In 2006 the CSU system received funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to establish and develop a series of Professional Science Master’s (PSM) programs in biotechnology, bioinformatics, computer sciences and assistive and rehabilitative technologies. The CSU’s life science PSM programs are designed and developed in partnership with industry and public agency employers. PSM programs aim to prepare graduates with cutting-edge scientific training but also highly valued business skills. These innovative programs include an internship in a corporate or public sector setting.

CSU Channel Islands

Master of Science in Biotechnology & MBA Dual Degree
The masters degree structure permits students to custom-design their curriculum under an advisor’s guidance, making the degree especially relevant for students employed in today’s diverse biotechnology workplace. Students completing the Biotechnology program are qualified to pursue careers that require knowledge of current scientific principles and knowledge underlying advances in biotechnology along with legal and intellectual property issues. The program is not only comprehensive, but prepares the students to be effective managers in biotechnology-related companies, agencies and organizations by giving them the knowledge and skills needed to advance in science and business roles. Furthermore, a multi-disciplinary approach encourages teamwork and effective expression of ideas. The Master of Science in Biotechnology and Master of Business Administration is an innovative dual degree program blends key components of biological science and business at the graduate level. By recognizing the importance of combining biotechnology and business in a dual degree program, our biology and business/economics faculty present a forward-looking and progressive program geared for those intending to develop careers in the biotechnology industry.

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CSU Chico

Professional Science Master’s
The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) option in environmental sciences serves the needs of scientists who want to improve their skills in business. The PSM program is designed to fill a management need for technology-based companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. The business training is complemented by advanced science training in pertinent fields such as agriculture, biology, chemistry, and engineering.

CSU East Bay

Masters of Science in Biostatistics
The program is designed to serve the needs of students with varying backgrounds in Statistics, Biological Sciences, Public Health, Computer Science, Mathematics and other sciences. The program includes curriculum designed to prepare students to work in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. All students are expected to master a wide variety of applied statistical and probabilistic techniques and the theoretical foundations on which these techniques rest. They are expected to be familiar with recent developments and to be able to use the statistical literature to learn new techniques and theories throughout their professional careers.

CSU Fresno

Master of Biotechnology
The Professional Science Master’s in Biotechnology Program is a two-year master’s program administered by the Department of Biology in the College of Science and Mathematics and approved by the Council of Graduate Schools.  The Program allows students to explore cutting-edge molecular and cellular life processes. California State University, Fresno offers numerous courses and opportunities in such areas as crop and livestock improvements, food and bioprocessing, medical diagnostics, forensic identification, and bioinformatics, in the context of entrepreneurship and commercialization. This two-year master’s program is designed to provide students with an understanding of the breadth of biotechnology’s commercial potential and with a working knowledge of all components of a business enterprise in order to prepare graduates for leadership roles in the biotechnology industry.

CSU Monterey Bay

Master of Science in Coastal and Watershed Science and Policy with Professional Science Master’s Option
The M.S. in Coastal and Watershed Science & Policy (CWSP) is an innovative interdisciplinary program offering training in science and technology in the context of environmental policy. It satisfies a demand for highly skilled professionals within technology-based companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. Advanced technology training is complemented by advanced science and policy training in pertinent fields. Skills learned in the classroom are matured by students through professional internships. The PSM option gives students unique technical skill sets that will distinguish them as they enter the workforce.

CSU San Bernardino

Master of Science in Environmental Science
The Master of Science in Environmental Sciences is designed to provide strong preparation in applied science as well as social, political, and economic aspects needed for critical decision-making for environmental issues. The program includes a core curriculum including an internship, and participation in a basic or applied research project related to the internship. The program is designed so that it can potentially be completed in two years and every effort will be made to offer courses at times convenient for working professionals.

CSU San Marcos

Master of Biotechnology
The Master of Biotechnology is a professional science degree program designed to meet the needs of the biotechnology industry and associated organizations. The program combines advanced study of related science, professional preparation, business and real-world experience for biotechnology-oriented students. The purpose of the degree is to prepare students for careers in technology-related organizations with a breadth of workplace knowledge.

CSU Stanislaus and San Francisco State University

Master of Science in Genetic Counseling
The graduate program in genetic counseling is a two-year master of science program established as a collaborative partnership between California State University-Stanislaus, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco State University and Kaiser Permanente.

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San Diego State University

Master’s of Science in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics
The BMI program at SDSU offers a graduate level multidisciplinary education to students with a background in chemistry, biology, computer science, mathematics, physics or engineering. The first year of the program is spend on areas complementary to the student’s background, while the second year is spent on the student’s specialization. The program includes an internship and courses in business and management to better prepare graduates for leadership roles in industry.

Professional Science Masters Program in Computational Science
The PSM degree is a project-based, blended interdisciplinary program – with both online and face-to-face courses. This degree will enhance your expertise in computational science while giving you the business skills needed to gain an competitive edge in the 21st century marketplace. Tailored for working adults, this 40-unit cohort-based program will develop your problem-solving skills using numerical and computational methods, imaging science, statistics and databases to enhance your business management and decision-making practices.

San Francisco State University

Professional Science Master’s program in Biotechnology and Stem Cell Science
The SFSU’s science master’s program (Professional Science Masters, PSM) is funded by the National Science Foundation. During 2010-2013, more than 20 SFSU PSM students have received prestigious NSF scholarships for interdisciplinary graduate training in Biotechnology and Stem Cell Science. The graduate degree is designed to allow students to pursue advanced training in science or mathematics, while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers. PSM programs consist of two years of academic training in an emerging or interdisciplinary area, along with a professional component that may include internships and “cross-training” in workplace skills, such as business, communications, and regulatory affairs. All have been developed in concert with employers and are designed to dovetail into present and future professional career opportunities.

San Jose State University

Master of Biotechnology
The Professional Science Master of Biotechnology Program (MBT) integrates advanced, hands-on training in laboratory-based biotechnologies from the Department of Biological Sciences with MBA-level business courses in management/marketing from the College of Business. The Department of Biological Sciences is highly regarded in the Silicon Valley for providing outstanding laboratory-based training, and the College of Business is ranked in the top 15% of Business Schools in the country. The MBT program graduates highly trained individuals who have had direct exposure to the biotechnology corporate world and are ready to make immediate contributions to biotechnology companies. Graduates work in a variety biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies including Genentech, Affymetrix, Ilumina, Agilent Technologies, Abbott, Roche, Frost and Sullivan, among others.

MS Statistics
This program has been approved by the Council of Graduate Schools as one of only four Professional Science Master’s programs in statistics nationwide. Professional Science Master’s programs are innovative degrees designed to allow students to pursue advanced training and excel in science while simultaneously developing highly-valued business skills. The program is characterized by “science-plus,” combining rigorous study in statistics with skills-based coursework emphasize writing and communication skills, and requires a final project, team experiences, as well as a “real-world” internship in a business or public sector enterprise. The program was developed in concert with industry and is designed to dovetail into present and future professional career opportunities.