BIO 2017: I-Corps Bio-Entrepreneurship Workshop

The 3-day workshop will run June 19-21, 2017, in parallel to the Biotechnology International Convention (BIO 2017). The workshop is open to early-career life science researchers from groups underrepresented in biotechnology degree programs and research organizations. Assistant professors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates from universities nationwide are eligible to participate.

Fall 2016: CSU I-Corps Challenge

CSU I-Corps Challenge Teams got out of their labs and innovation centers and went off-campus to interview customers, potential partners, life science industry advisors and mentors. Cohort #5 student teams presented Lessons Learned at the 29th annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium in early January 2017.

About Us

The CSU I-Corps Biological Sciences Site is a program of the CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) and San Diego State University. Working with CSU campus and industry partners statewide, CSU I-Corps supports immersive entrepreneurship experiences for CSU students and faculty.