparable or even cheaper price.

The cost for the RX Path is vary. However, if your prescription prescriptions are judged medically essential, your health insurance may pay at least a portion of the cost.


Found is a reasonably priced online weight reduction program with several useful features. It is unknown, however, how much the price will rise if pharmaceuticals are included.

How Does Found Measure Up to the Competition?

There are a few additional telemedicine weight reduction programs that are comparable to Found, but only a handful of them give drugs.

Calibrate is the software that most closely resembles Found. Calibrate, like Found, provides an FDA-approved weight reduction medicine, counseling, and accountability.

Calibrate is more expensive than Found, starting at $129 per month.

A medical and metabolic evaluation, as well as access to a medical doctor, individualized coaching, and a welcome package with a smart scale, a blood pressure monitor, and an interactive app for motivation and support are all included.

Prescription medications are not included in this pricing.

Calibrate’s website is more straightforward than Found’s in terms of what they provide.

They specify precisely what the coaching program involves so that the buyer is aware of what they are purchasing.

Calibrate claims that they prescribe GLP-1s, or glucagon-like peptides, since they have been shown to be safe and effective.

Calibrate gives the consumer a bit more information than Found since they at least reveal the sort of drug they prescribe.

However, they continue to withhold information about the substances they may contain, as well as any studies to support their claims of safety and efficacy.

There is also a lack of transparency in the pricing of the prescriptions in both schemes. Furthermore, neither program discloses any particular research papers related to their respective initiatives.

Noom and WW (previously Weight Watchers) are two more famous online weight reduction programs, however they do not prescribe drugs.

This may be a good thing, since pharmaceuticals don’t always tell you what you’re receiving, and these programs are far more economical.

If I were to recommend a weight reduction program to one of my clients, I would choose Noom since it is a complete, holistic approach to weight loss that is backed up by multiple direct scientific studies. It also has more resources and educational opportunities than Found.

If more weight-loss medication is required, I suggest talking with your primary care physician rather than a telemedicine doctor who is unfamiliar with your medical history.


If you’re searching for accountability and motivation to reduce weight, Found could be a good fit. Noom, on the other hand, is a better option if you want more resources and to learn how to eat healthily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Found

  • What Has Been Found?

    Found is an FDA-approved weight loss membership program that claims to help you lose weight quicker and for longer. For those who qualify, it includes a coaching and accountability program as well as prescription weight reduction medicine delivered to their home.

  • For whom is Found?

    The Found program is designed for those who want to reduce weight in a more healthy and long-term method. It’s also helpful those who are wanting to reduce weight but are having trouble doing it via diet alone.

  • Is it safe to use Found?

    Found is a natural weight-loss regimen that is suitable for the majority of individuals. The program exclusively employs FDA-approved weight reduction drugs, which provides an added layer of control and safety.

    To reduce the possibility of adverse effects, the drugs are individually dosed and recommended by Board-Certified doctors. These physicians also visit with Found members on a regular basis to ensure that drug tolerance is maintained.

    The diet element of the regimen is non-restrictive and safe.

  • Is it true that Found works?

    According to the maker, the program is both safe and effective. While no particular research studies support the diet element of the program, I can attest that the food suggestions are scientifically sound and adaptable to one’s lifestyle.

    There is a great deal of responsibility that might motivate you to achieve better achievements. Furthermore, all of the drugs offered are FDA-approved for weight reduction, increasing their chances of success.

Final Thoughts

Found has some positive aspects, like as the fact that it encourages long-term weight reduction and healthy practices. 

The program includes a lot of useful information and provides a decent degree of responsibility in the form of a virtual coach.

Furthermore, for the most part, the FDA-approved weight reduction drugs provided are safe and effective.

If you want a comprehensive approach to reducing weight and the accountability to keep on track, Found could be a good fit for you.

Before beginning a weight-loss program, go to your doctor to see what’s right for you.

How to Make the Most of What You’ve Found

If you join Found to reduce weight, here are some pointers to help you get the most out of it.

I advocate utilizing the app on a regular basis and taking full use of all of the accountability features.

Engage with your health coach on a regular basis, create objectives, and join the Facebook community.

To increase accountability, share your accomplishments with your coach and the Facebook group.

When you put your work out into the public and get great feedback, it motivates you to keep going.

I’d also recommend taking use of the app’s nutrition, activity, and lifestyle features, as well as the recipe site for meal ideas.

Finally, to stay motivated and on track, I would keep note of your weight and non-scale accomplishments on a weekly basis.

Begin your search right now.

The “found prescription weight loss reddit” is a blog that offers a review of the dietitian-approved weight loss medication and coaching. The article includes advice on how to find a doctor, what questions to ask your doctor, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is found Weight Care legit?

A: Yes, I looked into it and found that the weight loss company is genuine.

Is Found a good weight loss program?

A: Found is a weight loss program that has no free trial and costs $49.99 per month after the first two months are up. I would not recommend taking part in it because there are cheaper alternative programs out there that you can try which may suit your needs better than this one, such as Spark People or Weight Watchers.

What prescriptions does found weight loss use?

A: Found weight loss does not use any medications.

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