The BIO 2017 I-Corps Bio-Entrepreneurship Workshop involved participants from universities across the US and teaching team members from partnered National Innovation Network sites and nodes.

I-Corps Life Science Curriculum and Lessons Learned: A life sciences I-Corps curriculum and approach was piloted in Fall 2013 at the University of California San Francisco and adopted by the NIH for Fall 2014.  As Steve Blank explains, “The Lean LaunchPad class uses the three ‘Lean Startup’ principles: (1) Alexander Osterwalder’s ‘business model canvas‘ to frame hypotheses, (2) ‘Customer Development’ to test the hypotheses outside the building and (3) ‘Agile Engineering’ to have teams prototype, test, and iterate their idea while discovering if they have a profitable business model.” You can see the process “in action” with this slide deck excerpt (from NIH webinar, July 2nd, 2014).

VentureWell hosts the I-Corps National Innovation Network.  CSU I-Corps Teams looking for a first stop can find a wealth of materials and short (<5 minutes) videos on topics from presentation examples to the key video “library” on customer discovery do’s, don’ts and whys!

Michigan I-Corps Intellectual Property Video Series: As part of their National Science Foundation I-Corps grant, The University of Michigan developed a video series on Intellectual Property. The series offers about 60 3-4 minute videos defining patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets.

The National Science Foundation offers follow-on funding opportunities to I-Corps Site teams through the NSF I-Corps Teams program. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers an I-Corps™ Team Training Pilot Program for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant recipients.


Regulatory Affairs:  The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has developed a set of case studies to help innovators learn about medical device regulatory processes.

Intellectual Property Ownership: Trying to figure out if you are in a “crowded marketspace” from an intellectual property perspective?  Google Patents ( is a free way to search the space (but does not substitute for a consultation with a patent attorney!).


Entrepreneurial Joint Venture Matching Grant Program:  CSUPERB makes seed grants ($25,000) to faculty-led teams each spring. The Joint Venture (JV) Grant Program provides support for CSU faculty engaged in external biotechnology partnerships. CSUPERB recognizes that collaborations with partners and institutions external to the CSU broaden the opportunities for innovative biotechnology projects, promote multi-disciplinary partnerships, encourage product development and other translational and outreach activities, and should enrich California’s communities and life sciences industry.

CSUPERB’s Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Education site: A curated collection of links related to biotechnology entrepreneurship education – for learners, instructors and policy wonks at all “readiness” levels.