“The most valuable about the CSU I-Corps course is that they kept training me to change my mindset from the kickoff meeting to final lessons learned meeting, providing valuable feedback on each webinar, helping us to connect with potential customers.”   – CSU I-Corps Cohort #4 Participant

Cohort #4 (Spring 2016) CSU I-Corps Teams:

  • 3D Printer (CSU Northridge). Our 3D Bioprinter helps patients who need lifesaving organ transplants by manufacturing them affordably and on demand. Bingbing Li – PI, Daniel Aguiar – EL, Jim Cooper – IM
  • AntiVenom (San Jose State University). Our recombinant antivenom reduces the requirement for farm animal production and also the potential for allergic reactions to serum-based antivenom for patients envenomated by cytotoxic snakes. Claire Komives – PI, Michael Balderrama – EL, Ekta Mahajan – IM
  • Wireless Device (CSU Northridge). Our smart shoe insert helps diabetic consumers who want to self-assess foot pressure pattern and transmit data wirelessly to a smart device to encourage preventive medical care. Jimmy Gandhi – PI, Vidya Nandikolla – EL, Kaezad Mehta – IM

Cohort #4 Final Lessons Learned Evaluators:  Meredith Brown (Invetech), Dennis Hester (Mirati Therapeutics, Inc.) and Sylvia Norman (Sandhill Crane Diagnostics, Inc.). Biographies are available here.

EvalPanelThe goal of CSU I-Corps is biotechnology commercialization education, professional development and industry networking, not necessarily to form new businesses or foster technology transfer deals.   To smooth the work of moving product concepts out of the lab, successful applicants were awarded CSU I-Corps™ microgrants ($2500). Microgrants can be used to interview and work with mentors and advisors, to attend industry meetings to meet and interview potential customers or partners, to fabricate prototypes or to buy research materials and supplies for proof-of-concept work suggested by industry experts and mentors.  CSU I-Corps activities are a “parallel” path to research activities; applicants should not expect that the work and budgets associated with I-Corps will advance ongoing research aims.

Hester“The most memorable pivot was when we learned about the distribution process for our product and realized that we would have to license our product to a large manufacturing firm in the consumer devices space. The assumption that we had difficulty letting go was that the end user…was not our customer.”

CSU I-Corps Cohort #4 Participant

VPD_cohort4Please email or call the program office (619-594-2822) if you have questions about this program. We also tweet out program updates, news items, and events of interest to nascent academic entrepreneurs: @csu_icorps